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FH2 Campaign #7: Battle 7 - Hill 262 - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: I saw good team play, tanks and spotters working together. But unfortunately on the opposite side. You really frustrated me several times.
You won rightly. Keep it up!

Worst: The Admins really gave everything to make the battle happen. But I personally would have preferred that we did a scrim and celebrated the update!

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Other: -

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Best: Damn, great update to FH2.
...what, CMP? Oh yes, I forgot all about it when I looked at new look of FH2. 😏




Funniest (1): It looks like we've gone too far into Europe, @Quicksilver.
Look, there are already signs of German culture here.



Funniest (2): Damn, what a beautiful new mod...



Most loved/liked player: @Wasteland_Hero, who showed a fair fight as a skilled and adequate pilot.

Best VicPic Photo: Together with Polish friends.

Battle Photo: "The hard work of war - infantry" and "Clear sky".





Other: What a wonderful beauty in the new mod, just look at this design!..




ForgottenHope2 2020-05-16 03-43-04-04.jpg

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Best: This is one of my favorite maps.

Worst: I could only play the first round. Without technical problems I could have played the first two.

Funniest: That one round I played was a very good one for me. I managed to teabag nearly everyone I killed. I think I also teabagged some extras who were not killed by me.

Most hated player: No one.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: From the technical point of view it would have been in my opinion better to reschedule the battle to next week, to get everything working with the patch. We began 1 1/2 hours later than normally. But I can't really complain, because I'm not available next week and would have missed the map completely. Now I could play at least a little bit.

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Best: -One of my favourite custom maps, additionally with Polish history :)

Best2: -Nice defence at Hill 262


Worst: -Map issues, and we played only 4 rounds on this great map. Of course big thank you to admins and the mapper who managed to fix it and we were able to play in the end! However, I might be wrong, but Im not sure if having enemy assets in our main was caused by new FH2 update... strange it wasnt detected earlier... 🤔

Funniest: -After playing 10 years this mod, I was quite surprised that there is no 2nd gunner in Firefly...

Most hated player: nobody

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

Attached heatmap at Hill 262 - we managed to hold it 😁




Edit: Oh, and I forgot - that was finally a great victory! :D

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Best: Winning. Whole division played perfectly. It was great.

Best: Had a nice evening, our regiment was on it all the time!

Worst: Spawncampers.

Funniest: Killing @Ombustmans Puma with the APC. :nutkick:

Funniest: Hide and seek against @kummitus at Coudehard. I spotted him and went after him. He suddenly vanished. All the company searched for him throughout the flag and he was nowhere to be seen. Next thing we know he greyed the flag. :tappingfoot:

Funniest: Making a teabag ritual over @Ombustmans body.

Funniest: People thinking I'm actually ranting them at CC while only thing I did to speak loudly to make them hear me. Sadly they will never meet the Erwin from 3 years ago. :kisscheek: I have changed. I don't do that anymore.

Most loved/liked player: Whole Allied army but especially new recruits of 517th.

Best Battle Photo -

End of an MG Camper, @SturmFlim - Let this be a warning for every Machine Gunner.


Other: Killed @SturmFlim at the end of the last round. :buttsway: It was the last kill of that round.

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Best: - well looking map, one of the prettiest for sure! 

-Keeping the numbers even though it wasn't the easiest friday. Thanks everyone , applaud the comitment for allied. 

-From a worried CMP stuff guy, Allied win. Was needed for the campaign health and it was even deserved after some battles showing improvement. Good job lads. I didn't like the vehemence of your victory though , give us a round!😏

-Frenchies again on top. 

Worst: - Crashes, spaniards comitment and whatnot. 

Funniest: - only bagging @Sir_Kowskoskey could save my night. Another one to the collection. 


Most hated player: - "no one"

Most loved/liked player: - "everyone". But specially those involved on making this one going on, well done appreciate the effort 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

Franco-hispanic pics. 




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Best: - .50 cal action on @RayderPSG's squad // French focus

Worst: - crashes... and not enough spaniards to bag me...

Funniest: - doing some AA stuff with @Garfield @thunder493 & @Druidix with mgs and hmgs

Most hated player: - myself for falling from Mont Ormel's cliff

Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG & @Sir_Kowskoskey not asking me to sing, @Heia Safari! for his amazing work

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -



Rayder knowing things are getting worst


Coordinated strike on @RayderPSG with @Garfield ... who knifed rayder but i got the kill !


French picture


French & spanish picture


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