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FH2 Campaign #6: Battle 7 - San Pietro - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best:  Numbers. Fantastic once again. Lets keep it up.

Best2:  Playing a renewed version of this "old" map. Looks and plays 100x times better then before.

Worst: Nothing at all

Funniest: Getting 1st Place in a round due to spotting. That was fun.

Funniest2: Killing steka and Ronid with a rifle very long distance.


Most hated player: Noone

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo -
"To spot left or to spot right? That is the question."

Other: -

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@RAnDOOm Yeah... didn't see nor hear anything but the fog, then BAM - dead. Nice shot, I guess ;)


Worst: - Getting smashed by axis. Lots of silent times for my squad, just sitting around at a flag waiting for attacks that never came.

Funniest: - @BaskaBommi pointing out how "bored" I looked sitting with my arms crossed in his jeep 😆

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - Fell down Hill 235 about 235 times.

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Best: - Winning a difficult battle, lots of toys on the map, good infantry combat, I had a great time!

Worst: - having problems with the joystick and failing at flying the 109.

Funniest: - the elephant graveyard

Most hated player: - nobody

Most loved/liked player: - everyone

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: That the battle on this map would be difficult for the Axis was understandable from the outset. Nevertheless, we still managed to withstand the onslaught of "canadian "Americans", and pull the last round on points in our favor (although at the beginning of the last round the difference was 1 ticket, if i'm not mistaken).
"The Best" here i think the cohesion of the team - after a while, everyone is better accustomed to their role and mission. Especially it is worth noting efforts 15th division - if in previous battle the first four rounds of "best squad in team" has become battalion "Lupo", then in this time all 5 rounds of "best" has become team 15th mechanized, which until this ranked 2-3 position in most battles.
Either these guys gathered all their will in a fist, and began to act, or we with the 71st division decided to relax today. (by the way, HQ ate popcorn at the base 😛)

Worst: There seems to have been nothing so bad, nothing worse.
Despite the hard game, everything went well, even with a certain interest.
I even had the joystick working fine, so the Bf109 ended up in my hands... 😏

Funniest: Two team kills.
The first - i just flew around the mountain, not seeing any flashes of explosions of bombs from @Pantyfas artillery, as a shell accidentally flew smashed my plane.
The gunner's malevolent laughter shook the mountains as effectively as his bombs...



Second - our player @Pollenz accidentally shot my plane, not the B-26 he was aiming at.
Well, there's nothing wrong with that, it happens to everyone. ...no, wait - he's on "canadian" team, isn't he?
So it was a secret mission from sir Kowsky... 🤔

Most hated player: It so happened that M10 armor was not able to provide protection to @Sir_Kowskoskey from my plane, and when i asked my team if i could do teabag, then all chorus replied " - Yes!".
Unfortunately, i couldn't make it and fix it with a screenshot
 - sir Kowsky's loyal fighter, mister @Pr0z4c, shot me before i got to Kowsky.
I have no photos of the teabag, but there is a photo attempt teabag!.. 😉



("A Kowsky too far")



Most loved/liked player: I love these two guys - @HaLoAL and @Wasteland_Hero.
We were pretty hot up there, especially when the planes started to burn...
Thanks to them, as well as all the players for this game.
It seems to me that if we did not seek to compete, then each player would get more pleasure from the game - because, for sure, many people wanted to shoot with a machine gun from the trench, depicting footage from films, and not using a tank for example, as it was done hundreds of times before, or control a large bomber, which are so rare both on CMP maps and on public servers, and not a fighter to once again chase the same skilled opponent. But it turned out the way it did, and i hope that everyone enjoyed it, including those players who were just simple infantry, and gave target designation for our artillery and tanks, and pointed enemy aircraft, so that it was easier for us to fight them.
The efforts of the infantry on the ground allowed the Italo-German side to "stay alive" this time.

Best Battle Photo: Lol, don't have.

Best AFTER Battle Photo: "Lupo" on their positions:




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Best: Very good team spirit in the 71 teamspeak. Axis resilience and resistance helped turn the tide during this pitched battle.

Worst: Getting stuck in terrain objects. Falling down the hills and mountains.

Funniest: Bocquier's Wilhelm scream when he falls in OsinOsin's video at 0:53.

Most hated player: @Sir_Kowskoskey. I can never seem to kill him one-on-one. :S

Most loved/liked player: @CptBocquier, @WOLFXL, @OsinOsinOsin (great video :thumbupleft:) and @krakki. Axis pilots and anti-aircraft gunners.

Best Battle Photo


Los los los!

Other: Looking forward to the next one. I definitely didn't think we were going to be winning this one after those two first rounds.

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Best: - Epic fighting, with the assaults on Hill 235 during the 2nd round, and my squad on the 4 and 5th rounds was really nice ! As @svakidan, for me the whole battle was lost at the end of the 2nd round. But i ended leading the winning sneak on Roadblock at the end of round 5, with a beautiful coordinate attack of all the soldiers.

This Monte Rotondo was like Mont Suribachi, epic !

Worst: - Squad not really reactive at the beginning of the first round, we lost rotondo due to that (you can see it on the video from @OsinOsinOsin, called people to regroup on the flagzone and nothing happened during 4 minutes, letting @RayderPSG's squad taking all the casualties)

Funniest: - Finfing @Sir_Kowskoskey with the squad from time to time !

Most hated player: - People not listening to orders as usual, round 1 was really hard for me due to that.

Most loved/liked player: - All the 71 soldiers of course ! But @RayderPSG took the burden of leading for 3 rounds even if he didn't wanted to, but it was needed and it really helped. Gracias amigoooooooo

Best Battle Photo - When @WOLFXL sujuks @Sir_Kowskoskey


Other: - Allies are putting a hell of a fight, hope everyone enjoyed this battle even if it was not the easiest one (and by far)

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Best: - Finding @Sir_Kowskoskey in this buggy and large map, so his teabaging series continue ;)

Worst: - We met with @Sir_Kowskoskey only 1 time on entire battle night.

Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey moment happened on me. We were 4 people on jeep, and intense battle ongoning on long range, between pietro and roadblock road. Suddenly smurf kowsky mood happened to me and i drive the jeep front of enemy tanks who was north west of the road block near tree line, Tanks firing, MG's are shooting us like crazy, almost i was getting out their sight line, then 1 lucky bastard HE shot landed near us, and our commando action ended there. Then i realised that sujuk antibody and smurfy kowsky virus is having a intense fight in my blood to take over the control of me. No no no i will not let smurfy kowsky control me, i need to eat more sujuk in breakfast, and it should be more spicy than ever :D

Most hated player: - Enemy  long range arti vs axis short range arti. *** maker!

Most loved/liked player: - My le équipe/ squad and all these french kisses.

Best Battle Photo -

When @CptBocquier saw me while i am "sujuk" teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey


Other: - Hehehehe

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Best: - @Mr.ThunderMan and @stekasteka together finally! Too bad it's battle 7th already. IT was really challenging guys, wp.  Also seeing @Watchtower playing again! 

Best2: numbers. Get it back to 100! 

Best3: map was funny. Good job to @Papillon making it playable

Best4: the spaniards banging my ass, specially @Nightwing. Then bagging him. 

Best5: the volunteers on my squad @gen.p @Humledrik you are so nice guys. Also the spirit @Otto came with and seeing @Sinkoministeri  back. 

Best6: winning the match I left for! 

Worst: - leaving the game due to foot match. 

Worst2: Why I never encounter @Pr0z4c in this campaign?? Want to bag him, and being bagged by him too! 


Most hated player: -no one

Most loved/liked player: -everyone, specially the volunteers 

Best Battle Photo -



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