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FH2 Campaign #2: Battle 5 Monte la Difensa - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: The fight axis gave. It was a real honor to play against them.

Best 2 : 200+ kills, enemies felt like they were running into my bullets.

Worst: Nothing, maybe ammount of stupid trees around main :P

Funniest: Us trying to leave main and bumping into every damn tree in a way.

Most hated player: All Russian and German regiment players who fought at Caminno

Most loved/liked player: All Russian and German regiment players who fought at Caminno

Other: God damn guys, this was a good map.

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Best: Good FH2 night. Always fun gameplay and teamwork.

Worst: My skills on FH2 are terrible nowadays.  Too much CS:GO.

Funniest: Me looking at the minimap :" There is someone on axis mainbase" TS:"No there is not" Me:"Yes there is. Look at the map!" TS:"RAnDOOm, that is the allied 2nd mainbase, what are you smoking...." Me: "......"

Most hated player: Myself again.

Most loved/liked player: I love everyone!

Other: Everyone LIKE our Facebook page! Thanks in advance. - https://www.facebook.com/cmpgaming/


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7 hours ago, TAFKAP said:

Best: We lose the Battle but no one Ragequit

Worst: Commander Arty every Minute (we have bleed and the Allied Commander can send Arty 4 Times in 5 Minutes that is real BULLSHIT please Fix that)

@Erwin the FU on the End of the Round was not for you. Sorry for All Chat

No problem mate, I wanted to kick someone for the fun and you gave me the opportunity. :P

Best: Attacking with admin Squad. Hearing RAnDOOm's bitching about something all night.

Best: Germans were trying to overwhelm us at Rocca near our Rally Point. Throw a grenade - BANG 4 DEAD! Wohoooo :D

Best: 4a8ca6535aabfcafd3d616180f8189da--panzer

Best: Mowing down enemies with my Rifle on Monte.

Best: Seeing @I<ODIUM>I teabag me. Returning the favor to him.

Best: German tankers killing me. And then they think I will leave them alone.

Funniest: Panzer 3 got destroyed while I was satcheling it. Animation cannot be canceled so I threw it at the wreck. Achtung gets destroyed too. :D

Funniest: Laughing manically with extraordinary work I put in. Then realizing I wasn't talking at all because my mic is out of batteries. :soapbox::shrug:


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Best: Nice map, a lot of tactical beauties

Best2: new lads joining in.

Worst: rainrain go away

Funniest1: failed assault on the hill. Alone on the flag and the russian squad trying to serve me tea.

Funniest2: prozacs squad came to help first driving over me and later someone else.

Funniest3: that lonely german rifleman and me having a duel. Missing all the rifle shots, me taking a knife going after him. The panic arraises untill someone shot me in the back and a kubel drives over me :D

Mhp: Johonas, didint trick me as bad this week but was athe pain!  ;)

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Best: damn dat was a intense battle. not a single dull moment. good communications on CC, that was amazing.

Worst: my aim :D

Funniest:1 chaotic jeep action getting out of the main base, trying to avoid those damned trees

Funniest:2 Driving over Kowskosky, completely ruining the attack on Camino :D

Most loved/liked player: win or lose, thanks everybody! that was nice.

Other: teabag culture is flourishing

Other: Nice map!

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Best1: Intense battle. Good fights.

Best2: Rain and snow on the same map.

Worst1: No semi-automatic rifle for Axis as spawnkit.

Worst2: The American uniforms were in some areas of the map reallyy hard to see while the German uniforms were good to distinguish.

Funniest: Tank hunting with the Hafthohladung. Driving over an enemy with the Kübelwagen.

Most hated player: No one.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who let himself get killed by me.

Other: Even I teabagged some virtual corpses sometimes.

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Best: finally seeming a team. Comm and helps worked. Win was a must even for moral reasons!

Best2: Playing FH2. Me seeming an officer

Best3: his-Panic mates

Worst: Numbers. After 4 battles holding 40 vs 40 we didn t arrive to it. Even if we  still had enough to have fun

Funniest: Those Rp...:pink:

Funniest2: Killing @SturmFlim on the laffette. 

Funniest3: challenges vs @WOLFXL as infantry. Also those combats against russians and those 1 vs 1 against mate @Malleus

Funniest4: bieng stucked on the capzone at rocca for like 25 minutes. @Sir_Kowskoskey Knows what I m talking about. 

Most hated player: strange to feel that the answer is not "me" 

Most loved/liked player: @GeJota what  a player he's become. Congrats mate. Also @JoenM. Loved your spirit and work

Most Love 2: All who joined


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Best: "Commanding" the admin squad. Holy crap... those guys really got mad skills.

Best 2: Great teamplay and HQ coordination, I asked for help at a flag and within 20 seconds I could expect a support in squad strength. That was really impressive!

Worst: Trees, Hafthohlladung and more trees.

Worst 2: The bad attendance of the 66th regiment..

Funniest: Germans walking behind my sherman with Hafthohlladung like ducklings walk behind their mother.  

Funniest 2: Saying something like "Camino, Camino" in teamspeak and @Pollenz answering something in spanish haha

Most hated player: All those germans who were successful with walking behind my sherman like ducklings :D

Most loved/liked player: Everyone in the allied team. It was a pleasure to play with you.. that team spirit was simply unbelievable. Special thanks @Pollenz for helping out driving the tanks and to all the admins who played in the 66th Knights squad.

Other: I hate trees.

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Best: finally solved my connection problems and results were awesome, very good self-perfomance

Best 2: great US battle planning

Worst: map geography. It was difficult to move on vehicles cause of trees, hills, valleys...

Funniest: jeeps leaving US main trying to avoid trees. We had a nice rally race there

Funniest 2: roadkills in a jeep

Most hated player: no one

Most loved/liked player: everyone who joined

Other: I'm an expert jeep driver

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Best: I had an umbrella, it protect me from rain

Worst: Bad assets,... bad unifrom,.. what a ba... rainy day!

Funniest:  Saw a lot allied tank rolling down the hill and get stuck like a turtle :D

Most hated player: @Achtungsnow and his aimbot, and all the teapagers, was there a challenge?

Most loved/liked player: @Tutvys meet him a lot,... and killed him a lot. So sorry!

Other:  @Sir_Kowskoskey i tried to restore my gentleman-barometer... but Kows, he didn't show up after i screamed the whole map... KOWS! *must fix the issues*
And all those teapagers.. wtf ;D

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Best: Play FH2

Worst: Still having problems with my conection.

Funniest: Run with the Stuart killing 10+ guys trying to get me before get Pak'd due a conection problem lol

Most hated player: Anyone with a hafthohlladung in hand when I was in Sherman.

Most loved/liked player: @RAnDOOm, his good spanish got me unguard and confused me at the start xD

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Best: Playing again

Best2: Nice leadership of the unruly admin crew by @JoenM

Funniest: Running across the whole map to snipe Rocca from the North, only to be bayonetted by @Gameplayer500..

Funniest: Axis crawling from the big tower in Rocca like angry wasps from their nest

Worst: Personal performance

MHP: Odium. Always, from somewhere, a grenade came flying....

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