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FH2 Campaign #6: Battle 1 - Gela - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Playing FH2 again.

Best2: Fantastic numbers. We almost reached 90 players in the server

Worst: Only being able to play 1 round.

Funniest: Me teamkilling Wualy 2 times in a row,

Most hated player: Noone

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo -

"Me spotting a flag for arty, 1 second before getting killed by a incoming enemy."

Other: Lets make this a great campaign!

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Best: fun battle, great numbers, lots of toys to play with on the map, what else can I ask for?

Worst: nothing

Funniest: @Pantyfas shooting down an anemy airplane with artillery

Most hated player: nobody

Most loved/liked player: everyone, so many players, such an intense battle!

Best Battle Photo -

Other: balance seems to be right between the teams, both in numbers and in skill, it turned out to be a really close battle. Congrats Allies for your victory!

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Best: Playing FH2 again with the boys.

Worst: It's a shame that we lost, but it was a close match. I look forward to the next one.

Funniest: Dropping a geballte-ladung on a tank from the top of a church tower.

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who attended.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: Looking forward to the next one and congratulations to the Allied team.

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Best: Balanced game with great numbers!

Worst: really nothing

Funniest: sneaky attack with Geballte Ladung from high grass, had some really funny traded kills, Pepinio i remember :)

Most hated player: none

Most loved/liked player: Italians on the Xa MAS, i have joined "my" regiment if only able to speak russian :) Please honor that regiment, they were really heroes!

Best Battle Photo: Fellow plane almost teamkilling me :)

Other: Really fun hearing everyone speaking italian words at the victory picture, and heard some really italians too!

BF2 screenshot.png

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Best: I was not as bad as expected although I haven't played FH2 since last campaign.

Worst: That damn P-40 when I was using a tank.

Funniest: Damaging (and getting a kill for it) that damn P-40 with the MG34...had to reload quite often though.

Most hated player: At the end of one round we have a knife fight at monastery and then he decides to pull the gun anyway hahaha 😄

Most loved/liked player: Everyone.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: Where is the sniper rilfe? 😞

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Best: Awesome numbers all the night! Thank you everyone for your attendance!

Worst: Massive disconnection in Axis side in last round.

Funniest: Just switched to Allied from Axis to balance numbers and defending Monastery with the Spaniards. Then we heard a vehicle incoming and realized that one guy sneaked inside a building. I went for him and saw an Axis solder hidden but didn´t fired. Then, when I got out of the room, I realized that I was Allied!!! So, I got back and killed @Sir_Kowskoskey!. Of course, next thing was teabaggin him! Spaniards and me laughed a lot with this, hahahahaha

Most hated player: Myself, as usual-

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up!. THANK YOU ALL!

Best Battle Photo -

Enemies while on battle. Friends while in peace!


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Going to be a long one...

Best: obviously, the numbers and the newcomers we had. +90 players in a campaign is something special and amazing. Hope it continues. Keep motivation on forums!

Best2: 1st time I'm playing against spaniards. 1st enemy wave I challenge, the spaniards! Kill some of them until I get killed but a newbie @CptRolan ! Well done! 

Best3: being bagged by them everytime. Of course I did it too. Best one @Anguita36 bags me 2 secs later gets completely strafed by a MG. 

Best4: the 71 lads. @eXHaLe my brooooooooooooooooooooo

Best5: Fh2 campaign action back. Close battle 2-3 

Best6: jouer avec les gars @thunder493 aka meilleur réparateur et @CptBocquier 

Worst: that strange mass disconect on axis

Funniest: actually i told it all on the "best" appart haha. But maybe just the atmosphere on the 71. thanks guys

Most hated player: i think @stekasteka deserved it! well played man 

Most loved/liked player: all the newbies, but of course @Wualy above all. 

Best Battle Photo -

"Brint to the 71 those enemy tanks! 3 in a row!" 



Other:  please keep coming! let's have a great campaign 

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Best: 4 campaings waiting for killing @RayderPSG

Worst: Being killed by @RayderPSGwith bayonet (see photo)

Funniest: See @RayderPSG being tea bagged by my spaniards all the time.

Most hated player: @RayderPSG 

Most loved/liked player: Tea bagged @RayderPSG

Best Battle Photo - 

Other: Really sexi paella numbers

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Best: - Killed too many spaniards that @RayderPSG lost the count. @WOLFXL doing wolfy stuff (like hoping gently on a 88 and blow right away a plane). ZW36 ripping off a full scale assault on the town.

