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FH2 Campaign #7: Battle 9 - Dutch Border - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: -

capping and spotting.

Worst: -

K/D of me and the teamtotal.

Lag spikes inhibiting movement, invisible walls

Our own spots somehow leading our own tanks into traps. 🤨

Funniest: -

Erwin saying having fun is more important then winning 🤣 (imagine his intonation).

Seeing enemy form afar attacking my flag.

1) Activate plan A: give arty spot. 🕵️‍♂️

Arty misses enemy closing in, PTSD kicks in. 🥵

2) Activate plan B: shoot rifle.

5 misses, aim worsens as enemy clsoes in. Hide in bushes and fire from the hip. Clip (10 SMLE) runs out.

3) Activate plan D  :Bayonet stabbing. 

Bayonet stabbing fails and i get scared so i run away. Enemy steps on my random AP mine because you never activate plan D before setting up plan C. 👌


Shooting entire enfield clip from the hip in a duel, both running out of ammo and then start bayonet duel. Like true gentlemen we battled it out like ancient times.

Got saved by a fellow riflemen, back to reality of ww2.


Most hated player: - Tank camping A7/A8

Most loved/liked player: - Hispanic in a tank

Best Battle Photo -

Spotted stug seconds before death.


Tank guarding the lower left corner.


This tank killed me but a french collegue took revenge for me. Merci beaucoup :).


Can you spot the snake in the grass? Plan A activated.


Plan C completed.


Other: -

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Best: 517th squad. We never lost hope.

Best: Managed to contain my anger and turning it into a cheerful behaviour.

Worst: Was there anything good?

Funniest: So, last round. I got bored at Strongpoint. Started to gogo against the Crossing. Killed 3 guys, commandeered an FG42. Crawled my way towards the flag. :smokingred: My level of epicness increased, I began to see visions of my glorious FH1 days where I captured a flag by killing 13 guys alone. :pistoldouble:I'm in the flagzone with 5 kills so far. Managed to safely tuck myself into the 3rd floor with FG42 in my hands. I started greying. :partydance: I saw a truck with a single guy, he is here, we will get this boy! Wait a minute! Flag is almost grey... Yes boy we can do this. Guy slowly walks around the flag, gets into the building I'm in, goes up 3 stairs, turns left, stares at me for 1 second and kills me. TEAMKILL.

Now a lot of you would have guessed who could have done this in CMP. There is one and only.

His name is @Sir_Kowskoskey :tappingfoot::hammer::hanged:

Funniest: Bagged @RayderPSG Hawk and a lot of people to get some fun.

Funniest: Allied tankers complaining about tank balance.

Most loved/liked player: 517th guys.

Other: No4 is the worst rifle in the mod with that godawful sights.

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Best1: Good battle and intense fighting especially in Sterksel.

Best2: How is it possible that I won so many encounters with Berserk? Normally I lose. Were you drunk? 😃

Worst: After four rounds I got quite tired.

Funniest1: I'm in the trenches at Sterksel with Montana (from another regiment). I saw an enemy in the trenches around the corner and tried to communicate it to him, because I thought he didn't notice him. A millisecond later I decided to attack the enemy to safe Montana (or if I died, he could get a chance to kill the enemy). I jump out of the trench and around the corner back in the trench and Montana teamkills me while he also killed the enemy. 😃 These are the situations where a local voice channel that your other teammates near you can hear, would be helpful (like in HLL).

Funniest2: Five o'clock tea (bagging) time hahaha 😃 Two pictures below.

Picture 1: Foreplay of the scene "Gangbagging Kowsky" (someone has a better screenshot of the action)



Picture 2: Kowsky revengebagging. The obscene parts are covered by bushes.



Most hated player: No one

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who joined.

Best Battle Photo -

Photo from training: Practicing Panzerfaust shooting.



Other: -

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Best: I was thinking for about 5 mins what could be positive in getting slaughtered entire evening and losing by 200 every round  and I didn't figure anything out... Sorry...

