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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 7 Strongpoint Joki - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Well... winning from both sides and bringing the campaign to near draw

Worst: -  Getting stuck in the moat around Strongpoint Joki.

Funniest: - #1   Playing bumper cars, T20 vs T20 at farm.

                  #2   Facing certain death with two SMGs pointed at me.  Then they trigger my old AP mine.   Boom, 2 kills.  No scratch on me.  My past saved my present and future.

Most hated player: -  Actung in the T20 of Death

Most loved/liked player: -  Knockwurst, taking care of business as SL.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - Let's keep the numbers up despite the heat.

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Best: - even map, minor polishing and asset tweaking and its going to be fun

Worst:  First thrustration battle in the campaign for me. Though wasnt due of the map itself.  

Funniest: @Swicler reaction when noticed me lying next to him with a knife.

Most hated player: @AL-SAHAD pwned me this week.

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other:  where is the @Pr0z4c?

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Best: - Joining late from work to see we are finally winning a battle!

Worst: - Joining the battle late and only played 1 round

Funniest: - seeing that @AL-SAHADtook revenge on @Sir_Kowskoskey

Mowed down the Spannish squad with my DT-Carrier on strongpoint joki. and spotting their Rally Point. @Quicksilvergot them with the mortar

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

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Best: - Playing at long last again

Best2: - A totally balanced map, ty @Matsku and @Watchtower

Worst: - Playing like a noob

Funniest: - seeing Ombustman racing towards me in a burning Studebaker, I manage to get off one desparate unaimed carbine shot in his general direction, facing certain deatch by truck. But I hit, and he blows up like 1 m in front of me

Most hated player: The T20-Achtungsnow-Cyborg-Unit

Most loved/liked player: Watchtower as excellent SL

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Best: - We r played with bots expert yesterday

Worst: - I have sick so i played only 2 rounds

Funniest: - Throwing grenade to T-20 but suddenly Polish squad spawn on RP near the T-20. Wipe out the T-20 and 5 man in Polish squad :P

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: @Watchtower @michaelau999

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Best: - Stealing the russian mortar and use it for destroying rp 

Worst: - I don't know. Is this having 2 headphones, one for the sound and the other for the mic? Or having a ventilator andcan't use it cause it makes wind sound? Or having a keyboard and mousse which disconnect every 5 seconds? So many questions without answers... Or maybe to have almost no news about my frenchies. 


Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

@Sir_Kowskoskey you are ugly and you smell bad... 



Other: -...but you have beautiful eyes😍


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Best: Noice map; last rounds, thx Axis, because my rus squad bored in Village xD

Worst: Crystal T-20. Every time it needs to be repaired 

Funniest: Very much and everything is related to Village. 

@mcpollo on T-20 that I was lured (on T-20 too) into a trap - AT mines

@Godall with T-20 destroyed 3 times axis T-20 xd

@RayderPSG realized the meaning of the phrase: "It was at this moment Jackson knew... he f'd up". When I saw my blocked rally, I went there on su-76, pre-prepared HE. I saw one axis and I went straight for him. As soon as I saw four axis looking at me, I panicked, fired and killed all axis with my rally xD

Actually, I wanted my all rus squad to take the scouts (ku-ku-ku). When was Blitzkrieg at Village, @Sir_Kowskoskey also didnt look at his feet and died on my mine. Watch your step, dudes xd



- How to make a tea bag your teammates ©️Me



- It's a photo session. I'm serious, we had nothing to do



@Ombustman is lost. Amen.



- Like roaches



... and more.

Most hated player: @Malleus - he is AFK all time xd

Most loved/liked player: Everyone (I lie, u know)

Best Battle Photo: What is Love

Other: This is not village you're looking for.


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Best: -Not sucking as bad as I thought I would. Getting my first Allah-al-Akbar tank kill in a points round (got a few in scrims already).

Worst: -Thought this map was a bit boring, to be honest. Not a good map for s-mines and spotting, so not a good map for me.

Funniest: -Taking out enemy RP with a randomly placed HE shell in the PAK.

Most hated player: Nobody

Most loved/liked player:  Nobody

Other: - Nothing springs to mind

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