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  1. Pollenz

    Community Music Channel

    La vez pasada estaba viendo la peli Cría Cuervos (que no recuerdo si me la había recomendado una española o había caído a mis manos por X razón) y escuché ese tema y me copó bastante. De pibe (~8-12 años) siempre había escuchado la versión de Ataque 77 por lo que la letra ya la tenía en la cabeza. Sorry. Forgot that wasn't a spanish forum lol: The other day I was watching the spanish movie "Cría Cuervos" (I don't remember if it was recommended by a spanish girl or what) and when I heard that song, I really liked it. When I was a kid (8-12 years old) I have always heard the Ataque 77 version of it and I already knew the lyrics.
  2. Pollenz

    Lista de hispanos.

    Me lo voy a perder. No puedo jugar por esta semana yo Muchos éxitos loco!
  3. Pollenz

    Lista de hispanos.

    Faltaría Puerto Rico. Cuando jugaba WoT tenía un grupito de ahí yo. PD: ¿En Guinea Ecuatorial se habla español o es que hay una comunidad pequeña de Latinos?
  4. Pollenz


    Gracias smash! Ahí ví, no me llama mucho ese tipo de jugabilidad
  5. Pollenz


  6. Thanks for the data! More WW2 movies are always welcome! Im gonna check those out.
  7. Pollenz

    FH2 TeamCup

    Contá conmigo @GGarrido
  8. Pollenz


    There is still a community (and server) that plays FHSW that is even better than FH 0.7. You should check there http://fhsw-europ.ucoz.de/
  9. Pollenz

    Community Music Channel

  10. Pollenz

    FH2 TeamCup

    Uh, parece interesante, pero ni idea donde puedo caer muerto. Supongo que estaré a la espera de que alguien me invite a algún grupo ajajajaj.
  11. @Papillon Are the numbers correct? I don't remember making 35 tks. At least BEFORE the battle ends. Then, of course, fun happens Same with the numbers of all of the 41
  12. lol, that was me. Panther came from a hill in front of me, so I panic'd and started to retreat while praying for some miracle and firing at his turret at the same time. Really don't know how he missed 2 shots and couldn't finish me, and when I was about to hit him once more on the turret, another tank finished it for me
  13. Pollenz

    You have a problem with your conection

    Last battle 0 (zero) conection problems!
  14. Best: -As @JoenM already said. I was able to play full battle not only without crashes but without a single conection problem!! Worst: -2nd time I came in the middle of the battle and suddenly my team starts to play worst. I think I cursed my team :( Funniest: - @Ombustman randomly killed me at base while waiting the respawn of the tank Most hated player: - @radiosmersh and his sneak attacks on our tanks! Most loved/liked player: - Other: -

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