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FH2 Campaign # 1: Battle 7 Metz- Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Despite what Halo has to go through in the end, it was fun ;)

Worst: Mustang and Mustang, and Mustang, and... Yep - Mustang T_T

Funniest: At least 4 times (2 times me by @Erwin) in this battle the plane was shot down from the tank (the total amount from two sides). It's funny ;)

Most hated player: @qufic Don't sit next to spawn anymore. This is HORRIBLE BAD! Otherwise HaLo will curse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Most loved/liked player: @Ledernacke , @WOLFXLThank you very much for your help and a low bow! Really Thanks! ^_^

Other: In the next company HaLo will try, that revenge has reached, because... Well, HaLo's mental state in this battle could only be described... 

Until the next campaign, gentlemen! Ave Maria! DEUS VULT!

P.S. Now Halo can sleep. Yeah...

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Best: winning the battle / campaign, it was very balanced and we had some close rounds!

Best: blowing up a panther and a stug with one satchel charge.

Worst: enemy pilots, shooting me out of my hellcat numerous times

Funniest: @AL-SAHAD shouting ''i killed kowskosky'', me replying, Bag him!  and i succeeded numerous times to give the old general the bags.

Funniest: our new 121th regiments slogan ''may the greasy chicken be with us'' (our players ate alot of chicken during the campaign) or ''eat chicken or die''

Most loved/liked player: 121th regiment, overall we had a good atmosphere in our regiment. lots of fun!

Other: numbers, i hope we can get the numbers up again next campaign



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Best: some close and exciting battles, e.g. fighting for HQ.

Worst: last round. stalking around Hotel and didn't see an enemy face at all.

Funniest: surprising Capro with my knife.

Most hated player: Achtungperkele :helpsos:

Most loved/liked players: my squad.

Other: der Hamster ist erwacht.

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Best: Intense fights!

Worst: campaign over

Worst2: number got a bit lower yesterday.


Most hated player: @AL-SAHAD stop killing me.

Most loved/liked player: @AL-SAHAD for his skills. @Pichu1199and @Pollenz  always up to do anything. Nice one guys

Other: thanks for this campaign CMP! Keep working. Wish you all a nice summer 

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Best: Playing with arty again.

Worst: Only played one round and a half.

Worst 2: Teamkills. sorry mates!

Funniest: while using the arty view, a jeep suddenly appears at high speed, I opened fire and got a direct hit!. Three guys in a row.

Most hated player: Ever the same guy: me

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who made possible this campaign!!. THANK YOU!!!

Other: Hope to see more people on battlefield in next campaign!!

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Best: First Round, lots-lots of kills in the city and around 150 pts

Worst: Last round, running like chickens ... around 50 kills but i died too many times

Funniest: Intense TB during all the battle. During the penultimate round, saw someone killing Kows close to HQ. Me and Prozac was close... so i screamed : Prozac...the dead body here is Kowskoskey ... let's TB him!
Have anyway to admit that Kows had lots of TB against me ;)
@Ryder : By pure chance we are always at the same flag. Maybe destiny wants us to play in the same team for next campaign?

Funniest 2: mmm a part of chickens, looks like we have all the jungle's animals in our team xD. My friends, it was too fun to play with you. I never get bored.

Other: Sad, campaign is over. Wish you all good summer-time. See you on the public 762 server .. or in Sept-Camp.

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