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  1. If you want play with best infantry players on the game -> Join Queens Own Hussars. We do not need fancy recruit pictures because we have @Achtungsnow on our regiment. https://cmp-gaming.com/gc/87-7th-queens-own-hussars/
  2. Best: victory on tight map. Nice that our plan b worked on third round and we manage to win one attack round. suiciding froma flag to flag and seeing the same enemies also on those flags. Japs is fast to move. Worst: My personal game was terrible because i had to concentrate to move all squads and watch how they are fighting and where is which enemy squads and which enemy squad is making suicide and all of that. I don't know why, but this map was very hectic what comes to those things. Most hated player: -I felt that Pepinio killed me often Most loved/liked player: Knokworst on our arty was great. Best Battle Photo -
  3. Best: Nice infantry fights in Hill flag. Couple very close rounds. Good balance. Worst: Felt like there was tanks everywhere. Tanks was attacking without inf support, because they had nothing to fear, so playing system was messed up. Funniest: Axis had 3 tikets left. I kiled 2 russians on hill flagzone. @Vlasov tried to kill me with katana from behind, but he missed that hit somehow. I shot him. My hands was shaking, it was so intence Most hated player: Tanks, espesially @Erwin on round start. Most loved/liked player: Easy to play with @Achtungsnow and @Mr.ThunderMan, we are on the same page all the time. We managed to be our best squad once.
  4. Best: Victory on our last attack round. It was good decision to move our main forces to land east. Worst: It was hard to do manouvers on this map because combat zone was heavily limited. Also flanking in land was hard because that open airfield and very open forests. Funniest: Geopat sit on same 75mm on defence rounds and on last round hes great moment was run to bullets for bluff. Must be satisfying game experience.
  5. Best: Good inf action near north-west flag. Changing mainbases is actually good thing, so both teams can win rounds. Our last rounds tactic worked very well from begining to end. Worst: All other flags of this map was not made for infantry and thats why everyone knew where biggest attack will happen. Atleast east part of the map was tank fest. I think this map needs more forest and other cover for infantry. Chaotic first round when no one knows what to do. Funniest: Sneaking behind enemy tanks and blow them out is always fun. MHB: Tneah was very annoying with IS-2
  6. Best: - 1. Playing tournament for a long time. This is best what this game can give. 3. Being a HQ for first time was fun although it was very hectic to concentrate leading a team and squad. 2. Playing my own map. 3. Infantry firefights on many flags, also best what this game can give Worst: - 1. Many rounds was too clear for axis. Funniest: - Own arty teamkilling us on flagzones, it was not fun then, but it is now. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @Cannon123 was good with AT-mines. He kept our flags free from tanks.
  7. Best: Intense infantry action everywhere where tanks wasn't able to destroy it. Worst: Tanks which was campping us on the ridges around town. Worst2: Allied won all rounds. Funniest: Me and @svakidan campping in flagbuilding 1 whole round with s-mines. It felt stupid, but it was also thrilling to wait which door will explode next and is it own or enemy Most hated player: @Vlasov was good with rifle. Most loved/liked player: Our squad managed to play well although on last rounds we had problems with numbers.
  8. This movie published in Finland on last friday. Public opinion have been that it is great movie what shows how absurd the war is, but it make's normal mens to do heroic acts. It is second remake of first unknown soldier what is like national treasure here in Finland and national TV show it on every independence day. It is based to same name novel. I don't know when people from other countries have possibility to see this, but hopefully soon. Here is trailer about this movie:
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