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FH2 Campaign #11: Battle 1 - Desert Rose - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Share your opinions about the scrim.  Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean!

Any posts containing complaints about map balance, assets, or other complaints will be removed and the person posting will have their posting privileges removed.


Copy and paste below:

Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -


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Best: - play campaign again 😄

Worst: - My ctd in the middle of the battle 😠

Funniest: - keep my promise to @Enrik Arty love you❤️

Most hated player: - None are all great there are a lot of good friends on the allied team and a lot of good friends on the axis team.

Most loved/liked player: - Well the Poles the internationals of the axis the Hispanics, the spotters @Otto, @TOBU94, @Superkalasnikov, @postelnik, @AL-SAHAD, @Luis 1944, @sergioten, @Th3rioN, @The_Green_Bunny, @Jaguar, @GeJota, @Nightwing, @pozzo that also gave me ammo

Other: - I love to use the arty but when I play infantry they don't tebbag me too much 😅

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On 5/28/2022 at 2:51 PM, postelnik said:

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

That is Me)))) Nice Photo!

Best:  Again was in air, like in good past times! I like it!

Funniest:  Crashed 2 times into each other with @FadusTM

Most loved/liked player: @FadusTM and @cristhianxd for good opponents in dogfights! Thanks mates!

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Best: - Great map! I did not like it during the scrim, but it really grew on me. A lot of variations.

Worst: - Two crashes.

Funniest: - My inability to understand where my geballte's went before they blew me up

Most hated player: - Only love

Most loved/liked player: - @The_Green_Bunny Great SL, very calm and has a soothing voice ;*

Best Battle Photo -

 "Dogfight over Altilat"


I made a highlight reel of the battle with wins, fails, funnies.

I Added chapters for easier navigation / bite sized watching, so I recommend viewing it on youtube (fullscreen also ofc for that 1080p60fps ;) )

(Other tags of you guys is in this spoiler.)


00:00 Suppressing RP
01:45 Attacking Madina 1st try
04:55 Attacking Madina 2nd try
06:20 Taking out Grant
07:12 Round 1 results
07:35 Round 2
07:37 Attacking Janub Hill with MG
08:40 Destroying tanks
10:33 Detour to RAF Airfield and @ЯÖÏÖR squadwipes (I have no idea how to tag you)
11:25 Tents aren't bullet proof
12:00 Round 2 results
12:24 Round 3
12:26 DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK! My character thinks he's dying
13:33 Tommy in the open! SPRENG GRANATE LADEN!
13:49 Ouch
14:02 Repelling an attack at Altilat
14:26 Durch viele Streiche fällt endlich auch die Eiche. Patriarch shoots down plane
14:44 Mandatory @Sir_Kowskoskey kill
14:57 @Ensign_Steel's flagzone express
16:00 Round 3 results
16:05 Round 4
16:11 Janub Hill attack with embarassing suicide
16:49 Janub Hill attack diverts to tank hunting
18:09 Luger action
19:07 Sticky nade does nothing
19:33 Round 4 results
20:12 Round 5
20:18 Inf hunting with AT-rifle. Is this a war crime?
21:29 Good marksmanship
21:50 Good kill streak during attack Western harbour
22:50 Norwegian rage 1 courtesy of @Hawk
22:57 Awful marksmanship
23:20 Norwegian rage 2 courtesy of @Hawk
23:40 Great attack at Eastern Harbour
24:20 2cm Fart 38. Don't do this at home, kids
24:46 Revenge on the Grant
25:24 So many targets down range
27:03 Defending with MG
27:37 @Wraith killed by stationary truck
27:44 Continuing to defend with MG
29:13 Clustertruck
29:20 Stuart having a bad day
29:30 My whole squad having a bad day
30:17 Round 5 results


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