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FH2 Campaign #4: Battle 5 Tulagi - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Playing with my company. Awesome as always.

Best: Burning and teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey

Worst: Allied numbers

Funniest: Kowskoskey jumping on me like a hobo in bunker I kill him but somehow he knife me from 4 meters away.

Most loved/liked player:  Michealau. He is so fun and action packed all the time. Also kudos to the boring flag defenders with me. Well done guys.

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-A few nice dogfights around the map! Always nice to have those, although the planes weren't as equal as one would hope :)

-Decent numbers all around!


-Some dc's while playing - always annoying.

-The amount of spawnvehicles makes the game so chaotic in both attack and defence. 


-I bet some allied players got a good laugh because of me crashing my plane right next to the AA gun or some trees around the map and once atleast to the ocean :D  

-Had some really lucky kill streaks and was just suprised I didn't die earlier. My aim was horrible today... not that it's much better any time...

-Some funny accidental kills with the plane. Just random strafing a flag blindly and killed 2 infantry. Another time randomly destroyed a rally point which was next to an AA gun.


-I must commend the awesome use of smoke on the allied side. Not sure was it the last round or the second last, but smokescreen from destroyer was simply amazing! Beautiful to look at as you couldn't see anything and then you were already at the flag :D

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Best: - Our planes are like buzzing in air all the time.

Worst: - Crashing round. Kicked axis naval players 2 out of 4 due to low allied numbers. Then we it become 3 out of 4 😱

Funniest: - No one knows sujuk in my squad, when i am yelling it. oh man, i am getting older. :D

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: - Sujuk spaniards. We have feelings it in our hearts.

Best Battle Photo -

This is HQ Sub's Anti Air reporting! (It is @SturmFlim on the deck) 

Other: - Some moments from the game.

Somebody wants to play Deep Silence, it seems.



Burn Burn baby!



This is a talent (Flipped landing craft). Next challenge is a ship!



It seems enemy whale hit the land :P



Sujuk BBQ and a beer will we good against the sunset.


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Best:  Somehow i like this map

Worst: Loosing the map 4-0... would have loved to see the crashed round till the end

Funniest:   @Erwin panicing in the bunker when i ran at him from downstairs with my knife out. He pulls to the second floor to reload and me after him. he managed to shot and me stabbing him in the same time

Funniest2: @caeno down!

Funniest3: We lost the cheese and the milk. Next week we fight for le citroen. Nice fight with the Frenchies!

Most hated player: .... anyone on the coastals

Most loved/liked player:  hmmm... my bodyguard finally rejoined me. Only worrying thing is when he left and i accused him of female presence and he said he was alone... i smell kalsarikännit!

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: -On the ship with @Gameplayer500 @n0lan and @WOLFXL to bang the Allied

Best 2:  - Spawning kill at LCVP

Worst: - Crash, kick axis player

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -This battle is kind of boring wiith me because it crashs every time and Allied doesnt have enough player so they kick our guys out

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Best1: Good battle, was a lot of fun. Thanks for playing everyone.

Best2: Some sniping action.

Best3: Bushes and trees again :D

Worst: Crashes and the issue with the numbers

Funniest: I was with a Winchester kit trying to keep control over an enemy landing craft on the beach. It was a cat and mouse game with the enemy who managed to close the door so I coudln't shoot anymore into the vehicle.     @Spieler4

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: Thanks for everyone who joined and especially thanks to the Axis players who helped the Allies and/or took a break to keep numbers okay.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: - intense fighting for every flag, and killing enemies with the knee mortar or flamethrower.

Worst: - allied numbers. After the 4th round i was afk for a few min, when i came back the battle was over.

Funniest: - killing with the knee mortar and the flamethrower

Most hated player: - all the allied shotgun players

Most loved/liked player: 93rd regiment

Best Battle Photo - lets do a victory picture on the submarine they said..... 


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Best: Every flag was a challenge. We had a lot of good assaults and counter-attacks.

Worst: Server crashing and the low numbers overall. I admittedly started losing interest in the match towards the end.

Funniest: The entire Allied landing force getting destroyed before getting to the beach.

Most hated player: Those damn coastal guns.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone from the Allied team.

Best Battle Photo: Worse than D-Day.


