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FH2 Campaign #8: Battle 7 - Meuse River - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: -Intense action all the time, doesn't matter which flag!

- Finally BAR for the win!!!

Worst: -Sorry for the hanomag kill inside the mainbase perimeter... I lost my orientation and this Sdkfz looked so tasty... Couldn't resist...

On the other hand, main base perimeters were too big on such small map, there should be simply no-go area blocking infantry effectively and that's all!

-wanted to make a screenshot with Hanomag bazooka kill for Best Battle Photo, but before I could manage to that I was kicked... meh, meh... 😏

-Meh, this battle evenings run so fast, let's play 8 rounds for each battle next campaign maybe? :D

Funniest: -Some nice Bazooka kills, pity that I don't have screenshot...

Most hated player: -not specific person, maybe Axis arty and MG42s were really painful...

Most loved/liked player: -Whole allied team for their spirit and fighting till the end!

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: My squad doing some great action. First attack round we captured Forest while people were having a hard time over Liege flags. We took a jeep&apc - first captured Crossroads then I filled the jeep, let the Hanomag made sure bridge isn't mined and then went for Forest. That turned the round around. 2nd attack round we made a cunning plan, full jeep to crossroads and 3 people sneaked into Forest to pop an RP. Then we went to the flag with extreme caution and reached flagzone without trouble. Enemy saw a grey flag decided to kill its single greyer and encountered 7 guys in the flagzone. :partydance::birdiedoublegreen:

Btw at some point we tied up 2 squads and 2 tanks there while we were capturing other flags. I think we fought over that flag for 20 minutes straight and it changed hands so many times it was epic. GG to both sides.( @RayderPSG & @Tutvys )

Best: Epic Forest defence during the defence rounds. All the guys were such in harmony I actually enjoyed it very much to fight over it. :salute:

Worst: 7th round with my terrible headache and tiredness, I lost my temper a few times and basically sucked.

Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey and me betting on who goes to Forest first without being killed. We both made it there and captured it. :buttsway:

Funniest: @Pr0z4c getting drunk and saying some funny shit.

Funniest: Kowskoskey having a hard time with rotations, basically he forgets players in his channels, sends the wrong people to wrong channel and cannot distuingish who is in the server and who is in the Teamspeak. I had to fix it for like 5 times. :jumpgreen:

Funniest: Our final bet was the put an RP on the West side in the final round. @CptBocquier ordered people to do that, I said "Okay, put a camera on me." Me @kummitus involved in a movie style driving while enemies were everywhere, even passed a tank and made it there. It was so much fun and in the end I made an RP to get my guys spawn there even if it's destroyed in 30 seconds. It was a nice action and I enjoyed it so much. :smokingjoint::jumpeveryone:

Most hated player: Allied BAR. Allied players sniping with Bazooka. Such a lame tactic and doesn't help anyone.

Most loved/liked player: @Beyers as I've promised to him. But all the people on my squad throughout the night. It was a pleasure to fight with them and really enjoyed it.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: Maybe if you stop doing some stupid things to piss off people we can continue having a friendly atmosphere.

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Best:  @kirbyris-cafe and able 2. The comeback itself. The guys who played fair

Best 2:  afterwards rocket league playing @CptBocquier @engelxd2 @DarthTemoc @Anguita36 @Smashmachine

Worst:   map itself not suiting for campaign mod imho, players exploiting it... 

Funniest: -

Most hated player:  everyone who broke rules, the beefing once battle ended 

Most loved/liked player:   all allies for the spirit kept after that defense lost round, our hq, and @CptBocquier 

Best Battle Photo -

Other:  please be exemplary and behave as you'd like to be treated 

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Best: - The numerous Bazooka multi-kills and knife kills 

Worst: -  People arguing about stuff, not gonna let it leach out.

Funniest: - Either @kummitus getting road killed while in a gunfight with my squad or @Enrik saying begone thot.



Best Battle Photo - 


Other: - Honestly this campaign is really close only by a 1 point lead by the Axis. Keep it up Axis, its a lot of fun! Definitely the closest campaign I have experienced in 10 years of playing.

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Best:  meh, well evenish i guess

Worst:  the ammount of people playing in the grey zone is just utterly ridiculois. This battle ended in four punishments for next week and trutfully there could have been a lot more for both sides!  This made this battle one of my least favourite in the whole cmp era.

come on people lets get a grip and play fair and fun like it was ment to be played

Funniest:  @Erwin not knowing what number comes after 1

Funniest2: the large ass *sigh* coming from my jeep when i informed them of my plan to jump the river

Most hated player: - all of them who do intentional stupid shit in a battle

Most loved/liked player:  @Smashmachine stop moving with you mg!

Best Battle Photo -

Other:  Joder !

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Best: - Stopping enemy assault and keeping him pinned down for few good minutes with mg42 killing spree time, zooka enemy and rp sniping (sorry @Erwin i prefer that way over the m1911 stand off ), AT Gun sniping, hunting enemy spotters, blowing up the Jagdpanther on mine after death no matter of hq squad protection

Worst: - being killed all the time at spawn before i can do anything, arty spam, voice chat wars, apc line/main mess

Funniest: - Jagdpanter hunt 

Most hated player: - 🤫

Most loved/liked player: - Everyone who saved me few times from enemy just in time before he get me (danger close!)

Best Battle Photo - New Best Friend, Mr. Chaffee 😁

Other:- That amount of mg42s, pak 40s, tanks and else spam was both impressive and annoying at once 🤔

Edited by Cpt.Poland
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Best: - The lads as always. Capping back Outpost alone (but with the awesome Tiger support from @Awisko and the final reinforcement of @Quicksilver ) after loosing it to the german squad. Had a nice rambo time with the mg42, hidden in the trees, killing them one by one and slowly closing in the flags. @WOLFXL ❤️

Worst: - The few people that screwed everyone's evening.

Funniest: - Playing with @RayderPSG @DarthTemoc @engelxd2 @Anguita36 & @Smashmachine after the battle on Rocket League, really relieved me from the frustration. Ofc the talks with @matyszg @Ronid @TomTom39 @Zabstone @beavis_aka_ostwind after the battle.

Most hated player: - Won't spill oil on the fire, but you know my foughts. Playing against rules is disgrateful, and if you had done so i suggest you step in and present excuses, whatever the side you were playing.

Most loved/liked player: - @knokworst sorry for killing you each battle with a knife on the mortar. You do well with it !

Best Battle Photo - Let's go !


Other: - Please keep a good ambiance in this campaign. The fights are good, but we need everyone to have a good attitude and have fun.

Spaniards picture


Winning the 1v1 HQ knife fight against @turbomursu. This week will be with pistol !

Edited by CptBocquier
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