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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 2 Silver Fox - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: It was a moment when I did a rush to road near Hillside and blew up AL-Sahad's jeep and then another vehicle at the very beginning of round. So I finished putting second mine as planned and heard incoming engine. Jeep was riding straight to me and it's only 50 meters away! I ran 10 meters away from the road trying to hide, then turned back to mine and bam! - a wreck on fire. It was intense, fun and it was luck!

Worst: So we'been at 1first line defending with Yehiel when I saw incoming full squad from the west. I said @incoming@ into a mic and start shooting with a G41 that was kindly given to me. Wiped out three of them then did a tactical mistake and was killed. Looked at the map - Yehiel's arrow wasn't moving! Omg he's afk he left me alone! I'm kidding. The worst was my useless messing with mines. I had at least 4 more tanks that I could blow up but due to my mistakes that didn't happened. They were mine! (

Funniest: I liked that joke about capabilities of anus.

Most hated player: I cannot hate but pair of guys annoyed me a little bit. These are kutuzovrusss with PPSH covering tank's back and taking me out every time I tried to flank them. And Wlasow with MG42 laying somewhere near Roadblock flooding killfeed with lines. He took out more than 10 troopers less than in a minute that time.

Most loved/liked player: There was a guy in my squad with an accent of Connor McGregor. I liked him most. Unfortunately overwolf overlay didn't worked so I don't know who was that.

Best Battle Photo

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Best: Intenses fights in a small map. Number reached 40 vs 40 and stayed +30 all night and balanced. 

Worst: Some strange lags 

Worst2: Some people activating too early the "complain mod" to arty. As if someone here didn t make some teamkills. 

Funniest: I take a pic in the back of @GrantRuss, ready to knife him. Surprise, my PC freezes for 30 seconds and I lose my references. He s still in front of me but running to flagzone, got him with the G41.

Funniest 2: @Pichu1199 killing @mcpollo

Most hated player:  meme

Most loved/liked player:  @Anguita36 , great battle for 1st time. @elvinu  back. @mcpollo and @Darkpotato , lucky to have them in my squad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Best battle photo: Description> I m bringing a half track to the bunker so we can jump and have the victory pic there. idk how, but i manage to overturn it. Rest is history, the hanomag follows its own way and runs over some teammates. You can see them

Title" The murderer halftrack" 




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Best: - Good squad gameplay, nice people.

Worst: - Small lags, nothing game breaking.

Funniest: - monkyman whispering dirty things in teamspeak, it seemed he was just thinking aloud without noticing 😁

 Most hated player: - GeoPat sneaking through defenses to cap flags, luckily often alone 😉

 Most loved/liked player: - 5th squad, I think our chemistry worked very well.

Other: - Enjoyed the whole battle, thanks everyone!

Best Battle Photo - Pesky little sniper about to go boom!


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Best: Numbers ! Great to see 70 ppl, but we still need more ! 

Worst: Spending almost a full round to setup cc again xD 

Funniest: Nothing in fact, we spend 2 rounds defending 1st line, nobody attacked us seriously

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -
Well this is not funny, but this is the last thing i saw yesterday 


After that i disappeared

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Best: - Winning a battle finnaly lol, and numbers! Over 80 players at one point!

Worst: - I spend almost all of one round waiting for an attack on Roadblock that never happened, sad.

Funniest: - Killing myself on a trench

Most hated player: - @HaLoAL and you know it. Two rounds in a row I got killed like EVERY time I tried to get close to Supplier by those funny granades.

Most loved/liked player: 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best When I helped infantry on village area and killed whole squad with only panzer II.

Worst:  That offul rain of rpg-43. I died too many times because that.

Funniest: When I were at village I saw t-26 in front of me and I started to switch my ammunition. It took 10 seconds from that t-26 to kill me.

Most hated player: no one yet.

Most loved/liked player: @WOLFXL

Other: I hope my pc will work before battle#3

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Best: The map and the gamemode! Switching defenders/attackers between rounds was BRILLIANT.

Worst: The server. Definitely the server and the lag spikes.

Funniest: Nothing particularly funny happened 

Most hated player: Went on a childish rant about one guy, but that's just because I hadn't had my medicine for the evening.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone in the squad. Kept teamkilling the same guy by mistake, but he was a good sport about it.

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Best: - 1. Playing tournament for a long time. This is best what this game can give.
3. Being a HQ for first time was fun although it was very hectic to concentrate leading a team and squad.

2. Playing my own map.
3. Infantry firefights on many flags, also best what this game can give :)

Worst: - 1. Many rounds was too clear for axis.

Funniest: - Own arty teamkilling us on flagzones, it was not fun then, but it is now.

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: - @Cannon123 was good with AT-mines. He kept our flags free from tanks.

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