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  1. Best: "Commanding" the admin squad. Holy crap... those guys really got mad skills. Best 2: Great teamplay and HQ coordination, I asked for help at a flag and within 20 seconds I could expect a support in squad strength. That was really impressive! Worst: Trees, Hafthohlladung and more trees. Worst 2: The bad attendance of the 66th regiment.. Funniest: Germans walking behind my sherman with Hafthohlladung like ducklings walk behind their mother. Funniest 2: Saying something like "Camino, Camino" in teamspeak and @Pollenz answering something in spanish haha Most hated player: All those germans who were successful with walking behind my sherman like ducklings Most loved/liked player: Everyone in the allied team. It was a pleasure to play with you.. that team spirit was simply unbelievable. Special thanks @Pollenz for helping out driving the tanks and to all the admins who played in the 66th Knights squad. Other: I hate trees.