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FH2 Campaign #6: Battle 6 - Ortona - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Intense close quarter battle. Was really good everyone! Thanks for that!

Worst: I think I had no chance to teabag Kowsky, now when I actually was into it.

Funniest: There were several funny moments. I remember a rifle duel with one enemy guy on the street: We fire some shots at each other without hitting and finally we kill each other. 😄 That looked better in the Western movies 😄

Most hated player: No one

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: - Beast mode with tommy gun when defending flag, crazy rushes with team, fighting from piazza with only one entrance

Worst: - Loosing after all

Funniest: - Crazy drive with jeep when i miss first one full kubelwagen, then second and after that stug and manage to pass it alive and drive to safe and then kill 2 jerries like it was easy peasy lemon squeezy when in reality i was quite surprised i'm still alive 😂

Most hated player: - No one luckily again

Most loved/liked player: - @Lajtus for getting with me top 2 scores in canada team and whole Polish squad for the best team score in only round my team win

Other: - Never earlier I get such bit amount of crazy jeep rides like in this one. Kubica/McRae style of driving save me few times from puma/tree  🚙💨

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Best: - Numbers making almost a full server again! Cool! 

Best: the allied spirit. They even improved the numbers all along the evening. Great job guys. Keeping it up is the only way. 

Best3: my brother @B4R0N playing again 

Best4: the new people getting their gamer rears on @krakki @Hetzenhauer @qtaCHRIs @Shelby67 @SchwarzeNuss @John DoH and whoever I miss.  @Ensign_Steel back.So glad of seeing new names. Stay tuned! 

Worst: - somme skillfull allied players missing the party @Mr.ThunderMan @stekasteka

Worst2: killing so many spaniards. I'm sorry guys :( 

Funniest: - @Quicksilver joined us for a while but he didn't seem to play much. I bet he was concentrated on learning some french.  @thunder493 joining late but drunk, hence lots of fun 

Most hated player: - no one. maybe admins because they made us think something was wrong on the map with that restart. But I love them

Most loved/liked player: - everyone 

Best Battle Photo -

"I hope you have life insurance" 


actually it was again @Sir_Kowskoskey and we had a funny episode. I overan him but as usually I didn't get to kill him (usual problem on FH2 when trying to overu someone) , so I jumped from the kubel to try shoot him. Suddenly I see kows takes thejeep and starts going away, I say "ey wait2 and shoot him on the head. 5 secs later i was bagging him on the car. 

Other: - keep those amazing numbers up! 

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Best:  numbers and unlike the score says, seems like a even fight

Worst:  almost went full Ikhoppa at one moment. Managed to control myself and stay on Erwin level of grumpy

Funniest:  @RayderPSG jeep episode. I thoughed it was a friendly that pushed me with the jeep. Tried to jump in only to be shot for accidentalgrand theft auto by @RayderPSG

funny2: epic knife bayonnet fight at municipali. Ended up stabbed by @GeoPat


Most hated player: @WOLFXL ill dedicate mylife to burn you sujuks down eternally if you do that again

Most loved/liked player: @knokworst, chill as chill can be. Cant dislike s man who talks like a FH2 soldier ( sorry knock, thats an aussie refrence)

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: - Zombie defense at municipalli!

Worst: -

Funniest-1: - "Teabagging kowsky" medal will be given by HQ, only valid if you have a screen shot of it.

Funniest-2: -  At municiaplli it look like we were at apocalypse in1941, and allies become zombies.  They were attacking 3 different direction in narrow streets of this pizza Italy. Defense was intense.

Then allied zombies upgrade themselves to flying and jumping zombies and start to come from roofs. But their pathetic zombie washed actions didn't allow them to eat any axis flesh! And defenders erase them permanently from this green non zombie allowed pizza world!

Most hated player: -

2 hours ago, Sir_Kowskoskey said:

Most hated player: @WOLFXL ill dedicate mylife to burn you sujuks down eternally if you do that again

Challange accepted, you old funky northern sujuk! You started this when you left me alone, and steal my fun!

We have a special task force for teabagging you and your squad!

Muhahaha 👹


Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

"Triple Teabag Kowsky" season is opened in Axis! Good Hunting! Beers and sujuks on me!

Other: -

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Best: - Drunk @thunder493, Epic @SputnikFighter, Raging @La-Hire and @RayderPSG doing @La-Hire driving stuff.

Worst: - people not listening.

Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey encounters, the first one i saw a wild jeep thinking it may be the finnish lad. Ended up being ran over and him dead on the driving wheel. The second and last one we did a 1v1 with smgs and he got me, i deserved that teebag !

Most hated player: - People putting s-mines in front of their own RP.

Most loved/liked player: - @svakidan it was nice to have you in the squad, fially got the opportunity after 2 campaigns to hear you and play with you, you did really well and really helped the squad ;)

Best Battle Photo - "Do you know the way @RayderPSG ?"


Other: - Keep the fighting spirit Allies, the fights were intense !

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On 11/23/2019 at 4:03 AM, ColonelDeepthroat said:

I remember a rifle duel with one enemy guy on the street: We fire some shots at each other without hitting and finally we kill each other. 😄 That looked better in the Western movies 😄

Yeah, in such a tense environment of close combat, we also had such moments, with our duelists Allies. 😏
@GrafZeppelin1 even fought hand-to-hand with three Canadians while the fourth stood aside and waited his turn. 🙂


Best: Our battalion was the best the first four rounds of the game, for the first time in the entire campaign...

Funniest: ...a-a-and each beginning of this victorious round soldiers of a battalion very terribly and ridiculously screwed up at the very beginning of a round, crashing on Kubelvagen into tanks, other cars, walls, columns and other objects. 
At the same time, when the 5th and 6th rounds we started normally, we did not become the best team for the round. Conclusion - need to crap at the start of the round that it was luck that brought us the title of "best squad" in the round. 😀

Worst: Players of one or two squads (Spaniards and/or Polish) in the first and second rounds got close to the Axis base, and tried to destroy our tanks with anti-tank weapons.
If they operate in the city, or (as indicated in the rules) to one sector from the base, then there is no problem, but when they attack a car/tank that has just left the base (but, for example, is still in the red rectangle), it can not be taken for granted in any way.
These players should learn from @DarthTemoc, who honestly fought near the points, trying to support the team, and not kempering on the road, when most of the map is in the hands of the Axis.

Most hated player: Nobody. A game is a game, but I would ask players to concentrate on fair and open play rather than sneacky and selfish.
Perhaps the Allies lose because they try to work out their personal positive score by all means, and not help the team to take the point.

Most loved/liked player: Sweet candy @HaLoAL on the Daimler tried to shoot me in the ass of my Pz.III, but my anus was prepared to this. 😎

Best Battle Photo: German Mafiosi are trying to rob a Bank of Canada.




Other: It was a good game. 😉
Not quite according to plan, and sometimes i made mistakes, but overall was good.
By the way, what's interesting - if i'm not mistaken, the server consistently kept contact with the players, that is any technical problems during the battle was not.

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