Worst: -getting  slughtered by Axis team every round... we had ~150 more deaths at the end of each round...

- missing allied tank destroyers so much this campaign...

Funniest: - @krakki chasing me with jeep, equipped with a piat... fortunately sb warned me on TS 😀

Most hated player: -entire Axis team I would say 😃

Edit: Oh, and I forgot about @Quicksilver - it was in the first round - I moved back to repair my Cromwell after destroying Panther and Panzer IV, I was repairing, repairing and getting back into my tanks, 1 sec later- BOOM! I was blown up by his Geballte - I will remember that! 🤬

Most loved/liked player: -That allied squad which desperately was trying to cap and hold Western camp in the last round. I was trying to help you, but it was tough... Thanks for spots anyway in that round - they were really helpful!

Best Battle Photo -

This time, finally I have sth for you:


"2 Panzer IV, well-done, as you wished sir!"

Other: Let's have an interesting last battle next Friday! 🙂

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Best: The patience shown by Polish players. You guys are great for not losing heart! 👍

Worst: I don't even know what to specify from the list.
A new patch that broke the hit registration system?
The presence of British forces where previously there were American forces? (including best weapons for them, against backdrop of our defeat in this campaign)
It is sad to see this.

Funniest: Nothing funny, really. 😐

Most hated player: And again - those players who are afraid to go into a knife fight, although the advantage is on their side.
God, I remember those situations when in previous campaign 4-5 "Canadians" could take turns to fight with 1 "Italian" player - they did not shoot him, but really acted like a gentleman, participating in a 1-on-1 fight.

Here "German" players seem to be afraid of losing...

Most loved/liked player: @0utlawwho was left alone in TS-channel.

Best Battle Photo: This screenshot looks like a frame from a horror movie.
Poor @Belzebuth, I already feel sorry for him. 😮


No flame posts @Pavel_[RUS74]. Edited by Quicksilver

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Best: - spaniards at their best 

@mcpollo making omelette 😏


Worst: - my mistakes on the beginning! 

Funniest: - gangbagging @turbomursu at crossing. New therm by the sexual expert, judging by its nickname @ColonelDeepthroat 

Most hated player: - no one 

Most loved/liked player: - everyone , specially @gen.p and @CptBocquier

Best Battle Photo -

Your legs won’t do much good after this...


Other: -

honoring @DarthTemoc


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Best: - The fighting spirit of the Russian squad that I. Squad 130 faced at the Western Camp during the last round. It was a truly close battle and it was an honor to fight against you! @Slepov92 @Mid4eL @beavis_aka_ostwind !! 

Worst: - I felt that we played too long, it was especially tiring as a squad leader, but both HQs agreed to play 6 rounds.

Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey stopping at nothing to enact his revenge! After I detonated a Sherman with my panzerfaust, the Finnish madman chased me, gunned down his teammate who got in the way and broke my face with balls of steel. 🍒:bouncyred:


Most hated player: - None!

Most loved/liked player: - Everybody, especially the Russian squads! Krov za krov!

Best Battle Photo -


"Wheatfield Chase"

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Best: - Playing with the boys and also @Sir_Kowskoskey and @turbomursu

Worst: - whole match was a joke, looks like half our team was asleep

Funniest: - Bren carrier vs sdkfz 251 fights ! also Russian Officier moment with @RayderPSG

Most hated player: - @RayderPSG who killed me in the worst moment (i just stuck my bren carrier while trying to sneak..)

Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG for giving me some epic fights and @Master_of_Pain_25 for his insane grenade kill on a panzer IV

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

Gladiator feeling


"Don't Fail us driver !"


too late... and then @RayderPSG got us


Epic "Bullit" moment with the spaniards


Reminds me of the good old times from first campaign with @Sir_Kowskoskey bagging some spaniards


"Dans le dos !"


Spaniards 1


Spaniards 2


Spaniards 3

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