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FH2 Campaign # 1: Battle 6 Operation Greif - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best:  Being able to play several rounds of FH2 finally.. That was awesome. I have been busy every Friday.

Best2:  The map was fantastic. Even and balance rounds. Good job to the mapping team.

Worst: Rust on FH2. Back in the the day i would not miss a shot. Now i miss alot. :D

Funniest: @WOLFXL spotting me in the middle of the forest. I take cover. Shots all over the place. I lay down a mine. Stand up run. ( bait ). He kills me runs over my body and he and his tank gets destroyed by my mine.  ^^

Most hated player:  No one.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Other: Cya next week. It was a great battle.

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Best: Slept over a round and when I get in near the end of it, I spawn in and in nearly 10 seconds I kill @Sir_Kowskoskey. :D He ran into me all night getting rekt.

Best: Coordination and changing tactics all the time. Such a tough and amazing battle for commanders.

Worst: FH2 weapon lag really annoys me. A guy literaly dived into the ground and shot me with Mg while I was still changing back to my rifle. ¬¬

Funniest: I dropped a Comp.B instead of a Bandage. @Tutvys got scared by it. :D

Most hated player: Ornstein. He is making fights cancerous.

Most loved/liked player: @Hawk is for being my fireman. :cookiemonster:@Tutvys for his excellent and stupid remarks throughout the battle. :chef:@Airshark79 is being a god-damn Turk and making me talk in Turkish. :hammer:

Other: Even the Axis team had lost, they put up an amazing fight. Respect. :bravo:

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Best:  Close battle. 110 was quite a foe to deal with.

Worst: The pressure!

Funniest: There were a lot of funny moments.

Most hated player: Ornstein. I don't like how he flicks his g43 faster than my smg, but I respect the time and the skill it takes to be on his level.

Most loved/liked player: All of 121 as always. They deserve the best.


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Best: close rounds, intense fighting.  troling the axis tanks with my bazooka and annoying axis players around abandoned village

Worst: broken headset, playing with crappy sound and not able to hear from which direction the enemy is shooting.

Funniest: attacking abanoned village. the attack failed but i stayed alive and trolled the enemy.  And Kowskosky always managed to find me to teabag my corps. aargh!

Most hated player: nobody

Most loved/liked player: 121 regiment kicked ass


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Best: a close one. Would have loved to play a round more.

Worst: one player behaving like rules have no effect. Took a part of first round to take care of. Thanks wualy and quick

Funniest: Taf ending up under my kubel

Funniest2: a failed teapag attempt and prozacs ! Comment

Funniest3: failing to type !Rp next to papermill and drifting around. Really just couldnt do it :D

Other: cant wait to see stats

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Best: Playing all rounds from the beginning!

Best2: Winning two extremely close even rounds.

Best3: Allied team!. Well played, mates!

Worst: A fucking stupid that tried to make fun of Axis HQ and avoid his battleban :cussing:. Thanks to @TAFKAP, we discover his second account, and was banned thanks to @Quicksilver. He came, and his third account was banned too. I hope not to see you around never more. :cussingwhite:

Funniest: Being south of Paper Mill in Allied riverside. Then, I saw a Sherman firing to flag with a scout behind him. I thought: it´s risky but... So, I ran and placed an AT mine behind the tank without being spotted. Three seconds after, tanks went backward and was killed with the scout at same time!!.

Most hated player: Same player battle to battle.

Most loved/liked player: @Marihutzfor his obstinacy in using the AT gun south of Paper Mill. Mate, you arranged my poor K/D ratio :D

Other: Where was our M10 disguised??? I missed a lot...

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Best: Lying prone at Crossing when a stolen half-track came barrelling round the corner and tried to run me over, just as I puckered up it hit a small bump in front of me and went up on two wheels, skated over me on it's side and came back down just behind. I was too shocked to fire my weapon and still don't quite believe it happened.

Worst: Ongoing connection problems and stuttering during the night led to lots of facepalm moments. Emptying an entire mag at someone in the same damn room and not hitting a thing. I don't know who was more shocked, him or me. I took the ensuing summary execution as justice served.

Worst: Getting knifed in the back. It just feels so... personal.

Funniest: Can't remember the player's name, but both shooting and killing each other at the same time at Paper Mill.

Funniest: Trying to shoot someone in the room as I leaped out the window at Bunker. Except I didn't kill them and then managed to get stuck in the window. Honestly, I might as well have come on a plate with an apple in my mouth.

Most hated player: I want to say Ornstein, because he killed me a LOT, and I really started getting my knickers in a twist, but he's just the (vastly) better player so I'm not really mad.

Most loved player: Shout out to all my squaddies in 175th, you guys are great fun to play with. Thanks!


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1 hour ago, RedBleeder said:

Funniest: Can't remember the player's name, but both shooting and killing each other at the same time at Paper Mill.

That was me: you decided to use your knife and I decided to give a try to my K98. We killed eachother at same time. :D

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Really intense battle all around! Those 2 rounds with so few tickets :)

Tanking in a battle for the first time in ages! It's always been fun!


Can't think of any...maybe the tk's I made?


Wualy! I'm sorry I kept running into you in the woods by accident. After the (maybe) 5th time I couldn't believe my good luck and your bad :D

Hellcat cruising and managed to get some nice kills :)

Most hated player: 

People with bazookas :D

Most loved/liked player:

Everyone spotting enemy tanks.


I did not flip my tank once :)

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