Worst: - Hum, couldn't knife a spaniard with my spaten due to another spaniard ! Btw where was your RP btw on the greek village on round 4 ? there was a bug with that white house ? We checked that building twice and you kept spawning there without having that flag

Funniest: - Doing a Manfria defence, killing a damn yankee that decimated my squad then run into cover. Thought i may have forgot something. Jump out of cover, check right and left, quick teabag, then get back to cover.

Most hated player: - @stekasteka what the hell have you eaten ?

Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey and @turbomursu. It happens that every time they throw the best nade of their life, it falls nonetheless on my head.

Best Battle Photo - @RayderPSG doing Rayder' stuff

Other: - A good first battle, but remember allies, we will prevail !

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Best: - Playing a campaign again with different maps, instead of the ones being played over and over again in public servers. Also great numbers!

Worst: - Getting jump scared by someone randomly appearing behind a rock and spilling out water on my keyboard. 😑

Funniest: - Shooting down an airplane with the BAR (!) - turning away to reload, then getting obliterated by the plane wreck 2 seconds later.

Most hated player: - Whoever scared me 🤨

Most loved/liked player: - Everyone!

Best Battle Photo - 

Other: - @CptBocquier I had a delicious and fresh salad ahead of the battle 💪😉

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Best: The best I can call that situation when in the first defensive rounds our Marines battalion defended the Manfria town, and on the road from the port Gela on us went the tank "Churchill".
Of the defenders of the city were only marines with a mobile cannon Pak 40 and a light tank FIAT L6, and the tank of the allied team on a medium tank Pz.Kpfw.III.
Our tanks had weak guns, and only the cannon could do damage to the British tank, but it itself could be easily suppressed. Anyway, i'm on a FIAT L6, another marine on a Pak 40 and an ally on the Pz.Kpfw.III began to act almost simultaneously. We did not have a clear radio communication among themselves, but we acted on the classic for many of these games intuition.
I knew that the Breda automatic cannon would do no harm to the British tank, but i also knew that continuous fire would interfere with the player on the Churchill, and perhaps I could even distract his attention. So, without a doubt, i took the L6 up a hill near the town, where i could fire on the Churchill's surveillance instruments. A tankman from the 15th division supported me perfectly in this - he also moved with me, riding up the hill to my left, in a row. I don't remember if he fired his Pz-3 at Churchill for distraction, but the result was successful for us - a heavy Englishman was distracted by a light Italian and a medium German, and did not notice how the artilleryman of our battalion had already rolled out a Pak 40 cannon.
One accurate shot from Pak - and "Churchill" is on fire! 👺
Great teamwork, guys. 😃

Worst: For game I was able undermine explosives least 3 the tank "Stuart", but one times (near Fortified position) committed unforgivable mistake: literally share of seconds not waited for complete the animation, respiration explosives has fallen on land, and around it except me was still 2-3 infantryman of our corps. 😱
Fortunately, all immediately fled to the side, no one was injured. (including the enemy tank) 🙃

Funniest: It was a funny case at the end of the first round: i was patrolling the southern hills, east of the road from the port to Manfria.
Patrolled on all the same tank L6. 
The same Churchill began to drive down the road, but this time accompanied by the Sherman.
As far as the terrain allowed, i just started to hide behind the hills, trying to try to get behind them, and them in butt. However, the player on the" Sherman " suspected something, and immediately rushed to Manfredi. "Churchill" not was able, but him this and not particularly need was - armor increasingly-would still not penetrate with 20-mm Breda. 🙃
...so - i go to the "Churchill" in the ass, put L6 across as an emphasis, so that he could not quickly go back or turn around normally, and start shooting at the back of the tower.
No sense, and the capacity of the tank so much that he dragged my L6 with him to his base. 😅
It remained only to jump out of the tank, hide in the bushes and pass the target designation to the arty and Bf.110. 🙂

Most hated player: Nobody.
And yes - i saw a @stekasteka on the other side in the last round, when he was like a "trueProCyberGamer#1" shot our infantry in closecombat.
Not had time to open fire on him, since it was necessary to reload the machine guns on Opel AA. 😉

Most loved/liked player: @Wasteland_Hero on Bf.110, our infantry with MG and Pak at hill around Greek village, this Pz.3 who help marine at Manfria, and others players are infantrymen who had to be "cannon fodder" for enemy tanks.

Best Battle Photo: -

Other: Overall, we had a good game. Thanks to everyone, I hope we will also play at full strength, and everyone will have fun.


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