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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 1 Karelian Isthmus - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Playing a full battle of FH2. Feels good!

Worst: - My aim. Really need to practice more.

Funniest: - Me missing alot of shots that 1year ago would be easy.

Most hated player: - No one

Most loved/liked player: -  Love everyone

Best Battle Photo -
"Spotting for arty while eating some magic mushrooms"


Other: - Next week battle again! Yeah!

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Best: - Extremely nice small map.

Worst: -  That crashed round

Funniest: @RAnDOOm and @Quicksilver noticing that we actually have a compass in the game 

Funniest2: @Hawk on guard duty in northern fields

Most hated player: - @HaLoAL

Most loved/liked player: -  Loanees!

Best Battle Photo -


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Best: - start of the campaign. Having 2 full squads in my regiment for the entire battle :) and fighting for the village during the last round. That was intense!

Worst: - frustrating small map at times

Funniest: -  driving over kowsky with my dt-carrier

Most hated player: - nobody

Most loved/liked player: - everybody, thanks for playing! and @michaelau999for playing untill 6 in the morning! big respect!

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Best: - Decent numbers, intense fight.  I was worried about the pagan holiday.

Worst: -  Being knocked offline by bad weather.

Funniest: -  Being acting General

Most hated player: -  Finnish Sturmflim

Most loved/liked player: -  Russian Sturmflim

Best Battle Photo -  
"Celebration" pic



Other: -  Let's keep up the numbers and intensity!

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Best: - Playing campaign mod. Amazing battle.

Best2: Balance, close rounds. KP.

Best 3: @Pichu1199 s artyyyy

Best 4: Newbies playing good, and most important, loving the campaign mod! 

Worst: KV1-s arggggggggg.  @fabrigrinovero35 not being able to make it :(

Worst2: Some mistakes I made

Worst3: That call on the last round! ruined the beginning of my squad! 

Funniest:  Kasapanos. Pichu teamkilling mcpollo

Most hated player: meeemeeee

Most loved/liked player: all who joined. 

Best Battle Photo -

"Spaniards homeland" (+ all chat xD)


Other: Exciting! love this way of playing FH2! big thanks to admins, mappers, etc! let s continue! 

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Best: killed Al-Sahad a couple of times 😊

Worst: my first s-mine after the previous campaign.......

Funniest: looking at Geopats battle pic, my first TK with a s-mine.......

Most hated player: those mg guys

Most loved/liked player: my squadmate Krautkiller, where i failed with a lutted mg he sniped everybody of with his

Best Battle Photo my 100% kill if map wasnt crashed


Other: -

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Best: - finallt the real battle

Worst: - The little soviet armored car 

Funniest: - Kowsko's laugh. 
-Killed Prozac in a river, told it to Kowsko who run and jumped in the water as a way of teabag

Most hated player: - The little soviet armored car driver

Most loved/liked player: - all the hq squad, guys are crazy xD 

Best Battle Photo - Something happened here ...



Other: - pls fix main base perimeter xD 

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Best: 2 sounds where it took ages for Russians to find me and I picked off loads of them. My gaming has improved a lot with my new screen! Also being able to play to my strengths - stealthy. Battling in the south-western woods.

Worst: Not being able to have M0sesher0dez on board due to key problems. TKing and accidental deaths due to not seeing tags again.

Funniest: S mines

Most hated player: Litte Russian armoured car drivers

Most loved/liked player: Our arty guys

Other: -This was a great map. Nobody complaining about balance. Had a great time last night.

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Best: - Shooting 2 transport vehicles with Pz II in first round who tried to pass me xD double, then triple kill

Worst: - Not knowing if we had 1 or 2 T-70, and if they really were non-bleed or bleed... 2nd worst: Sniper on windmill (south field flag) and our team not knowing or at least our tanks not shooting him for several minutes. :P

Funniest: - the double vehicle kill

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: - Prozac for dedicating himself to leading our unit. Also admins, mapping team and HQ for making this campaign possible.

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Best: I really enjoyed this fight we finally had orders from HQ to defend the first line. Previous battle we were sitting out waiting 20 minuts to see a few man.

Second best: teamwork in our squad

Worst: I came to late to join could only play 3 maps

Worst2: I get tk alot 

Most liked player: Capro great to see this player finaly joined our squad he is great asset to the squad, he has the experiance I see him as a second squadleader.

