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FH2 Campaign #12: "Shadows In The Jungle" Is Now OPEN!


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@malek.mrz and @monsterhunter the password for the battle server is only provided by your officers on Teamspeak on Battle Day.

You must be registered for the campaign, have your correct regiment tags on display in-game and be connected to Teamspeak with your regiment tags showing to be able to request access to the game server.

You'll find all the information you need in the https://cmp-gaming.com/forum/395-fh2-campaigns-what-you-need-to-know/ section of the forums.

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Now that the campaign is over, as always, i'd like to do a thankful message to everyone! 

Thank you to both HQ's for volunteering! It was a pleasure to play with and against you @Erwin @Ronid @Zabstone @Otto

Thank you to every single officer or SL making it into this campaign! @Beariale @Heersoldaten @TomTom39 @Haraldt @aquintus @Blander @Watchtower @wanchekid @Nightwing @L.L.HERRAIZ @mcpollo @BaskaBommi @turbomursu @Kerst @Vlasov @ZZZkam1kadzeZZZ @CptBocquier @HansWerner 

Thank you to every player who joined us and specially all of those new ones we hope to see again in the future! @Kartoxxxa_BLR @Leonidich @Jason76 @cherkes @demonRUSFED @lelik156 @Nikita13_535 @AlperenN @BloodAndGore @Czepiec123 @Manheim @Vonmunk @Lefa1 @Gettiz @muchachos19 @Lopder @RicardoCFC1995 @DavidRambo123 @Bastimoo @gerry050 @LaMiaRoma @Bertolt Hoover @EL_Miguel @P0PPA @RedSand2011 @ShadowGamer12161 @dkDavid

A huge thank you to the  admin  and planning team @Quicksilver @Papillon @Sir_Kowskoskey @RAnDOOm @kummitus 

My special recognition goes this time without a doubt to the mappers team: @Watchtower @Papillon  @GeoPat @Pr0z4c i enjoyed a lot every single map you provided this campaign and the atmosphere was just great on them , many new ones with new content too which imo generally played very, very well. Great job, congrats! 


See you in the next one! 



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