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FH2 Campaign #8: Battle 3 - Wacht am Rhein - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Again playing FH2. Its always a blast.

Best2: Killing a good friend in CMP but not teabagging.  Respect.

Best3: The numbers. Keep in mind that if everyone starts to join the server 30min before battle start we can start at battle time.

Worst: Nothing at all

Funniest: Me just running around the woods and not getting killed. Its always good to have a good walk.

Most hated player: Noone

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo - "Spotting for arty with no hud and seeing several soldiers in action."

Other: -

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Best: - Tight fights all around, the minesweepers' dance in the end. Satcheling few tanks is always nice. Just plain awesome battle again.

Worst: - Terrible lag in the mid rounds. 

Funniest: - maybe this little happening in the village


Most hated player: -  @FadusTM, you were always in the way. 

Most loved/liked player: - @Otto, saved me from certain teabagging at inn.

Best Battle Photo - "Hello Mr. Schneemann"


Other: - Fixed an empty burning Sherman north of North and drove it to the flag assisting in capping it. Who leaves a perfectly good tank just standing around?

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Best:  Being able to get a Sherman76 and deal with a "sandwich pressure" of a Jagdpanther and Hetzer. Could kill them both.

Worst: Crashing into the trees while you drive through the forest and then being spotted...

Funniest: The enemy was heavily attacking south and I got hurt, but healed myself. At the same time I saw @Nightwing and told him: "Dude, i'm not running because i'm hurt"(I was like going slow-mo). He left behind his duty and tried to come and save me. He turned around and stepped in a "glitchy" hole... His destiny was sealed, to die in that hole... But suddenly @SpetsBomb saw the situation and went to rescue Nightwing. SpetsBomb went in and crouch so Nightwing could jump on him and then jump out the hole. What a band of brothers... It's a saving private ryan story... Nightwing gave his life for rescueing me, and SpetsBomb did the same for Nightwing... Well, the truth is that SpetsBomb committed suicide with an own grenade...

Most hated player: People using Panzerschreck and killing my tanks....

Most loved/liked player: The guys of the saving private ryan story...

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Best: - Spray and pray with mg42 killing whole squads full of 1K and 2K, lovely time with Garand and Tommy killing spree, blowing up Hetzer, and capturing flags all the time.

Worst: - Keep loosing flag after capture in center

Funniest: - Enjoying cmp special of @Sir_Kowskoskey teabagging after killing him before he kill my teammate.  



Most hated player: - 🤫

Most loved/liked player: - @Heyna for M8 Greyhounding making flag free from enemy tanks

Best Battle Photo : Taking care of spaniardsTaking care of spaniards after 3 victory photos

Other: -The best squad Easy 2 Lead the way!


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Best: - Definitely calling out tanks before they can even be seen from the Axis' forest.

Worst: - I always feel like the Thompson is just so clunky and my shots sometimes don't register but I'd have to say my Funniest is also the worst.

Funniest: - Definitely trying to knife a machine gunner and epically failing as it always does.

Most hated player: - @Ronid just kept dying to him in gunfights >:| 

Most loved/liked player: - Easily @BaskaBommi really likeable kudos to him for squad leading.

Best Battle Photo - The eyes of a serial killer.

Other: - Easy 2 For the Win!

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Best: Map played well, even with many clunky roads and flyers

Best2: Full server in all rounds. Nice.

Worst: 128 player server when???

Funniest: My private feud with @Erwin. Mate that S-Mine you left in the 76mm, I laughed so hard.

Funniest2: Being at Village (I think) on Allied side, hearing a Kubel incoming. Running out of the house, jumping into M3 APC, F2, and just wildly spraying in the general direction of where the Kubel is. Killing @Quicksilver and @Hawk. Then @Sir_Kowskoskey killed me. Admin/Commitee massacre right there.


Most hated player: Obviously @Erwin. Next battle you'll be teabagged so often, just wait...

Most loved/liked player: all of you except @Erwin 🙂

Best Battle Photo -

Guarding the Bridge


Duel at the wall


Other: -

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-Nice map and a full server the whole time! Awesome! 
-Some really tough rounds that could have easily gone for the other side.

-My own performance in a couple of rounds. 

