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What Games / Genres Would You Like To See Played Within CMP?


What Genres / Games Would You Like To See In The Community?  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. What Genres / Games Would You Like To See In The Community?

    • Arena FPS e.g. Batatalion 1944, Quake Champions, CS:GO, COD
    • Squad And Co-op FPS e.g Squad, PUBG, Arma III, Vermintide, Killing Floor, PayDay 2, Forgotten Hope 2, R6: Siege
    • MMOFPS e.g. GTA V, The Division, Wild West Online
    • Survival FPS e.g. Ark, Rust, Dyling Light, Don't Starve Together
    • Simulators e.g. Star Citizen, IL-2 Sturmovik, Elite, Heliborne, World Of....
    • Third Person e.g. Helldivers, Magicka, Alien Swarm, The Red Solstic
    • Fighting / Platformers e.g. Gang Beasts, Humans Fall Flat, Worms, Broforce
    • Sports e.g. Rocket League, Steep, Fifa, NBA, NFL
    • Turn Based RPGs e.g. Divinity, XCOM
    • Strategy e.g. Hearts of Iron, Age of Empires, Stellaris, Civilization
    • MOBA's e.g. DOTA 2, LoL, Overwatch, Paragon
    • MMORPG's e.g. Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls Online,
    • RTS e.g. Total War, Company of Heroes, Men of War
    • Driving e.g. GRID Autosport, Project CARS, Euro Truck Simulator, Spintires, Dirt
    • Casual Sandbox e.g. Terraria, Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator

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Expanding Our Horizons At CMP

We are becoming a large community of players, with over 500 members registered so far! However, at present we only have a small number of groups and campaigns in place and we realise that what we play right now may not suit everyone's taste in gaming, or that player's may want to play something different once in a while.

So let us start to get an idea of what you, the CMP Gaming community would like to play; either casually, cooperatively or competitively.

In the poll is just a basic list of multiplayer genre types and a few examples of the games in those genres to give you an idea, vote on the genres and not the examples given! You can vote on as many genres as you like.

We encourage everyone to post the types of multiplayer games they would like to play - BUT if there is a game you would like to play within the group, please consider stepping up to volunteer and help to set up a group playing that game rather than hoping someone else will do it for you.

The Committee and other CMP members will try to help where we can:

  • Setting up forums areas, Discord and Teamspeak channels
  • Helping create graphics, icons and logos
  • General help and support and much more

So if you post a game you would like to play in the community, please say if you'd be willing to help try and set up a group as well.

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I'm with you @Quicksilver . I want to try new games. I've been trying to, but there's no enough people to play with.

Hope this post helps!!!

Games I have:

Steam- Age of Empires, Company of Heroes, L4D2, RUSE, MOW, Zombie Army(Sniper Elite Zombie mode), Dying Light, Foxhole, etc.

Origin- Bf1942

Blizzard- Diablo 2 and 3, Overwatch.

PS4: FIFA, Star Wars Battlefront, Rocket League, Helldivers, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Alienation, Need for Speed, Project Cars, GTA V, Bf4, For Honor, COD WW2, etc.

Feel free to talk to me, so we can play together!!

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I'm pretty sure we have quite a few Company of Heroes players in the community, it's been on sale and in Humble Bundles for such a long time now, that it isn't hard to get hold of.

Left 4 Dead 2 is relatively cheap and has been on sale many times, so I'd be amazed if there wasn't a lot of guys on here with that game too.

I'm sure some players who have CoH and AoE will be interested in playing a few rounds with you. PM @Smashmachine if you're you'd like to get something set up!

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1 hour ago, Smashmachine said:

Will you play on PC or PS4?

On PC @Smashmachine and don't forget to come on Teamspeak too, come and join us when you can. I'm sure we'll be playing a few matches - I need the practice! :D

@HaLoAL Let's make it 20:30 UTC so we don't burn ourselves out before Smashmachine arrives?

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Hey everyone, I've opened up the voting to allow you to see who voted for each category of game. Why do this? It's so that if you want to see which members of the CMP community are interested in the same sorts of games as you!

Look for the tally total on the right of the poll (with the little person icon) and click on it. It will show you who voted for that category. If you want to see what types of games those people like, why not send them a PM and see if you can get a game going? :)

Let's get some games going. We have Discord for real-time chat, we have Teamspeak to organise and talk on, if you need a channel creating on TS or think you might need a dedicated forum area then PM me or another Committee member, or a Moderator (@RAnDOOm and @RayderPSG) to discuss creating one.

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4 hours ago, Smashmachine said:

PC or PS4?. I don't have it.

I have "Day of infamy", Do you have it? It's now on sale until 26th February.


PC of course. Cant imagine playing this on console.

Battalion 1944 is Straight Up high fps WW2 Counterstrike like the old free wolfenstein multiplayer game. I suck, but Its an awesome human latency training simulator :-)

only 14,99€ http://store.steampowered.com/app/489940/BATTALION_1944/

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