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  1. Best: Nice fights, attack, couter attack all evening long Worst: Me missing way to often with the G41, and as a result dying Funniest: Always look for an other weapon to pick up before you start reloading your G41 Most hated player: @Matsku Most loved/liked player: @SturmFlim he did most of the hard work Other: MG42 was only available as pick up. So one per flag and at the HQ. I would guess that there were at no time no more than 3 active simultaniously. Perhaps you mix that up with the MG36 Spawnkit.
  2. Is it possible that the data also contains the stuff from the round on Juin44 last week? Some things just dont look right. But nice anyway.
  3. Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Salut zusammen. Ich vermute die Battles werden auch wieder auf Freitags terminiert oder (Mir persönlich würde Samstags besser passen ) ?