Other: non

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Best: Playing a full battle. I still be pretty good.

Worst: Timings, as always.

Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey, as usual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Нe was riding a motorbike with somebody and I killed them with PTRD from a distance of 50+ m.

Funniest2: I used PTRD as sniper rifle. @Hawk, who was lying on the roof of the buildingin at Northern Field, knows. @Raandom, who used Pak 35 and whom I killed from a distance of 100 m, also knows. Also a few people I dont remember, pardon xD Also, I'm one of hateful little armored car and apc.

Most hated player: No one

Most loved/liked player: All who joined

Other: This's Fate, Kowsky.

Just kidding, it's random ╮(︶▽︶)╭ 

16 hours ago, Sir_Kowskoskey said:

Most hated player: - @HaLoAL


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Best: - Good management.

Worst: - I think the server.

Funniest: - @RAnDOOm entered the TS in a case and repeated several times (more) "thank you". For me it was funny 😁, maybe because of a few beers.

Most hated player: - All Finnish rambos on the eastern flag 😂 and @Pichu1199 arty of course 🙄.

Most loved/liked player: - All comrades.

Best Battle Photo - X

Other: - I am waiting for the next battle, maybe there will be no problems with the server.

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Best: - Playing a battle again with my old comrades from FHT, after all these years.

Worst: - The server crash, but these things happen.

Funniest: - The Ger... Finnish HQ telling us they were Finnish, not German, when we joined their side to help out. And promising a medal for killing @GeoPat and @Pr0z4c. I doubt I will get that medal.

Most hated player: - @Achtungsnow

Most loved/liked player: @SturmFlim

Best Battle Photo - Not sure what to put here, so here is a photo of one of the few duels I won against @Achtungsnow. He was sitting in the windmill. This also shows off my neurotic need to reload my rifle when I still have bullets left.



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Best:  First battle ending in some sort of draw, that is a nice beginning of this campaign.

Worst: Our general @florianmehneon his sabbatical, he must addicted playing minecraft or something

Funniest: -Round 3, @GeoPat  sending us over to the enemy Hq squad. In there first minute @Sir_Kowskoskey tells us there was a quest going on who could teabag @Pr0z4c the most.

Worst 2: Killing @Pr0z4c a couple of times without being able to teabag him...aaarrgggh

Funniest 2: Crouched behind @kunderico, who near north field just killed a couple of the Finnish guys, and trying to knife him, but fail. I better stick to the mg I guess 😕

Funniest 3: Running behind enemy lines with @Sir_Kowskoskey into Eastern Fields, with our knives out, and while running in getting ordered to shout Huraaaaaah. But at that moment to find out that I am Finnish now and I can not shout Hurraaah! 😕😕

Funniest 4: Back on Russian side, start of round 4, I drive in Eastern Fields with this Bren gun carrier, and after flag capture I ignore @Spindrifter49 telling me there is an enemy apc behind me (@Breddy), while I try to set u the carrier pointed towards the river to start making some killing sprees, and at the same time wondering what idiot behind me is pushing me all the time.....



Most hated player:  @HaLoAL for slaughtering without any reason us (me and @Sir_Kowskoskey) while we where just driving very peacefully our BMW motorcycle somewhere south of northern fields, really was that necessary!? But @AL-SAHAD, @Yehiel and many others make good seconds for killing me haha

Most loved/liked player:  @GeoPat, After sending me to the Fins, I must have killed him at least 3 times on his way to set a rp for his squad.

Best Battle Photo

Other:  I am not sure if it is a good thing that during a battle everyone has been able to kill me. Next one I am going to stick to my team....I promise :D

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On 6/24/2018 at 2:45 AM, SturmFlim said:

Most hated player:  @HaLoAL for slaughtering without any reason us (me and @Sir_Kowskoskey) while we where just driving very peacefully our BMW motorcycle somewhere south of northern fields, really was that necessary!?

Lol, I remember this moment, Halo sarcastically says in TS - "Oh, someone is riding a BMW" and after a few seconds with a laugh "@Sir_Kowskoskey again"
I did not look at the log and asked - "How do you know what he is? You destroyed them?" and he replied - "Yes .... from an anti-tank rifle" )))

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