-"Comoon, gimme the knife kill! gimme the knife kill!!! Pffffftttt...." @ShadowNick:D
-"Right about now" @BaskaBommis line was repeated very often and for the entire night the Fatboy Slim song was stuck in my head and it still is :D
-I gotta say that my worst round was so bad that it kinda became a funny thing.
-Our "sneaky" attack to north flag in the last round was the best and funniest, because we were being shot at multiple times and had to swap drivers during the ride because of bleeding and still getting to our destination and capping the flag!
-I tried to position myself on the edge of a wall, failing badly, falling down and thinking "Ok, I'll stay here then." After 2-3 seconds thinking "No, bad spot - I'll change" and got up and of course the axis player came around the corner just that second and shot me. 

Most hated player: 

Most loved/liked player: 
-Easy company 2nd squad

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Best: Full server.

Best: Getting all kind of action throughout the night. Started chilling with Kowsky and then led 2nd Squad. :D

Best: 3K guys. Well organized and fun to play with.

Worst: Maybe the little bit too much organized Allied defence. :tappingfoot:

Funniest: My treacherous actions against @Papillon. First ruined his fun by killing him in his sneaky AT Gun. Then took that At gun for a spin and killed a tank. Then killed him with the AT GUN while he was fighting against someone else. Then I decided to go back to the flag and left a nasty little surprise for him.  tenor.gif?itemid=15840045

Funniest: Me and @Sir_Kowskoskey attacking Village. We get close, he gets out as the SL and gets shot.

- Why the hell you left the jeep?

- You left me there!

- You have to get out yourself you idiot. :jumpgreen:

Funniest: We were defending Outpost, I was doing my routine SL patrol around the flag. I spotted a wild Spainard. - @RayderPSG decided to chase him down. Turned a corner and saw 8 guys coming at me. Had a little heart attack and died. :eek:

Most hated player: Hmmm, probably @RAnDOOm when his sneaky ass killed our RP at the last round.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone.

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Best:  playing the game i enjoy the most with full server and with and against lots of friends. That close round


Best2: Map was cool ! good job @Papillon 

Best3: Spaniards,  @Blander improvin his sneaky, victory and the way the battle developped. Man i suffered and ejoyed at the same time, GG to the HQ's @CptBocquier @turbomursu @Otto it was a full non stop battle, not even a single breath. 

Worst: Nothing really

Funniest:  using the deployables...it's a blast when it works. Could get some officers down and a couple of tanks. Assisting able 2 with it was cool. 


Most hated player: Noone

Most loved/liked player:  HQ's  @CptBocquier @Otto @turbomursu. everyone in general too

bagged the man I love...


and the other one I love...with different results. Bagged @Sir_Kowskoskey and of course got killed 0.1 seconds after. Karma but still worth it 


Best Battle Photo -                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                      Get those deployables working! 


Other: - Thanks everyone for the battle

15 hours ago, RAnDOOm said:

Killing a good friend in CMP but not teabagging.  Respect.

I mostly teabag friends and get teabagged by them 😄


11 hours ago, ShadowNick said:

Definitely trying to knife a machine gunner and epically failing as it always does.

it has happened to me sooo many times. Lay down to secure the kill haha

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Best: -Full server, action all the time! 3-0 round!!

Worst: -My performance. Also Browning LMG - I somehow missed the moment when one of the FH2 devs decided to fuck it up,  making this weapon simply useless. Have you noticed that when you start firing it automatically immediatelly turns left? This is ridiculous! MG42 doesn't have that! Can we tweak it and make our own CMP version of this weapon? If not, can we change it to BAR for next battles?

I decided to make a drop for a round which turned into 3-0 later...  Pity that I missed that!😏 

Funniest: -My duel vs admins' Hetzer - I was on flak88 and well... nobody could hit each other! 😄 I had to make a short break and destroy Jagdpanther in the meantime, than I could return firing into that Hetzer! 😆 With 2nd or 3rd shot finally the hit was well registered... 😏

Last round I decided to pickup German weapons and made a nice usage of MG42!!! 😁

Most hated player: -MG42s...

Most loved/liked player: -Playing in a squad under @BaskaBommi was a real fun! 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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