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  1. Если 5-ая кампания состоится - я участвую! Посещение битв будет не с 146%-ой вероятностью, но постараюсь быть на каждой. P.S: Куда у нас пропал slava-on?
  2. Oooh Arma 3! nice ! I will try to join you, though in English I speak poorly.
  3. Yes, you are right, seeing that the tank's gun is being turned on me, in a panic I threw two mines and they both did not reach their goal
  4. the guys from my squad asked how I could go there. It was a shady enterprise. Yes, it was fun, a large crowd of Britons ran with explosives behind me. That's why I shot everything that moves. Funny2: funny moment when I ran up to Stuart on the Camp flag with explosives and he was rolling backwards away from me
  5. haha it was me. Perhaps this is the most successful my arrival on the tank in this campaign
  6. Best: -My day off and team game in FH2 Worst: -Everyone who used against me winchester Funniest: -as someone from the allies killed with a shovel a fighter from my squad Most hated player: -Sir_Kowskoskey and his c4 on my Chi-Ha Most loved/liked player: -all who attended the battle today Best Battle Photo - "something went wrong"
  7. Mid4eL


    Играет кто-нибудь из русскоговорящих в squad?
  8. Foxhole multiplayer interactive game, interesting strategy.
  9. Mid4eL прибыл в расположение ...
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