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FH2 Campaign #6: Battle 5 - Monte La Difensa - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Full squad teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey on the first round and making the winning sneak on last round !

Worst: - Being killed and teabagged by @Sir_Kowskoskey too many times ! Ahah we love you ❤️

Funniest: - Killing @Sir_Kowskoskey at Vallebona with a k98, then teabagging him while killing two other guys with the k98 and the walter !

Most hated player: - @HaLoAL did really good with that Stuart on the 5th round !

Most loved/liked player: - @thunder493 and @WOLFXL being epic antitankers, and @RayderPSG @Druidix & @La-Hire epic teammates

Best Battle Photo - Achtung Bicyclette & Pompe à vélo !


Other: - It was an epic game guys, gg everyone !

Oh Axis. Can you behave ? WE CAN'T MAKE A PICTURE what the hell ?!!?!?



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Best: Very challenging battle, we had to fight really hard to win

Worst: I got 20 FPS the whole battle. I tried lowering every graphic setting, I think it was due to the rain effect. I had a completely horrible gaming experience this battle, I mostly stared at the minimap.

Funniest: I grabbed a tank that wasn't being used at main, drove out of mainbase perimeter while looking at the minimap and somehow my tank got trapped between 4 trees. I struggled 2 minutes to get it out but failed. I bailed out, pulled out my Geballte Ladung to blow it up and I said to my self... lets try one more time. I did get it out in the end.

Most hated player: the trolls we had

Most loved/liked player: everyone who joined

Best Battle Photo -

You are useless


Other: -

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Best: Empty artillery positions, some tired tankers, and mobile cannon from which it is inconvenient to shoot in the conditions of the map.
And, even in the last round, our squad made a terrible mistake, and the whole team seemed to be in a state of "so, now we play as it should, without experiments", and then each squad decided "Oh Yes, let's just now take a chance to do something exotic that we have not done before?"- actually, what could be better than this game?.. Probably just the final score. 😉 
Oh, and that constant splash of water in my ear...
But seriously, we played interesting, the first round was very high-quality and concentrated, and in the end we managed not only to correct the situation, but also to make a comeback. Good job, guys! 🙂 


Worst: If someone thought that I jumped "bunny", then i hasten to assure that it was not on purpose.
The bottom line is that I wanted to throw a grenade at my feet, but for some reason it was not cocked, and every time a click on the left mouse button did not give a result, I automatically (without thinking about it) pressed the space bar.
Funny, but true. And if still recall problems server, which existed, then all at all comes on their seats.


Funniest: We, in Russia, have such expression: "both laughter, and a sin".
Here we mean the situation when a fact (object, action, reaction, essence) is both very sad and tragic, and at the same time very funny. Like "black humor," for example.
As "Funniest" it would be possible to specify how i came into sector between two points of the enemy, found there broken Bedford, and left on it to the nearest enemy point which we then with fight occupied, or as i with the commander went down from mountain on Kubelvagen a reverse course, from a steep hill, and managed not to break during it, but the most ridiculous (and at the same time very sad) will be that one our rally point was put not where it should be, so much of players simply crashed under respawn (until 8 times), not landed as need to.
Needed to write into the string "Worst", but okay - let's leave it at "Funniest", because the picture with bodies looks "and funny, and it is a sin". 😉 

"Good rally points, great teamplay" by @GrafZeppelin1



Most hated player: Nobody. By the way, where's @stekasteka?

Most loved/liked player: Those tankers who supported our battalion as far as possible.

Best Battle Photo:
"I think I'm beginning to understand how canadian infantry managed to get into settlements so successfully - they are Ghost soldiers!.. 😱":
Invisible Canadians (FH2, CMP #6, Monte la Difensa - 2019-11-16 02-19-39-63).jpg

Best After Battle Photo:
"Damn it, Hans, don't touch the pizza with your ugly hands - there's a bayonet for that!": 


Dirty hands (FH2, CMP #6, Monte la Difensa - 2019-11-16 03-54-29-20).jpg

Best Non-Battle-Kitty Photo:


Kitty on a battle (FH2, CMP #6, Monte la Difensa).jpg

Other: Oh, by the way, note - this is the fifth battle out of ten.
We're halfway there, and we'll be halfway there before the New year.
Wish all us have such same number of players (almost full server), and also luck in personal фffairs and easy work, to game not burdened personal life.

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Best1: Good and mostly intense battle. Also a very tough one. Good fight everyone!

Best2: Piat. 😃

Worst: I'm about to place a Sprengladung on Haloal's tank when he falls down the mountain and gets out of the flipped tank and kills me...the Sprengladung didn't attach to the tank 😞

Funniest1: There were a couple of funny moments. I had a knife fight with one enemy when his teammate killed us both with a rifle grenade.  Edit: Teabagging was also fun. 😄

Most hated player: Encounters with Kwiot were annoying.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone, also Kwiot.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: Good number almost all night.

Worst: Playing sick is not a good idea. And teamkills: sorry for that. :imsorry:

Funniest: Being killed inside a flagzone and, two seconds after, the guy was killed by my s-mine @turbomursu 😋

Most hated player: This time, myself.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up! Was so fun to play with Allies and Axis during battle. Thanks, for the warm welcome! :x

Best Battle Photo -


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Best: - These rounds where there was plenty of action. Also Thompson carnage in close quarters combat. :D  I'm still a little bit rusty after some longer break from this game, but happy that there were some good rounds from myself.

Worst: These rounds where we simply had nothing to do, but it seems it sometimes happens... And really, fock off with this tea bagging!!! :D 

Funniest: This moment where full squad was chasing me in Vallevona (or sth like that) and couldn't get me for a while :D

Most hated player: - No one special, I must admit, I have some nicks already on my blacklist, so see you next time on the battlefield to meet my sweet revenge! 😤

Most loved/liked player: - Nobody gave me a candy, so... 😛

Best Battle Photo -
Oh, I forgot to make one, I will prepare something for next time!


Good to be back! ;) 

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Best: - even with the minimod thing and stuff, numbers were good. Hope we didn't achieve 100 beacuse of loas and that we get back to it next friday

best2: close battle again. The reaction by allies was very nice

Best3: oldies like @Kwiot or @Sinkoministeri bakc. Nice to see you guys! 

Best4: playing with the guys @CptBocquier @thunder493 @WOLFXL @Druidix @La-Hire

Worst: - people ruining a vic pic AGAIN. Admins are being really patient with you 

Funniest: -Getting my brother @B4R0N to play. First thing he did: spawns, doesn't recognize the italian uniform and makes a teamkill, with knife, it was our HQ @turbomursu !!  After that, he starts running around, doesn't see an AP mine, runs over it, gets killed by it and also kills the one who was putting it, @Wualy !! It was a crazy start. After that...the rehab. He has as first good kill the enemy HQ , @Sir_Kowskoskey. And this happens 


Most hated player: - no one, maybe myself and those who didn't update on time 😁

Most loved/liked player: -everyone

Best Battle Photo -

nooo forgot this time

Other: -let's take it to 100 again! 

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Best: -Winning, of course

Worst: -Being quite tired towards the end

Funniest: - Quadruple teabag of Kowskey

Most hated player: -no one  @RayderPSG's brother. He knifed me in Vallevona because I had a Bren in my hand and maybe he thought I was the enemy. Really pissed me off at the time but later he paid this back though by killing and bagging @Sir_Kowskoskey

Most loved/liked player: - @CptBocquier for saving our asses

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -Terrible roads and terrain all together. Nice atmosphere still, but all you could do was walk.

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