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FH2 Campaign # 2: Battle 10 Westwall - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Capping a flag 5 times at one round.

Best: Playing with wonderful people on Allied side. Thank you for your hospitality during all battles. :bravo:

Worst: - Nothing.


Me: @Tutvys, let's driive and shoot.(German AA Truck.)

Tutvys: Yeah yeah okay.

The second I enter and @WualyTeamkills us with the tank.  :rock:

Tutvys: More like "Drive and get Shot"

Funniest:  I was driving towards Merkstein in a tank. I saw a plane landed in flames. Repaired it. :D Unlike somebody else.  @Pr0z4c

Funniest: KT hunting with Kowskoskey squad. 3 guys with Bazookas trying to kill it. I landed 2 shoots and missed my 3. One of the zookers is dead and I picked his Bazooka. Just as I aimed, 3rd one finished the job. It was really funny.

Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey  Always finds something to get himself killed. I jumped out from the C47 he is in and plane got shot down 5 seconds after that. He did nearly tked me at least 6-7 times around our flags too. :dope:

Most hated player: -Nobody

Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey and @HaLoAL

Other: Thank you for this Campaign everyone, see you on the next one.

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Best: Campaign over.

Best2: Map. Westwall never disappoint, also funny layout. Good job. 

Best3: Little squad with @luacha2000 @GracefulOutlaw and @Wualy. We did some good work guys. 

Best4: Axis guys offering to switch. Thank you.

Worst: Campaign over. 

Worst2: Hispanics numbers yesterday night. Qué pasó chicos?! 

Funniest: @Wualy s battle. I think he played his best rounds ever, as inf and as tanker. Always funny to play with you mate

Funniest2: Those flags capped alone with  @GracefulOutlaw. Also held it like for 20 minutes. 

Funniest3: Destroying the mighty @WOLFXL ' s JP with the 5 cm KwK39. Sujuk was with me this time 

Most hated player: that guy killing me when I was about to knife someone. Think it was you@Shogun

Most loved/liked player: everyone. Thanks for playing this. 

Other:  Keep the work up. We wiill make a better communitty day after day. Long life to FH2! 

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Best: Our battle could only start when some axis players joined allies, so I volunteered. Since I have played with the allies several times also, I can tell you all, it was great to play with players from both sides!

Worst: Seeing all those empty assets, due to not having 100+ people.

Funniest: We had a super funny moment with some jeep VS. kübelwagen accident near Merkstein. Me and @CaproGreene jumped in a jeep at the start of the round (Allied main base in the north) and were on our way to Altsdorf. When we had passed Merkstein through the forest on the north east side we spotted an enemy kübel going the opposite direction:

Capro: ''Sturmflim! There, enemy kübel!''

Me: ''Lets go after them''

Capro: 'No no, lets go right here to the flag''

Haha but capro wasn't driving, so we turned around and started following the Germans. We expected they had seen us or at least hear us, since we started driving right behind them, the jeep seemed faster while they seemed to drive so slow:

Capro: ''Why are they driving so slow''

We were nearing Merkstein and they really started to slow down now, ok somehow they did not know we where right behind them, but surely they soon were going to stop and lay down their rp. So we, mmmmmm....... maybe more 'I', decided to RAM the jeep into the back of them, and than everything went in flash seconds!


The kübel turned. The jeep was smoking. I heard capro jumping out and making a shot:


Capro: ''Yeah I got one!


Capro: ''Aaarrrrgggghhhh.....''

I drove on keeping the momentum and circled around, then I saw 2 dead bodies and an empty kübel with one last German ( @radiosmersh) standing next to it. Luckely the German was still confused, so I finished the job by Ramming in the flesh metal standing there in front of me, full speed......we survived, jeepie and me, for sure these jeeps surely have been build strong. :D


Capro at least had also a great laugh over teamspeak, haha love it these crazy moments! :P (sorry I am not the best story writer)

Most hated player: Nobody

Most loved/liked player:  @I<ODIUM>I , when will we stop killing each other?



