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FH2 Campaign #2: Battle 1 Ortona - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Big fan of urban tank action, the map did it justice

Worst: Crashes, though I only crashed once.

Funniest: Wrecks shutting down roads, getting out of tanks to kill people with satchels with a rifle, losing StuG in the middle of the battlefield only to get it back a minute later, panzer 2 drive-bys against shermans, lots of wacky cqc and leaps of faith

Most hated player: None

Most loved/liked player: WOLFXL was wonderful as always, ROIOR is a great foe to play against

Other: Let's keep having fun and focus on a better experience.

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Best:  Great turnout.  We had 80+ at some point.

Worst:  just the crashes. We need to sort that out.

Funniest:  smoking out the tower at Francesco.

Most hated player:  All the bank robbers

Most loved/liked player:  Florianmehne for nearly saving the battle after me and Erwin.

Other:  If we keep the turnout high, this will be a great campaign.  Tell everyone you know!

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Best: Back to action

Best 2: 40 vs 40. Next time will be 50 vs 50. Great work in this sense,everyone. 

Worst: Not to compete the first rounds. 

Worst 2: Those crashes everytime...annoying. 

Funniest: Rally with the jeeeeps. 

Funniest: that RP @fabrigrinovero35 

Most hated player: My self 

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up yesterday. Really good numbers. @Smashmachine and @Dr_sicario for their discipline.

Other: Well played axis! 

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Best: Good battle, lot of action. Also I like the Semovente.

Worst1: Crashes, although I was not affected (lucky).

Worst2: Going to miss the next two battles, but it's vacation so it's good again.

Funniest: Sliding on my own s-mine on the stairs.

Most hated player: Myself, I need more aiming drinks.

Most loved/liked player: The admin squad was quite annoying, but often bringing action to us at Pizza Tomatosauce flag.

Other: Let's have a good campaign.

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Best: Playing with Kowsko and some new guys

Worst: 30 fps, 20 when there was smoke :D. Advice for allied: if you wantt win battles, just smoke flags 

Funniest: stealing tank kill with pak

Most hated player: @SputnikFighter :fire:

Most loved/liked player: Hum... Maybe my guru @Sir_Kowskoskey

Other: Stop saying DT is hard to prononce pls x)

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Best: My first battle and my first campaign. We won it, too. Everyone in the 4th did great

Worst: The occasional server timeouts and crashes. The fact I decided to stop drinking beer two days before the event. Tea had to do

Funniest: Getting lost in the alleyways with a panzerfaust kit, hearing a tank about to pass through the street, blowing it up and stealing someone's kill (cant remember your name, sorry)

Most hated player: Everyone from the other team who killed me

Most loved/liked player: I can't name a single player. Everyone in the 4th was fun to play with.

Other: It's called a Sherman, not a Shaman.

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Best: Back to action.

Worst: More thecomputerCrashspiel

Funniest: @Yehiel shot out of mortar and said: "Shit... Teamkill" *Boom*

Yehiel teamkill HaLoAL
Yehiel teamkill Ombustman

"Two teamkills" - said Yehiel.

"Double kill" - thought Halo.

Most hated player: ┻━┻  ¯\_()_/¯ ┻━┻

Most loved/liked player: ¯\_()_/¯ 

Other: @WOLFXL More often look on map ;), because it is dangerous before you to ride on enemy transport xD You killed me in screem, you killed Yehiel in this battle xD

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Mejor: volver a jugar una batalla... solo puedo jugar muy pocas... con suerte 3 por año

Mejor 2: cantidad de jugadores! exquisito! lindas batallas

mejor 3: regimiento hispano con casi 15 jugadores :D

Peor: perder 5 o 6 batallas y no ganar ninguna

Más divertido: escaparme de mi regimiento para hacer de las mias unos minutos y volver :D 

Jugador más odiado: ....

Jugador más querido / querido: mis compañeros hispanos

Otro: cada vez que lograr matar a al sahad o hawk gritar como si lograr ganar la batalla :D (entiéndase que jugamos con casi 300 de ping) 

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Best: Feels good to be back playing a fun campaign.

Worst: Getting cheated out of 10+ kills because I couldn't shoot through seemingly unobstructed windows or other such objects. No boards in front of them, no metal grates or anything... I shoot and I see a bullet hole floating in the air. Weak!

Funniest: Tough to pick a favorite. I guess I should say the french guy chasing a tank for ages, and then an FNG blows it up.

*** Me remembering shit from a previous campaign below. Skip if you think I'm an asshole or boring or something...***


Brought back memories from a campaign a while back where I was on the Italian side, chasing an armored car circling our fortress. I had my trusty Bomba a Mano all ready and had chased that bastard for approximately 15 minutes, when it finally stops, I get close to it. I started the long-ass throwing animation for the grenade, thinking "This is it, you fucking coward-ass motherfucker in you shitty little car. I'm gonna --" And that's when I saw a Bomba a mano flying down from the walls. "NO NO NO NO!! NOT LIKE THIS!!" But alas, the grenade hiteth the Armoured car, which explodeth. The sounds of disappointment I made afterwards can't be expressed with letters. It was mostly a medley of loud, angry groans and gurgles, with words like "little" "you" "fucking" and "asshole" sprinkled somewhere in between.

Most Beloved Player: The Green Goddess for guiding my bullets.

Most Hated Player: The Green Goddess for leaving too early and not guiding my bullets anymore towards the end.

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Best: Playing a tournament again. Serving coffee, cookies and bacon sandwich for Hawk. Doing the Division paperwork and delivering the mail.

Worst: Crashing game. 10+ times CTD. That map was broken. 2 Sorts of German uniforms. Italian player models. So much different equipment. + 2x Server crash. Not good.

Funniest: Fun with the trusty old 88. WOOOM...



Most hated player: Sturmflim, the old teamkiller. :)

Most loved/liked player: Hawk. He is so quiet and relaxed under pressure. <3 Matsku comes a close 2nd. Toots is 3rd, but only when the little scumbag is driving a tank.

Other: Panzer II OP, plz nerf.


30 seconds later:


Someone asked right after that  "Where are those Shermans at Francesco???"

Other II: Please check the remaining maps for memory problems like too many different soldier and tank models.

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Best: Finally, the second campaign on the road!

Worst: Server crashes & client crashes, i saw odium dropping several times next to me.

Funniest: Odium explaining to me the basics of team-leading in FH2 while running into his own S-Mine.

Most hated player: Admin-Squad sneak-attacking Plebiscila. Noli turbare circulos meos!

Most loved/liked player: @I<ODIUM>I for being there when i need him the most :admire: .

Other: Do Aircraft Carriers Dream Of White Moths?

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Best: Playing again after long time.

Worst: Playing only few minutes due RL first, then sound issues and, finally CTD... WTF?

Funniest: Killing @Sir_Kowskoskeyand receiving a message from him two seconds after: "Bastard". Hilarious! :D

Most hated player: Myself, as usual

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who played this campaign and everyone who is making possible.


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Best: Campaign is back!. Killing with rifle and playing at 10 fps and 256 ping. 

Worst: Crash and getting lost in the city.

Funniest: The defence at municipali, enemy was coming from all directions and we manage to hold there. 5 guys capping behind a wall and in ts was all joy.

Most hated player: Nobody...yet.

Most loved/liked player: Spanish guys, great squad ;) .

Other: I hope the numbers keep growing, a great campaign will be played.

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