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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 9 Lenino - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: So close in first rounds

Worst: I couldn't fly a plane for a winning photo (again), because I was shot down (again), but this time teammate. Dude, just know that I will remember you forever.

Again lags, and my guys said that they have lags too.

Funniest: @RayderPSG remembered me when I killed him again from the plane 😂

Most hated player: Guys who took La-5... *sigh* if you can't destroy, heh, Stuka, and I saw how Stuka destroyed La-5 (noice), I'll remind you (again): "Don't. Take. The. La-5". Thx u

Most loved/liked player: My guys, especially @Godall, @Vlasov, @GrantRuss, new member @Chapa, thx u for being with me to the end.

And thx u, @AL-SAHAD, because we don't have enough people, ja...

Best Battle Photo - It was at this moment, Jackson knew... he fucked up.

Other: @inlifex, thx for dogfight.

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Best: - Our team performed well, even without a HQ. good job everybody!

Best 2: - Hunting Elephants with my AT-Grenades. At one moment i was out of at-grenades so i tried to knive @WOLFXLin his beast of a tank :D

Worst: - Joining the battle late.

Funniest: - I asked ''why do we have only 1 hand grenade?'' I'm throwing the damn thing and i make 3 kills with it!

Most hated player: - nobody

Most loved/liked player: - I really like the cohesion we have with our team! It doesnt matter if we lose a battle of win. After each battle everybody is thanking everybody for their effort and for joining the battle!!! Keep up the positive vibe.



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- @Heia Safari! is back ! Heeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! 

-Spotting for @Quicksilver, great cooperation

Worst: - the lags

Funniest: - The all battle, that was a nice evening. + Safari complaining about his team in ts xD 

Most hated player: - All the guys who killed me 0.1s before i launch my nades or their rp

Most loved/liked player: 

Best Battle Photo -

I have a terrible revelation about Kowsko. You always thought your HQ was a couageous man, give is life for you ? 
Well absolutely not 


Other: -

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Best Extremely even battle with only a small marginal between the teams

Worst:  loosing that first round

Funniest: Crashing the flag tactic. Me and @Druidix in a jeep trying to hit hill flag. Forgetting the trench, sliding on our side on the bottom and ending up the right way around inside the flag hut on the hill. Poor allied defenders never knew what hit em 😄

Funniest 2: Quote of the week by @Hawk " Less bagging more capping!"

Funniest 3:  That random tank on the field!

Funniest 4: After 10years of playing and randomly trying to fly i finally managed to wib a dogfight!!!!! 

Most hated player:  the hill defenders in Lenino!

Most loved/liked player: This week i loved @elvinu @Smashmachine crew for getting shit done!


Best Battle Photo -

Other: - @Druidix i was just chilling!

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Best:  Great balanced battle, good numbers.

Best2: Having fun all rounds

Worst: Lags. Next week, we have a new server. Fingers crossed :fingerscrossed:

Worst2: Getting shot down by Paks and Tanks when flying in the Ju87. I really am a bad pilot 🙂

Funniest: My suicide mission to kill the Ferdinand, see Prozacs post 🙂 Thx @Watchtower for recording

Funniest2: Prozacs and my fails with the super covert biplane landing rally missions. 1st we get shot by a (sic) Pak40 during takeoff by Runi (naughty). then Prozac flies to low and clips a tree. When I took over, we succeed and took Lenino 🙂screen507.thumb.jpg.3048435f264a12f3a53f9fd6efd6a96a.jpg@HaLoAL

That's where @Prozac landed....

Funniest3: The pathetic dogfights Ju87 vs Polikarpov. That thing is too slow to shoot down

Most hated player: @HaLoAL in the La

Most loved/liked player: Prozac 🙂

Best Battle Photo: screen506.thumb.jpg.b5805101e2f4ed85b68c57187ae7adbd.jpg

@HaLoAL 🙂🙂🙂🙂

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35 minutes ago, Sir_Kowskoskey said:

Most hated player:  the hill defenders in Lenino!

You're welcome 

9 minutes ago, Papillon said:

Most hated player: @HaLoAL in the La

Hmm? But I sucked in this battle, no? Because I played 4 roles: as pilot/tanker/inf + officer in all rounds. Its very hard for me as universal played xd 

2 hours ago, Sir_Kowskoskey said:

Funniest 4: After 10years of playing and randomly trying to fly i finally managed to wib a dogfight!!!!! 

You killed a player with the same experience of air as you, soooo... U tried =b


P.S. Biplane is lazy. Lazy shit (c) Me

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Best: Being finally back!

Best2: The changes, I love what they have done with that, the balanced result despite our loss is still a lot better than what we had with the static layouts. The damage marker going away is a great change that already should have happened in the base game. 

Worst: Having to join two rounds late

Funniest: Burying my Pz3 into the trench at hill in the final round


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Best: another FH2 night with fellows. 

Best2: - Sneaky raydeeeer at its best. Starting to love capping back flags. 

Worst: -General numbers. Especially axis at some point. 

Funniest: -Battle itself. Amounts of action. Lenino should be destroyed poor village lol 

Funniest2: Bagging going crazy. Suddenly, i find watchtower teabagging someone. I kill him. Then I kill Prozac, Bag him, got killed while doing it. 

"Who laughs last laughs better" they say

Most hated player: -no one

Most loved/liked player: -everyone who joined! but especially @Pichu1199 as always and @inlifex for keeping busy halo. 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -I m serious now, come back from vacation. Or search for wifi. 

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