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FH2 Campaign #8: Battle 8 - Stoumont - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: @Sir_Kowskoskeytried to spy our teabagging tactics and techniques on Thursday's training and I allowed him to kill and teabag me. It was all a trap for the battle, of course.  I met him only once during the battle and then I killed him and teabagged him really hard until his team mate rescued him (see screenshot) :)

Worst: This campaign I really often have situations where I have the enemy in my iron sights, shoot at him, but nothing happens (apparently not even damage). Also this battle. Wondering what that is. Feels really weird, didn't feel like this last campaign.

Funniest: Count every teabag! Don't steal our teabags!

Most hated player: Damn MG42s and Artillery.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo -


Why so serious? It's only tea, I made it myself.


Other: Good fights generally!

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-Ohman... I laughed a lot this battle. So many hilarious things happened, but sadly I forgot a lot of them in the heat of the battle. 
-Great numbers and a nice map with lots of action. Stoumont (the flag) was fun and horrible at the same time :D 
-Some great teamplay in Easy 1! 

-Lost my mojo during the battle. It all went well at some point, but then I just started missing every shot and died all the time and.... :D

- @Mr.ThunderMan has the screenshot of this I think, but someone ( @AdmiralBG ? ) in our squad said "watch and learn" when he tried to cross the river with a truck and then drove the truck into the river.... :D And what's more funny is that second Easy squad apparently had a similar incident happen with a kubel! We have the best drivers really :D 
-The general banter in Easy 1 was hilarious... Thanks all for the laughs :)
- @kummitus tk'ing a LOT of our squad in one round. It was hilarious :D

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Best: -  Being in a unit of no-nonsense vets who shut up and got the job done.

Worst: - Missing a round to help my mother reset her login credentials and security questions.  We'll probably be talking friendly to eachother tomorrow.  maybe

Funniest: -  Being the ghost sniper in that round village north of Stoumont.  Took out some HQs and SLs with the crap Springer.  They never looked up.  The funniest was when an enemy held halftrack was below me and I took out the driver then won a duel with Erwin who was on the .50 by playing peekaboo.  All with that crap Springfield.

Most hated player: -  The guys I put half a Thompson clip into but the killed me and brushed it off anyway.  Ping difference I guess.

Most loved/liked player: -  everyone in Easy 1

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -  It was a close fought battle.  I hope both teams keep it up and keep improving.

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Best: - Easy II Squad ! All brothers in arms ! We were kicking Axis assess 

Worst: - Kicking me from server when tried to Tbag my Apc :/ bit i belive it is sorted as missunderstanding 

Funniest: - PZ 4 doing barrell roll last round when chased by bazooka Squad :D 

Most hated player: - i loved everybody with my 75 cannon this battle, 

Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick for Bazooka Tandem

Best Battle Photo - Most enjoyable moment ❤️ Me killing @Awisko Panther with one shot from bazooka distance ~100 m to the side :D 


Other:  BAZOOKA TIME with @ShadowNick ! :D High five bro for superb tandem. Together we have got 38 kills screen281.thumb.jpg.fab1f3d8904bbb2216de4398229750be.jpgbazooka.PNG.9c5843c27b6bf60e910fc02f3bceab09.PNG

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Best: Great map - one of my favourites - intense action all the time! Even though I played only 3 rounds I was on every flag (maybe except Lumbermill), doing something useful! Also Bazooka and AT mine action!

Worst: -Played only 3 rounds


- The amount of glitches this map received since last time I was working on it... :/ 

Funniest: -Beginning of a round, spawned in main to grab some nice pickup kit (sniper rifle or sth), but when I reached tents, it turned out that everything what could be grabbed was grabbed (except Brownings, but meh...). So I looked around, everybody has gone already, and I noticed stationary AT gun and ammo truck: "hmm, lets try this deployable system for the 1st time in this campaign" - I thought. So I packed the gun and moved to River Crossing where my squad was attacking. I wasn't sure if I find a good spot and if I reach the objective alive. Anyway, reach the river bank on our side and deployed the gun well hidden in the forest. I turned it towards flagzone and I had really good view on the flagzone. When I aimed towards flagzone, it was already greyed and tough fightings were going there. I noticed 1 lonely Axis soldier running towards it, so I fired - BOOM, @Sir_Kowskoskey got hit! :D Then, after a few seconds a small squad of Axis soldiers were running towards the flag - BOOM! Kowsky squad down! :D We capped the flag and my squad rushed forward leaving another defending the flag, but I knew Kowsky squad had still a rally south of the flag somewhere in the forest - well hidden, because nobody could find it and I saw disappearing arrows on the minimap, so I knew they would come sooner or later, so I waited patiently... After a while, @Heyna (his battle orientation often amuses me) woke me up, yelling to shoot inside the bunker, cause Axis are there. And I looked carefully towards the bunker and I thought: "yeah, these firing mgs towards us look quite suspicious" :D so I fired a shell inside, wiping out 2 guys with of course - Kowsky :D In the end, sb finally came for me on foot :D Anyway, I might consider using deployables more often - they might be really useful if placed in appropriate location! ;) 


- Stoumont/Stormont/Sturmont/Stourmont :D 

Most hated player: -nobody

Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick and @Heyna for their Bazooka action and also @BaskaBommi for another great performance as SL of Easy II ! :D 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -It's already 8 battle and the battle score is really tight! Looking forward to next battle!

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Best: - Nice looking map, tank duels, tank hunting zooka runs, good allied performance most of the time, voice chat working really well in squad, hunting spotters

Worst: - hit registration mess, not able to get my top performance this battle, spawning on kt camping our rp

Funniest: - hiding rp behind trees (or ents) inside houses, clearing the church tower with screaming to @Tore to not blow me up with his tank, crazy drifting in kubel 

Most hated player: - 🤫

Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick and @Heyna for proper use of zooka and voice chat funny moments

Best Battle Photo - The hunt begins!


Other: - The best map so far!

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Best: - Some good regiment cooperation actions this battle, really appreciated. Sad the map was a bit too large for more of them. Also holding the Château flag with 2-3 russians for a long time !

Worst: - Some behaviors

Funniest: - Crashed my kubel in the river for sneaky purpose, blew up myself in front of @Garfield, used to this kind of moves from myself. Also @turbomursu teamkilling one guy i tryed to knife

Most hated player: - People that carried one the battle #7 issues on this battle

Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG & @turbomursu for owning me, couldn't do a thing this night

Best Battle Photo - /

Other:- /

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