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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 5 - El Agheila Starts In:

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  1. It was me lol. I entered the Sherman almost at the same time that Kows, and since he got the 1st position I thought it was his Sherman and left, and suddenly he left it too for some mysterious reason and well, you know the rest.
  2. I always left enemy planes smoking but of course, since I didn't kill em doesn't count as protection
  3. He vuelto pequeño pollo. A ver si esta vez no te volvés a perder en el bosque y me dejás de hacer desviarme de mis rutas para llevarte al frente de batalla.
  4. Found this song at the end of a movie. (Maybe someone know it already)
  5. Sí sí, se lo puse en la misma inscripción. Igual lo volveré a recalcar desp por las dudas.
  6. Yo laburo en el mismo horario, pero de todas formas me anoté. Nunca se sabe cuando va a caer un feriado loco y te va a permitir jugar
  7. Qué paja, voy a laburar a esa hora T.T
  8. it remains me another band, but can't remember wich one Edit: I remembered, but nevermind, was Cocteau Twins, completely different, just some lyrics behind was the thing making my head ring a bell.
  9. Uy, si me acuerdo (y puedo), trataré de estar que ya los extraño un poco
  10. Yo ya me anoté pa' darles soporte con los tanquesitos, muac.
  11. From Aphex Twin I liked more his ambient works @Pr0z4c
  12. EAEAEAEAEAEAEaeaeaeAEAEAEAeaeaeaAEAEAEAEAEAeaeaeaeaeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA ¡¡Felicidades boachines!! Por cierto, ya tenés idea de en qué bando estaríamos la próxima?
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