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  1. CaproGreene

    FH2 Berlin Map Test Event - Saturday 18h UTC

    Yup, its not my habbit but download is in progres. Downloaded and installed it, works, just tried it on the CMP server! Thanks.
  2. CaproGreene

    FH2 Berlin Map Test Event - Saturday 18h UTC

    My antivirus program (AVG free) starts ringing, download for me impossible
  3. I voted Normandy but..... Maybe some "landmark" battles during WWII. Maps of several theatres (so a mix), like: Omaha beach Midway Bulge offensive (Bastogne/Greiff) Dunkirk (map already exists) El Alamein Pearl Harbor (cant be that hard to make it....) Stalingrad (same as above, we need a thing like Pavlovs house) Monte Cassino (maybe we can port this one from BF1942 road to rome....)
  4. Best: killed Al-Sahad a couple of times 😊 Worst: my first s-mine after the previous campaign....... Funniest: looking at Geopats battle pic, my first TK with a s-mine....... Most hated player: those mg guys Most loved/liked player: my squadmate Krautkiller, where i failed with a lutted mg he sniped everybody of with his Best Battle Photo my 100% kill if map wasnt crashed Other: -
  5. CaproGreene

    CMP Quotes

    Is there a possibility for a rematch of one of the maps during the campaign? For example: Campaign II Road to Glory, Map Meuse River Reason: Axis were totally beaten up. Lessons Learned, can Axis do better now? Investigating map balance. Or Switch sides (Axis are now playing as Allied). Without counting in overall score. Just to get things better. I can imagine that Allied would do the same for certain maps.
  6. CaproGreene

    Map & Battle Suggestion

    Maybe in the rotation on 762 servers: Stoumont as a 16 or 32 layer map. Stoumont city as king of the hill variant.
  7. CaproGreene

    Community Music Channel

  8. CaproGreene

    FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    Cant wait to do some more damage (to good friends)!

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