Other: -

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12 hours ago, Sir_Kowskoskey said:

hmmm... my bodyguard finally rejoined me. Only worrying thing is when he left and i accused him of female presence and he said he was alone... i smell kalsarikännit!

The art of putting you deeper yourself xD 


Best: - Playing with my love Koswo 

Worst: - Crashing twice, always when i had something important to do xD 

Funniest: - In general, when you hear Kowsko asking "who wants to become a hero" and then you are in this situation, it ends bad.

And guess what ? And we were lucky, 5s before we were facing a tank xD screen294.jpg

Most hated player: - Japanese ship. 

Most loved/liked player: - All frenchies, that was cool 

Best Battle Photo -

It was at this moment jackson knew

Other: -

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Best: Playing with all the frenchies and  Kowskow as the cheery on the cake  

Worst: loosing all the stages of the battle and crashes during some great actions... 

Funniest: Koskow the worst "citroen " driver, it always finish into a pit, underwater or front of a tank canon ready to make a kiss on the mouth of it.

"blitzkrieg" on blue beach vanita and Jap hq as fast as the light during a round !

Most hated player: all sneaky japs hiding behind the bushes and palmiers...

Most loved/liked player:  The finest squad of the french what a question......

Best Battle Photo -

Other: Always ready to the suprem sacrifice for the country and the MILK storage. VIVE LE MILK ! LE CITROEN ! AND VIVE LA FRANCE !

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Best: - Great map, Good FPS, only 1-2 crashes

Worst: - most of the battle I got killed by enemies that I could not see or looked like friendly

Funniest: - The Mega Banzai disconnection of enemy team

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: - Allied & those who switched team to balance game play

Best Battle Photo -

Low settings


Other: - Maybe Server should be killed and restarted each round with correct layer. 20-30% of axis players disconnect together in 3rd round since many battles and campaigns 🙂

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Best: - fh2 night. Seeing that finally the frenchies are back. 

-My litte squad. Did what they could...good job guys

- @GGarrido doing the job

-Axis numbers. Great job guys! 

- Matsku s efforts.

Worst: - Losing that way. 

-Allied numbers. Especially hispanic ones. A shame.

-First battle we don't reach 40 vs 40.


Funniest: -I don't care what my victims say, shotgun was nice. Your mini mortars weren't funny neither

-"Let's try shotgun in long range. Shoot. Seems I didn't hit him, i could see the bumps in the sand. Suddenly the enemy falls down. Just one pellet pierced his head xD 

Most hated player: -no one.

Most loved/liked player: - Everyone, especially those axis who switched, thanks guys. And a mention to @Quicksilver doing shit stuff all night. Also, those allies staying and keeping a good atmosphere.

Best Battle Photo -
not from battle so don't count it, but....did this ever happened to you guys? "




Other: -:( 

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Best: This was a visually very nice card with a great battle

Worst: - Nothing. Crashes are somehow already part of it

Funniest: - killing 4|3MD knokworst und call him" Kackwurst /shit sausage "

Most frustrating player: 😜    @Ombustman   running around the green from Blue Beach, without trying to capture the flag. Favorit Victim of him 

18|2IG Pepinio  20 times  😝😜

Most loved/liked player: - Capt. Mike saved me with his Bandage 

Best Battle Photo -
Death of the Coneheads

Other: - It was a great evening. Can not understand the criticism regarding a too fast flag loss. We always defended our flags and when we lost them, the opponent was temporarily outnumbered. Have we always retrieved them and frustrated the opponent so that you had chosen a different target. 

@GeoPat@RAnDOOm  forget your rules for the battle photo. This time, @Spieler4 must have the opportunity to win for his creativity




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Best: -Going out for dinner in Montmartre while it seems my team got our asses handed to us yet again.

Worst: -Being in France when all the Frenchies were on our team for once! Blisters from walking 22km around Paris.

Funniest: -Taking picture of my wife at the Eiffel Tower at the same spot as the famous picture of Hitler, and not telling her till afterwards. I'm still not forgiven.

Most hated player: -Me for missing it.

Most loved/liked player: -Anyone who forgives me 

Other: - I think this campaign Is FUBAR. Will be joining still, but only for the great company.

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