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  1. @Papillon Are the numbers correct? I don't remember making 35 tks. At least BEFORE the battle ends. Then, of course, fun happens Same with the numbers of all of the 41
  2. lol, that was me. Panther came from a hill in front of me, so I panic'd and started to retreat while praying for some miracle and firing at his turret at the same time. Really don't know how he missed 2 shots and couldn't finish me, and when I was about to hit him once more on the turret, another tank finished it for me
  3. You have a problem with your conection

    Last battle 0 (zero) conection problems!
  4. Best: -As @JoenM already said. I was able to play full battle not only without crashes but without a single conection problem!! Worst: -2nd time I came in the middle of the battle and suddenly my team starts to play worst. I think I cursed my team :( Funniest: - @Ombustman randomly killed me at base while waiting the respawn of the tank Most hated player: - @radiosmersh and his sneak attacks on our tanks! Most loved/liked player: - Other: -
  5. You have a problem with your conection

    Only one crash and a few conection problems. I guess that the problem is solved, at least so far. Thanks!
  6. You have a problem with your conection

    Well, I deleted some stuff of C/ and on last battle I got way less conection problems so far. I'll update next week
  7. Best: -Being able to play with only 2 crashes in the whole battle. Worst: - Funniest: -Stopping next to a dropped MG, then realizing that was an enemy. Funniest2: -Allied plane taking off in my direction. Luckily Realized on time and went down with no casualties Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Other: -
  8. You have a problem with your conection

    Nope. I didn't found any program that wasn't normal. And Im starting to think that it's something with my CPU. On the last battle I got a lot of conection problems again and even several kicks and crash to desktop, and the only time I that I had the same problem was when I was using another program to record the battle, and on that time, only after stopping the program the problem was fixed. But on this last battle I wasn't using any program at all besides TS3. So I checked the CPU and found that one was at 99% only using FH2+TS3. Suggestions? Ideas?
  9. That was me! I was retreating cuz KT was coming and saw you on my side. I only was able to hit you once sadly
  10. Best: FH2 Worst: 70% of my deaths were due disconections Funniest: Me Most hated player: My computer Most loved/liked player: Anyone that I was able to kill in between discontects
  11. You have a problem with your conection

    Thanks! Will do
  12. Well that. Im constantly getting that message while I can see (and know) that there isn't any problem with my conection since my ping stay the same. Comes like every 5 minutes or so, the game freezes and after a couple of seconds all come back to normal. My PC: AMD Athlon II x245 4 Gb RAM AMD Radeon 6670 Windows 7 (64) Im conected with Ethernet, not Wi Fi. I have the problem either with low graphics or medium/high.
  13. Best: Play FH2 Worst: Still having problems with my conection. Funniest: Run with the Stuart killing 10+ guys trying to get me before get Pak'd due a conection problem lol Most hated player: Anyone with a hafthohlladung in hand when I was in Sherman. Most loved/liked player: @RAnDOOm, his good spanish got me unguard and confused me at the start
  14. Video Recordings

    Ey Rand00m I uploaded to twitch some of my videos. Like 5 battles of Ortona, and the first one of Bloody Gulch. I'll try again today to keep recording because on Bloody Gulch had some issues and couldn't do more than the first one. Here is the link of my videos: https://go.twitch.tv/pollenz/videos/all