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What Games / Genres Would You Like To See Played Within CMP?

What Genres / Games Would You Like To See In The Community?  

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  1. 1. What Genres / Games Would You Like To See In The Community?

    • Arena FPS e.g. Batatalion 1944, Quake Champions, CS:GO, COD
    • Squad And Co-op FPS e.g Squad, PUBG, Arma III, Vermintide, Killing Floor, PayDay 2, Forgotten Hope 2, R6: Siege
    • MMOFPS e.g. GTA V, The Division, Wild West Online
    • Survival FPS e.g. Ark, Rust, Dyling Light, Don't Starve Together
    • Simulators e.g. Star Citizen, IL-2 Sturmovik, Elite, Heliborne, World Of....
    • Third Person e.g. Helldivers, Magicka, Alien Swarm, The Red Solstic
    • Fighting / Platformers e.g. Gang Beasts, Humans Fall Flat, Worms, Broforce
    • Sports e.g. Rocket League, Steep, Fifa, NBA, NFL
    • Turn Based RPGs e.g. Divinity, XCOM
    • Strategy e.g. Hearts of Iron, Age of Empires, Stellaris, Civilization
    • MOBA's e.g. DOTA 2, LoL, Overwatch, Paragon
    • MMORPG's e.g. Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls Online,
    • RTS e.g. Total War, Company of Heroes, Men of War
    • Driving e.g. GRID Autosport, Project CARS, Euro Truck Simulator, Spintires, Dirt
    • Casual Sandbox e.g. Terraria, Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator

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4 hours ago, SgtAlex said:

There are tournaments with prizes every weekend by the way. It'd be great to play together and organised with some of you. We could also create a CMP Squadron/Regiment. I would join for sure.

@SgtAlex @Mane_Goddard if you guys want to look at getting something set up on a more permanent basis, we can help with a forums area. Teamspeak already has a War Thunder channel I believe and we can help you with announcements  on for forums and so on. Just send me a PM if you want talk more about it.

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9 minutes ago, Quicksilver said:

@HaLoAL @Smashmachine fun games last night in Rocket League, one of us needs a lot of practice (I do :D ) and we'll start to win some matches! Will post up some highlights later on.


I have to find a way to play with my PS4, because it's difficult to setup my ps4 gamepad in my PC. I know there's crossplay, but can you send an invitation from PC(Steam) to PS4? :scratchheadyellow:

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There is a weekly event for Mount & Blade: Warband every tuesday at 20:00 gmt. If we gather enough players (5-6) we can join. PM me if you are interested.

This event consists of 100 - 200 players following their leaders orders on a large map using tactics and power to crush the opposing teams shield walls.

Link : https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,360268.0.html

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