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  1. I am available only on weekdays, sry guys.
  2. Recruit Pool - I Want To Join A Team

    Nickname: @Matsku Favored Weapon: Semi-auto rifle and bolt-action rifle Attendance might be a problem, but i try to be there at least one weekend. _________ Admin Edit Has joined a team ? - No Yet
  3. What ts overlay are you using @WOLFXL? I can't get any of them working.
  4. Best: Intense infantry action everywhere where tanks wasn't able to destroy it. Worst: Tanks which was campping us on the ridges around town. Worst2: Allied won all rounds. Funniest: Me and @svakidan campping in flagbuilding 1 whole round with s-mines. It felt stupid, but it was also thrilling to wait which door will explode next and is it own or enemy Most hated player: @Vlasov was good with rifle. Most loved/liked player: Our squad managed to play well although on last rounds we had problems with numbers.
  5. This movie published in Finland on last friday. Public opinion have been that it is great movie what shows how absurd the war is, but it make's normal mens to do heroic acts. It is second remake of first unknown soldier what is like national treasure here in Finland and national TV show it on every independence day. It is based to same name novel. I don't know when people from other countries have possibility to see this, but hopefully soon. Here is trailer about this movie:
  6. Nietjärvi - Finland 1944

    Looks and sounds good
  7. Nietjärvi - Finland 1944

    Well there is many places for flags, so it's not hard job.
  8. Nietjärvi - Finland 1944

    No, i am not working with it. I will move back home 3.9 and then i have time and computer for mapping.
  9. Nietjärvi - Finland 1944

    Nietjärvi chrash when spotting for arty. I remember that this was usual bug, but forgot how to fix it.
  10. Hello guys. I could join tonight and sorry my bad absence, mostly because my ex. She must be daughter of Stalin and Hitler.
  11. Nietjärvi - Finland 1944

    Both allied attack, but strongpoint joki could be neutral or axis attack if needed.
  12. Overwolf & Forgotten Hope 2

    Yep it works with cs
  13. Overwolf & Forgotten Hope 2

    I did this but it doesn't working.