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FH2 Campaign #7: Battle 10 - Overloon - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Playing again after 2 weeks off.

Worst: My aim. Really bad.

Funniest: Me missing 2 shots on @Papillon . He turns takes out his bazooka and bang. Im dead.

Most hated player: @Papillon

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo -

"How many fresh hamburgers ? 3 our 4 ?...    100 players ? Ok! Ill try to be fast!"

Other: -

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Best: Winning. Amount of teamwork and communication was intense.

Best: I hunted RPs with a %100 accuracy. It felt great. :buttred:

Best: Always beat Axis guys to the Farm even though we took our time at the start.

Best: 517th guys. We were crazy effective. :partydance:

Worst: Playing 4 rounds only.

Funniest: While running around with my jeep, I killed a sniper on the way. Only saw him at the last second.

Funniest: @RayderPSG and @Ombustman teabagging my jeep on several occastions. :tappingfoot:

Funniest: Followed a Stug for 3 minutes and just as I started to aim at it and pressed fire, it moved. :tappingfoot:

Funniest: Distracting Panzer IV with my smoke and dancing around it. @Heia Safari! was able to flank and destroyed it.

Funniest: Round 3. We were late on th start because of a bad spawnpoint. So anyway, I started driving. :pistoldouble:My teammates mixed things up by leaving me alone in the jeep. :jumpgreen: I continued towards to Farm after I dropped them off in the nearby flag. I manage to get to the flagzone and it was still empty. Then turned around and throw a very random grenade towards the hedgerow. :smokingred:@Wualy and his teammate, along with their freshly deployed RP was destroyed. image.png.36de511b99eabb722d86106dc58bae68.png Almost capped the flag as well.

Most loved/liked player: Whole Allied division.

Other: Underground system was epic at Loonbedrifj.

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Best:  win and tie. Nice map, this one i like a lot!

Worst: -

Funniest:  getting Hispania bagged often nowadays. @RayderPSG stop trainining youre guys. They are starting to be formadible on 1vs1!

Funniest2: Goddamnit @Tore when someone pulls out a knife you dont shoot em like Indiana Jones

Funniest3: Hq tandem doing there thing fearing that Outlaw has fallen in sleep

Most hated player: - hispanos

Most loved/liked player:  @sergioten knife bagged him and he revenged it with no fear after a few minutes!

Best Battle Photo -

Other:  "i was looking for @Hawk one day, in the merry merry month of may. He was taken by surprise, with a set of finnish knifes. And he really goooot baaaagged thaat daaaay"

See Hawky, i already have a song for this. It will Happen. It was close this time but  somebody sjot me right behind you. I  have forseen it  and it will happen! 

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Best: -Such victory is a great answer for previous week defeat! Well done allies! That was great teamwork and cooperation between units!

Worst: -Spending most of the time in a tank in a sector where mostly nothing spectacular happen. But sometimes there were attacks, so my presence was required there. I was also bad luck to fight against Panther frontally with my Sherman 76. Fortunately, sometimes I got support from my tanking mates (see best battle photo). Also getting stuck with Greyhound in groundholes was pretty annoying!!! meh, and the fact that we played only 4 rounds... I'm expecting to play rounds every battle on Fridays, you know? ;)

Funniest: -Dealing with Panzer IV in my Greyhound inside the town was quite hilarious!

Most hated player: -That Panther coming frontally towards me!

Most loved/liked player: - @Heyna , for best cooperated tanking action I had in this campaign so far!

Best Battle Photo -

"Bye, bye Panther!" (this photo was taken during my flanking manouvre towards Panther while @Heyna was taking its attention)



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Best: - Full server on battle 10th, campaign alive till the end in both numbers and the score

Worst: - not feeling useful for the team! Spaniards mistakes and every kind of technical issues. 

Funniest: - the fausting moment against @Papillon 

Most hated player: -no one 

Most loved/liked player: - everyone, but @CptBocquier is always on the list 

Best Battle Photo

That faust one didn't work as expected!  No mercy! 




Franco-hispanic pics 





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Best: - @SputnikFighter zouaverie

Worst: - @SputnikFighter zouaverie

Funniest: - @SputnikFighter zouaverie

Most hated player: - @SputnikFighter 

Most loved/liked player: - @SputnikFighter and of course @RayderPSG

Best Battle Photo - Taking a short break after a successful assault with the zouaves



Other: -

French & Spanish picture


"Soo at my go, you fire that guy. You cover me. two of you get ready to set a RP near the chimney, last one follow me on the left."


"Go go go !"


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Best: The patience of Poles in previous battle was fully rewarded by their same persistent play in this battle.
Good job, guys! (@gen.p, @Heyna, @Pr0z4c, @Zabstone, @[GDW]SierzantGrubas and others)

I also want to thank "German" side - this time most of your players played honestly and fought with tenacity. (most, but not all)

Best (2): The new patch seems more arcade (in relation to physics of weapons), and has a problem with registering hits... but animation of crawling is just great - it looks very authentic and realistic. 👍




Worst: @Quicksilver forbade me to talk about it. 👮‍♂️

Funniest: We looted 2 Sd.Kfz.251 "Hanomag", 2 BMW 75, 1 german mortar and several small german weapons like Chicago gangsters. Not bad. 🤠






A good addition to our existing Panther, by the way:




Most hated player: @Quicksilver forbade me to think about it. 👮‍♂️

Most hated player (2): - Agree with @Sir_Kowskoskey:

On 6/7/2020 at 1:45 PM, Sir_Kowskoskey said:

Goddamnit @Tore when someone pulls out a knife you dont shoot em like Indiana Jones

Most loved/liked player: Our HQ sent us to most difficult flag, which was just teeming with German tanks. (apparently, to try to break us morally, or to mock our defeat, which did not happen)
It was a wild cycle of shooting, explosions, violent and brutal fights, in which we were supported... @Papillon
Oh, this guy definitely deserves a medal, @Slepov92. As a real комиссар, he was not afraid of first line of battle, using American "vuvuzelas" to destroy German tanks on a par with us.
Together with us, he went into Inferno, and proved himself as a true спецназ. ✊
Good work, comrade, it was nice to see you in action!






Battle Photo: After repulsing tank attacks on Pasveld, tried to take a selfie during battle on Van der Vlue... Vletu... Vlute... Van der Fluggegecheimen.
Before that, we crawled through the sewers, and @Papillon with us.





Battle Photo (2): Some Vietnam flashbacks for @Slepov92.
...damn, I just noticed that @Papillon was always with us. 😀





Best VicPic:




Scariest After Battle Photo (by @Vlasov) : "Human Centipede":




Coolest Before Battle Coub (video by @kutuzovrusss) :


Other: - @RAnDOOm, I'm sorry for all killing I had to you.
It's just that my boys were very hungry, and I tried to keep everyone away from that cow...



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