Haha first I mowed you down with the MG, in a minute your came back with the HEINKEL! Nice comeback Odi! I basicly died at the same spot where I killed you :D

Other: @GeoPat, @Spieler4, @qufic, @Ronid, @knokworst, @CaproGreeneand @Spindrifter49 (did I forget someone?) was nice to play with you yesterday, I am sorry for my TS spamming sometimes :D

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forgot to mention....
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Best: Calliope

Worst: I was told that Me 262 will not have guns...

Funniest1: I was able to destroy 3 Tiger (or 4, I don't remember) with Calliope (little more Panther and Panzer IV). Once faced in the front, I knocked aiming, he missed and I could shoot him in his left side :D 

Funniest2: Run Boy Run (And it was often, some even lucky to get to the flag xD)



Most hated player: Nobody

Most loved/liked player: Everyone. Maybe.

Other: As usual, I did not understand anything in English, and even my head ached -_-* And Calliope has one problem: aiming on spot doesn't work correctly.

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Death, nya!~~
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Best: - Small commandos with @Sir_Kowskoskey

Worst: - When i discovered that it was the last battle :( 

Funniest: -  half of the squad shooting the KT with bazookas 

Most hated player: - @WOLFXL, when he crushed me with his mighty jagdpanther

Most loved/liked player: -

Other: - Thx admins for the organization of the tournament, and thx to all players who have joined. That were fun evenings with all of you. 

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Best: like this map

Worst: unnecessery bs from 2 individuals left a bad taste in the mouth

Funniest: open fields close tanks. damn those can be hidden well

Most hated player: 

Most loved/liked player:   everybody, really like spending my fridays with you lot!

Other:  too bad it went this way, will do the best to make the next one even

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Best: Holding off Alsdorf alone with a flamethrower to the bitter end. Had some good tank kills. Clearing out Hill 120 bunkers with Composite B.DcMnu1H.png

Worst: Lack of coherency compared to previous battles. Hard time getting rallies and choosing where to attack or defend. I felt we were just all over the place sometimes.

Funniest: Driving jeeps right in front of static MG emplacements, tanks and PAKs.

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Other: -

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Best: Playing, probably, the best rounds ever as infantry, ending most of them with more kills than deaths.

Best2: Having very good moments with @RayderPSG @luacha2000 and @GracefulOutlaw around the map. Even being only four, we gave some headaches to Axis to remove us from certain flags.

Worst: Teamkillings (sorry @Erwin: I only saw a German vehicle and fired) and, specially, certain actions from some guys... :nono:

Funniest: Seeing a German and an Allied tank south of Hill 120, in front of each other pushing and firing at same time. Finally, German one was destroyed!

Most hated player: Myself, as usual

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up every round in this campaign and people who made it possible putting hard job and sacrificing their free time to provide fun to all people. My recognition sirs! :bravo:

Other: Keep tuned because will be exciting surprises in the upcoming days!!

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Best: shooting with m2 carbine in automatic mode.

Worst: Waiting like 4 minutes for @Wualy and @RayderPSG to put an RP and @DerSohnGottes kills them ... How did he do that? see 2:35 of his video

On 10/12/2017 at 10:06 AM, DerSohnGottes said:


Funniest: killing Russian paratroopers in Bierstrasse.

Most hated player: I don't know but ... whoever was flying the ME262 should be very hated xD.

Most loved/liked player: the thing that said wualy x2

2 hours ago, Wualy said:

Everyone who showed up every round in this campaign and people who made it possible putting hard job and sacrificing their free time to provide fun to all people.

Other: -

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7 hours ago, Wualy said:

Funniest: Seeing a German and an Allied tank south of Hill 120, in front of each other pushing and firing at same time. Finally, German one was destroyed!


lol, that was me. Panther came from a hill in front of me, so I panic'd and started to retreat while praying for some miracle and firing at his turret at the same time. Really don't know how he missed 2 shots and couldn't finish me, and when I was about to hit him once more on the turret, another tank finished it for me xD

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