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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 3 Nietjärvi - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best:  Best infantry fights in a long time. Extremely well fighting enemy

Worst:  Not having an mg42

Funniest:  Making  @florianmehne crap his pants by suddenly appearing in a bush next to him at Toikkane

Funniest2: First blood,   and TeaBaggings happened . Learn to behave! :D

Most hated player:  Malleus and Halo stop shooting!

Most loved/liked player: 

Other: -

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Best: For the first time, i dont know what to write...

Worst: Not having rpg-43 and PTRD, again problems with server, IL-2 havent bombs only at 114th Division - useless log

Funniest: Dont give @Sir_Kowskoskey to fly and ja, again you; @Ombustman was killed by the airscrew; and a lot of people who were hurt because of La-5 

(*_ _)人

Most hated player: @Mr.ThunderMan, you left me alone >_<

Most loved/liked player: Vocaloids/rock and coffee (Ja, its not players, but why not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Best Battle Photo:


Other: It's hard to use a joystick for hours. Ja, its the age ©️@Hawk

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Best: - Playing with french players ! More than 2 years that i'm waiting for this 

Worst: - Too much people talking in the same time x) 

Funniest: - Seeing an AT gun in front of our t21 with @zarbyLeFr while attacking niemela. Decided to run into it, killed on guy and then we fall in the water. When i get out, i was killed by the vehicule which falled on me, and then zarby was slackly killed while i was swimming
Playing the last round in arty

Most hated player: @HaLoAL :p

Most loved/liked player:


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Best: Having a real Battle evening again

Worst: Shouting in HQ

Funniest: Shouting in HQ

Most hated player:  @Achtungsnow and @Matsku, my friend, ofcourse :D, you really had to own our attacking area on Mantymaki that much?

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up :D

Best Battle Photo: Battle always destroys you! (just jeep'd over Nightwing but by then our jeep got damaged a lot)

Other: -

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Best: Ombustman's plane frags with Pak40 and CaproGreen's laugh about that.

Worst: Hit reg.

Funniest: I was laying in bushes for about 10 minutes overall and had fun though.

Most hated player: ...

Most loved/liked player: It was a Soviet tanker attacking Maksimoff from south-west with a good awareness/mouse look so we couldn't get him for 5 minutes.  

Best Battle Photo -

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Best: - The event itself and Finnish communication

Worst: - Lag/Hitbox

Funniest: - That Su-152 killing a me and Matsku at Mäntymäki, but also about 5 of their own guys with the same shot 😉

Most hated player: - @HaLoAL Yes you made my air-to-air seem awful 😄Anyway it was a waste to fly since la-5 > Fw, much more help to occasionally fly Stuka or stay infantry 🙂

Most loved/liked player: 

Best Battle Photo - "Sir? Sir, could you slow down a little!"screen312.thumb.png.2a31d7f0a7ef47a2704661e59634b188.png

Other: -

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Best: -Like this map. Looked awesome for me. Classic big campaign map with possibilities to sneak. 

Worst: -The technical problems I had. Fckng old PC cannot even support a change of map. Awful. 

Funniest: -Maybe that moment when I could rejoin the server and play in the HQ squad for that round. Staying with kowsky like 3 mins in Toikkasen. Almost cap the flag. 

Most hated player: - @mcpollo that tk.... @Mane_Goddard por forro. 

Most loved/liked player: -@mcpollo @Pichu1199  @onebullet95.  @luacha2000 and @Durru for excellent follow of orders. 

Best Battle Photo -

                                                                                        "Group of hispanics get deported" 


Other: -Numbers were okay all night but could improve. 

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Best: - In the 3rd round, when 4 tanks attacked our flag and we were able to hold our flag and the enemy gave up.

Worst: -sometimes we were having issues with the flag even tho we were more than them... Constant RP issues during the 1st round

Funniest: - When we were defending our flag against those 4 tanks, one of them rushed us and got stuck in our trenches hahaha

Most hated player: - all the enemy team haha they did a great job

Most loved/liked player: - my squadron did an excellent job, during the 1st round we had some communication problems but after that, we were good imo. Tankers did an excellent job as well and and some squads were very smart with the recapture of some strategic flags.

Best Battle Photo - 

Other: -

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Updater have not worked for me since last campaign. Downloading 1gb at training and 1gb again at battlestart just to get the right 100mb is a time wasting pain

Other: -

Just like last week map was very laggy and delayed. People with high ping running looked like the were 2 places at once bounching back and foreward (762 servers does not look or feel like this )

Best: Playing a new map in the campaign is always fun 🙂

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Best: Not telling or I won't be able to get away with it again next week. 

Worst: Wishing I could tell you what it was.

Funniest: More TK madness with S-mines and my score in round 2.

Most hated player: Russians in trenches with SMGs when I only had a bolt action.

Most loved/liked player: Our arty guys 

Other: These maps so far are brilliant. If all campaigns had been this good we wouldn't have bled so many players in the last 2 campaigns at Forgotten Honor.

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