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FH2 Campaign #8: Battle 2 - Westwall - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - I spot enemy flag, with bunch of jerries running and getting ready to advance, and arty picked it up almost instant and unleash hell getting about 20 kills in 2 min.

Worst: - Being killed by Puma through wall, even that i was hidden inside bunker below ground, so weird bug to say at least

Funniest: - Driving truck with squad when i ask Sherman to let us pass, because i won't be able to stop in time, i heard no and 2 second after that we all got blow up by crash

Most loved/liked player: - @Buzz Adams @Enrik@Menuen for waiting room conversations and vpn-flag combinations 😂


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Best: - Again a full server ! Always loved Westwall too 

Playing next to @L.L.HERRAIZ

Worst: - mmmmm, nothing?

Funniest: - @L.L.HERRAIZ foccused at home while I gave him some beers and pizza 

Most hated player: - no one! 

Most loved/liked player: - Everyone and @CptBocquier

Best Battle Photo -


Other: - spaniards pic


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Best: Destroying light vehicles and a PzIV with the american halftruck. Stable fps for some weird reason...

Worst: Almost destroying my 2nd PzIV with the halftruck but I got killl just when It was set on fire...

Funniest: The 6-0 round, it was really intense!

Most hated player: @Achtungsnow who annihilate a spaniard squad twice, while he was capturing House on Hill alone 😅

Most loved/liked player: Really fun Battle with Rayder's squad. @RayderPSG

Best battle foto: I always forget it...


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Best: nice evening of fighting

Worst:  having to pick up a blitz instead of a jeep to get there fast

Funniest: watching @Blander and the spaniards preparing a line dance near fabrik. Full run, one mp40 clip later quadrouple baggings was happening

Most hated player:  @Erwin, no real reason for it :D

Most loved/liked player: @Erwin really no real reason for it 

Best Battle Photo -

Other:  tthats alll folks

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-Full server for the whole evening! Always great to see this.
-I've always liked this map regardless of what I'm doing on it.
-It's been a long time since I last flew in a battle and it was fun. Awesome dogfights :)

-My old nemesis... the trees that suddenly appear in front of my plane...

-My old nemesis... the trees that suddenly appear in front of my plane... they got a new friend: The dragon teeth tank obstacles. Sneaky ones!

Most hated player: 
-Pap, you betrayed me! Help me one round and then try to kill me in the rest! :D

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Best: - Some good moves from regiments and that close 6-0 round

Worst: - 2 Jeeps/kubels per side is a no no on that kind of map

Funniest: - Killing @turbomursu in the pampa, get out of my hetzer just to teabag him and climb back into it ! He managed to get his revenge though

Most hated player: - myself for not watching more carefully the map

Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey 's bunga bunga and the spaniards ofc. Congrats to the allies and GG for my team nonetheless !

Best Battle Photo - /

Other: - /

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Best: - Some nail biting rounds, full server, very good game overall and victory as the cherry on top. Also capping Merkstein alone. And the Parade. I love parades.

Worst: - nothing. some minor mishaps, but would not call them worst

Funniest: - Some funny moments every round. Killing @CptBocquier's Hezer and teabagging it. Also this:


And a romantic moment with maybe @Pr0z4c in Merkstein

Most hated player: - Maybe @Awisko. That damn Tiger was always camping me

Most loved/liked player: - Our pilots. Awesome job!

Best Battle Photo

"Can you give me a hand? And a pair of legs, maybe?"



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Best: -Nice battle and nice attendance! The 2nd round which ended 6-0... Ah we pushed too hard in the end... 😏

Worst: Apart 1st round my performance... And the fact that we played only 4 rounds... I think we should stick to 6 rounds... It's also easier to plan the rotations if we know how many rounds we play... I don't get it... We have nice attendance, people waiting in the waiting rooms and we end it because it's midnight... meh... I missed these times when we played it till 3 AM...

Funniest: Waiting for our SL to drop a rally in the beginning of a round... We had 2 jeeps... None of them arrived to Hill because of accidents... Spawning on Hill, because other squad did his job right! 😆

Most hated player: -Nobody this time

Most loved/liked player: Nobody gave me ammo or bandage, so none! 😝

Best Battle Photo -
I know it's a bit late, and voting already started, but this time I have something:


"This Bier will remain ours!!!"

Hey @The_Gentle_Uncle - I hope you won't accuse me of GDPR or sth!!! 😁

Other: See you next battle!!!




Yes, exactly!!! 😁

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