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  1. which is English division ? poz4c and al-sahad. where are you? Only 12 hours left...…….
  2. Oh! thank you very much so I can download one more FH2 and promote FH2 to my friend
  3. How can I get BF2? Battlelog.co has stopped distributing and it is extremely hard to buy a BF2.
  4. Is any one using the armor car to kill. In my opinion, that's a war machine. I farm so much. ha ha ha ! hmmmmm What is Chevy 30CWT , GMC and Daimler Mk.I ? Why I am the top? I cannot even remember I use it before. proz4c I think we both like to use the transports. You are also a professional grenadier AL-SAHAD you must teach me how to use a rifle well. At all I have a wonderful time in this campaign. I made some new friends and improve my English. I am expecting the next campaign. I hope it will be happen soon. Thank for everyone, the organizers especially proz4c. I am sorry I post to continuum post. Can someone teach me how to edit the post. thank you.
  5. oh no! I have two record from 5:USMC and 7:USMC. I am the top player in medium armor if I mix the score.
  6. Client: steam/origin Your ID: michaelau999/mic-au999 Games you play: payday2 borderland2 left 4 dead 2/ plant vs zombie garden warfare 1 % 2 Battlefield 3 & 4
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