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  2. Well I played 1942, Vietnam, 2, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. I liked to play all of them, but my favourite by far is battlefield 2. Battlefield 3 has a little lost it's "battlefield charme" IMO, but still is a very good game. Bad Company 2 is/was also really nice, I played this nearly as long as battlefield 2. The problem with the newer battlefields is not the game itself IMO, but the community that gets saltier and saltier. But that is a thing I cannot only see in the battlefield series, in nearly every game I play the community grows more strange in the last years. It is like every second guy only wants to put his anger into the game and on other players... and is not playing the game because he likes it, but only to let off some steam. And about battlefield 1.... yeah most probably it is a little more arcade like because of EA.... they want to sell as many games as possible. And a "realistic" WW 1 shooter would not get enough players and money... so they have to modify the setting a little.
  3. Best: I liked that map, it has a beautiful atmosphere. But I think it was horror for infantry. Worst: Pretty even first rounds, then suddenly allies were totally overwhelmed. Funniest: AT infantry everywhere, trying to hunt my tank. One time I heard a german screaming "Passt auf, Explosion!", he obviously threw explosive on my tank. I survive the explosion, look right at him and say "No" and shoot him with a HE shell right into the face Most hated player: Enemy artillery, damn you really hunted me and my tank like 50% of my lifetime... get some better hobbies! lol Most loved/liked player: All who played in this night, thanks for playing one of the best games in this universe! Other: @Pollenz finally able to play without 1 single crash! That alone is worth a medal hehe
  4. Best: "Commanding" the admin squad. Holy crap... those guys really got mad skills. Best 2: Great teamplay and HQ coordination, I asked for help at a flag and within 20 seconds I could expect a support in squad strength. That was really impressive! Worst: Trees, Hafthohlladung and more trees. Worst 2: The bad attendance of the 66th regiment.. Funniest: Germans walking behind my sherman with Hafthohlladung like ducklings walk behind their mother. Funniest 2: Saying something like "Camino, Camino" in teamspeak and @Pollenz answering something in spanish haha Most hated player: All those germans who were successful with walking behind my sherman like ducklings Most loved/liked player: Everyone in the allied team. It was a pleasure to play with you.. that team spirit was simply unbelievable. Special thanks @Pollenz for helping out driving the tanks and to all the admins who played in the 66th Knights squad. Other: I hate trees.
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