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FH2 Campaign #9: Battle 5 - Tali - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: -Success with some very long range sniping without a scope. A nice map with lots of hiding places.

Worst: -Russian jeep that was made out of porcelain

Funniest: -Nothing made me laugh unfortunately

Most hated player: -The two dudes running around with Suomis and killing everyone from behind.

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -Well played Axis. Reminded us that we can't be lazy and undynamic like we were this week.

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Best: -5th battle and keeping great numbers

Best2: feeling it, great personal performance

Best3: mis hispanitos ♥️

Worst:  never liked blank victories. I'm sure allies will come back stronger next week.

Funniest: -



Bugging @Hawk for some secs



Most hated player: -no one

Most loved/liked player: - everyone, but specially the guys who stayed covering backflags. Awesome discipline with great results

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - see ya next week


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-I liked the map a lot and my job in it was fun even though my success could have been better... 
-Even with the battlescore like this, it never felt easy in any way and was hard fought on both sides!
-Numbers numbers :D 

-So many allied tanks got away... So many undelivered little exploding lovepackages called Kasapanos... 

-Teamspeak chatting with @turbomursu and @Sir_Kowskoskey for 2-3 rounds? I don't think I've laughed as much in a long time :D (I hope we didn't scare Bombarik with anything!)
-Sorry @Tutvys for this, but it was funny when you seemed so crushed after the first round - you did a great job the whole time, but lucked out on kills :D
-The oh so many failed attempts to kill enemy tanks
- @The_Green_Bunny and your ISU on the west side of the map. I kept coming at you and was laughing so much when I just failed in killing you or getting to you. I did get 3 kasapanos shots on you, but you always got away and repaired :D Don't know how many times I got killed while doing it :D 

-Was lacking the right weapon very often. Using faust kit and no chance to use it, using MG and suddenly all enemy activity stopped on the flag, perfect spot to help out friendly airplanes and no AA to use, only having engikit and then needing a bit more range on the AT. I had really bad luck with these this battle :D 

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Best: -my round 1 and 2 of arty,
the power to collaborate with the main arty and the other squads, @BaskaBommi @Erwin @Sandre @turbomursu  being the direct link of arty

Best:  when I volunteered 2 times to defend or take care of only porthi and foward roadblock

Worst: - not being able to do tk to@Smashmachine

Funniest: - in round 4 when I defended only foward roadblock and stopped a bullet going for @DarthTemoc

Most hated player: - no one

Most loved/liked player: - squad of @BaskaBommi, squad of @turbomursu squad of @Erwin, squad of @Sandre

Of course all the spaniards
Other: - well come on babys we can do it!!

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Best: -Dont know what happened this time, maybe the map was more suitable for our gamestyle, but what a decisive win that was!!!

-Nice tanking firefights!

Worst: -When @BaskaBommiyelled on us: "come on, its only T-50, so why it takes so long to destroy it?

I was in that moment sitting in ISU-152, so:


as a result T-50 was out, but also with 3 ours brave soldiers! Sorry about that! 😳

-I somehow didnt like this map, hilly and narrow maps are not in my taste - plenty of mg campers everywhere... Anyway, kudos to the mapping team - this version was much more fun, interesting than this stock one for sure! ;)

Funniest: -

1. Me: "You can't balance 1 to 1 tanks in this game, its impossible!"

Meanwhile Finnish campaign: "Hold my beer":


2. The moment, when @BaskaBommiwith me were attacking a new flag with a jeep - after setting up RP, we moved forward in a jeep towards flag and we suddenly crashed into enemy AA truck which was just going out of the forest (ubelievable, such a big map and we had to hit each other). The driver of the AA truck, quickly realized what hit him and he switched immediately to the AA gun and started aiming towards us, we seeing this, quickly got out of the Kubel - Baska went left of the truck, I went right!. That AA gunner jumped out of the truck and got Baska, and Baska started yelling to get him - that he is in front of the truck! I turned into BFV mode and took out this Finnish butter knife from my pocket and ran towards truck's front from behind! And imagine that we passed each other on the corner of the truck! When I launched my brakes and turned back, got MG burst from @Achtungsnow who had already spawned on our rally! That action was hillarious! 😂

3. When @Achtungsnowwas driving his little light tank and suddendly he calmly announced with a little of disappointment in his voice: "Unbelievable, sb shot me in the ass with our PAK gun..." 😂

4. When sb asked @BaskaBommi what does Konkkalanvuoret mean in Finnish, he answered: "vuori" is a mountain, but he has no idea what Konkkalan means, probably its sth in Karelian dialect". Then @Achtungsnow added: "it has probably sth to do with Brokeback mountain" 😄

5. Beginning of a round @BaskaBommi enters one of the kubels, but it quickly turns out it belongs to @Erwin. He jumped out back, but Erwin had already started moving with it and as a result Baska was tked! Poor Baska's corps were laying on the road and our whole transport drove over them! 😂 

Most hated player: -all the mgs hidded behind each rock! 😒

Most loved/liked player: -Love you all!

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Funniest: Hitting @Belzebuth's car and after that he almost flipped it. So we shared a kubel and headed to roadblock. 2 SL's on a sneack attack? What can go wrong?
Only 3 guys from my squad spawned and we went yolo to the flag, mg fire coming from nowhere and smoke on the eyes... suddendly @Tore asking me to destroy his plane????? At first didn't understand his words, then was like "you want me to... destroy your plane... here... on the forest?" On the thickest forest you can imagine lol.

Of course that flag wasn't taken and never saw that plane.

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