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FH2 Campaign # 1: Battle 5 Argentan - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Killing many tanks and vehicles with AT mines around east and centre bridges!

Worst: Really bad night for Axis.

Funniest: Playing during with microphone muted for several minutes and nobody noticed! :D  (even me)

Most hated player: The same player, battle to battle, damn you Wualy! :)

Most loved/liked player: @Erwin and @Ombustmanfor driving his tanks over my AT mines :)

Other: My RP didn´t worked properly during battle. I had really problems to respawn on in, even if no enemies around. Tried everything: selecting another RP, unselect and select again but nothing worked. Not ever, but sometimes. Was annoying.

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Best: Killed 5 Guys in 12 seconds in Garrison HQ Flag House

Worst: All from Axis Team

Funniest: Knife fight with Johonas

Most hated player: kutuzovrusss for teamkilling me in the Arty on prupose

Most loved/liked player:  Hawk yesterday he was only a Victim for me. (Nein es ist kein Mobbing :D:D)

Other: Sorry for writing in chat what i think about kutuzovrusss.... after he tked me.

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Best: Wreaking havoc with the tank during first 2 and half rounds. It was like a day in the past. :DDestroying tanks after tanks. A few lucky and a few bad duels. It was great fun.

Best: Allied Army. All my orders were accomplished.

Best: Winning such a hard map with big difference. Amazing.

Worst: After round 2 Axis mined the bridges. DAAAMN YOUUUU! @Wualy :cussingwhite:

Funniest: @WOLFXL thought he got me cornered near Train Station. I saw him coming on behind, started turning but Sherman was slow AF. So I used the oldest trick in BF2 engine - Bumped the wall and bounced back. Turned faster and I landed an awesome shot between the lamp post and the wall. It was like 30 cm between those two and the shot got through. :D

Funniest: Hunting down @Ledernacke. He was thinking "Oh Allies here I come I flank you!" but he didn't know I was hiding in the farm fields. :D 

Most hated player: @Pr0z4cfor destroying my tank.

Most loved/liked player: @Wualy for mining the bridges. @Pr0z4cfor calling me an idiot. @Tutvys for trying to disobey my orders and getting a grave reference from me. @Airshark79 for being a dick and thinking I would miss his actions behind my back. @GeoPat for doing the boring work.

Other: Some rounds I thought "That's it we will lose this." But thanks to amazing efforts of my team we were able to turn it around. It was particularly (guess it was) round 3 where we captured Train Station in a hurry and sealed the deal on Axis morale.

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Best: general numbers seemed good (64+ for a while).

Best2: playing more than four rounds this time.

Best3: ahaemm ... #ä*üö~'ß-quitting, having a 15 minutes break to then come back and doing a better job.

Best4: urban warfare with the springfield and at-mines.

Worst: g43 ...

Worst2: bunnyhopping.

Worst3: little lags inbetween.

Funniest: failures, words, saves.

Most loved/liked player: everyone.

Other: none

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