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FH2 Campaign # 2: Battle 9 Siegfried Line - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Tank hunting with PzFaust, teamwork, concise radio comms.

Worst: Unbalanced map, this time for Axis. Not bad for first attempt, but needs improvement. Will give suggestions to Airshark.

Funniest: Flipping tanks everywhere.

Most hated player: Enemy Artillery.

Most loved/liked player: Pr0z4c, but I see him too rarely.

Other: Westwall is tried and tested, will be better.

Edit: Other2:

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(mute the videos for your own safety)

Best: - Shooting down a plane with mg42 ( I forgot to record it)

Worst: - Shooting at kt's side with jumbo and no damage

Funniest 1: - Getting stuck in the woods and exploding randomly: https://youtu.be/blpihY3Fkmo

Funniest 2: - Shooting down @Airshark79's plane with m36 and the debris flipping me over: https://youtu.be/9nZWORjOt_Q

Funniest 3: - Random car crashing to my light tank and tking 3 people @mcpollo @elvinu @luacha2000https://youtu.be/qPkHvHRXPMA

Most hated player: - Hetzer


Most loved/liked player: - idk

Other: - Hetzer pls

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Best:  those single moments

Worst: axis learning how to place mgs and tanks so we good that we couldnt move. This demoralized the army so that performance turned bad

Funniest:  Busting Minijims balls about tk mines and what does he do in the first assault :D

Funniest2: Managed to go around the whole map to.sneak up and place ahim rally only to blow up.

Funniest3 : redneck rampage and stopping 3 germans in the long corridor to church. Germans 4 and 5 managed to stop me after a while drying to stab them  (Oh @johonas was that you ?)

funniest 4:  German saboteurs blew up my beutiful jeep

Funniest5 : " your village is looking for its idiot" :D

Most hated player: onduty, causing.nightmares

Most loved/liked player: hmmmhmmmhmmm i liked caenos optimism!

Other: I reeeaaallly hate quitting. 

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Best: -Close rounds

Worst: -What's scout and spot? Oh, nevermind, i already dont care. I'm useless this time as pilot, again. depression

Funniest (sarcasm): -When landing on plane, my arty, @Pichu1199, destroyed me -_-". I'm not offended, but...

Most hated player: -Who used AA. Really, 2-3 AA tried kill me T_T#  

Most loved/liked player: - @Airshark79 (Hetzer) for being easy to find. @Hawk for being that allowed me to keep my promise that I will kill him more than once (I said 25 of November that I'll do it later, I did it) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Other: -You know, @Ombustman, basically I only destroyed a lot of Hetzer xD (because active axis AA. They everywhere and always). Several Tank AA and one... ONE Panzer IV and ONE Puma for all rounds *-_-#

9 hours ago, Ombustman said:

Most hated player: - Hetzer


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Best: Nice battle, some really good fights.

Worst: Enemy planes and artillery.

Funniest1: Hetzer funnily flipping and flying into the air. Looked really funny. Sawn through binoculars.

Funniest2: I think I had my best round when I played on Allied side that one round.

Most hated player: Enemy planes and artillery.

Most loved/liked player: Our own artillery and planes.

Other: Last battle for me this campaign. Have a nice Christmas and thanks for playing!

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Best: intense fight, even too much

Worst: the map. Looks great during the first round, but after i felt as if i was playng bf1... Also 10 times restart cause aaxis numbers...

Funniest: Mini's mines and @Sir_Kowskoskey and his famous "rp up in 2s". Other guys see what i mean

Most hated player: As always, @SturmFlim and his mg :banghead:

Most loved/liked player: /

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Best: I liked that map, it has a beautiful atmosphere. But I think it was horror for infantry.

Worst: Pretty even first rounds, then suddenly allies were totally overwhelmed.

Funniest: AT infantry everywhere, trying to hunt my tank. One time I heard a german screaming "Passt auf, Explosion!", he obviously threw explosive on my tank. I survive the explosion, look right at him and say "No" and shoot him with a HE shell right into the face :D

Most hated player: Enemy artillery, damn you really hunted me and my tank like 50% of my lifetime... get some better hobbies! lol

Most loved/liked player: All who played in this night, thanks for playing one of the best games in this universe!

Other: @Pollenz finally able to play without 1 single crash! That alone is worth a medal hehe

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Best: -As @JoenM already said. I was able to play full battle not only without crashes but without a single conection problem!!

Worst: -2nd time I came in the middle of the battle and suddenly my team starts to play worst. I think I cursed my team :(

Funniest: - @Ombustman randomly killed me at base while waiting the respawn of the tank xD 

Most hated player: - @radiosmersh and his sneak attacks on our tanks!

Most loved/liked player: -

Other: -

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Best: -Absolutely nothing

Worst: -Absolutely everything. This map was broken for gameplay. Should never have started with Axis having all flags when flags were so hard to cap because of lack of cover. Or ticket count should have had much higher difference. There was only one possible strategy for allied on this map and once Axis figured it out, they were going to defeat it every time, as we saw. First 2 rounds were close. Then it all went tits up. Couldn't even get far out of main base before the dick moves started - you know who you are. This was completely off kilter. 

Funniest: -Nothing

Most hated player: -The dick movers. You know who you are.

Most loved/liked player: -Kows for staying so good humoured despite everything 

Other: -Only battle I've played since I startet this that I just had to leave before the end because it was doing my head in.

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-Flying after a reaaaally long time. Was fun even though the map was quite poor for flying.

-Last assault on church during the last round - initial rally point was compromised, we managed to spawn and kill the attackers and @Sir_Kowskoskeymanaged to swap rally to a great spot on the other side of town JUST in time. From the second rally, we eventually greyed and capped the flag. Great ending to a tough battle.


-Our inability to use our assests well enough.


- @Sir_Kowskoskey running around the map for 10 mins and then dying to a single S-mine. And no rally...

-Tried to kill Hetzer (@Airshark79) with a flamethrower and laughing my ass off for failing so badly :D

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