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There are some tournaments this weekend and I woukd like to join this 4x4 Realistic Air Battle, is it any of you interested on creating a team and play together??

If we dont reach 4 we can join an existing team. There are good prizes, you can see full info at previous link.


Date & Time: Sunday 21 May, 14:00h GMT to 18:00h GMT aprox. (final)



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warthunder is a great game to play in a squad up to 4 members.
you can spontaneously search others ingame or leave a post/pm here and join TS.
playing this game in a team makes sense and is more fun.

cmp members in warthunder so far:


i know there are more. ;)
see you ingame

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list updated, 27th July 2017
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Well since it turned out to my surprise that my bought-second-hand "new" gaming PC is Oculus Rift capable, I bought one last week, partly to see if flight sims would be a good use for one.

I played a few combat sims previously(Luftwaffe Commander, Janes, Microsoft CFSM 1 and 2, IL-2) but not really been able to fully immerse in them and lost interest once I discoverd Forgotten Hope 1 years ago.
Playing in VR is something else entirely (I can do proper Immelmanns now),  but it's a steep learning curve so not ready for co-ops yet. But I think this is going to be my "go to" came outside Friday nights for quite a while - if I can keep the kids from hogging the PC that is. Having to "rest your chin" on the sights to fire accurately and look out of the side is absolutely awesome. Next investment has to be rudder pedals though.

User: whssy

Level: Noob - level 2 to level 5 last night.

Preferred Nation: Luftwaffe for now

Preferred Mode: Realistic in the long term, but grinding arcade right now.

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On 25/2/2018 at 9:52 PM, SgtAlex said:

M1 Abrams  will be ingame very soon  :wrench:

What do you think?

Very modern, in fact too much for my taste :P

And yeah, somehow I forgot to do this:

User: Mane1910

Level: 67

Preferred Nation: I play with all, but I have more german vehicles. Atm I'm grinding mostly french vehicles.

Preferred Mode: Grinding in arcade, but sometimes I play realistic.

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