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Battlefield Pirates 2 Event - Friday 29 December 19h GMT


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Battlefield Pirates 2 Event 29-12-2017 @ 19h GMT
Hardy harr to all pirates, marauders, and swashbucklers as well as to all ye landlubbers out there! Meet Battlefield Pirates 2, a full conversion modification of Battlefield 2 featuring big ships, big guns, and big hats!
BFP2 offers a truly fantastic and thrilling experiences that no other mod rival, an exciting theme set in the lush environments of the Carribean, as well as guns, ships, cannons for everyone's taste! With that said, pick up your musket, board that runabout, and prepare to assault that island in a mod that's made all that possible.

What is needed:

  1. Download and install the mod here: http://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/pirates/BFP2_R2.1_Client_Full.exe
  2. Go to the BFP2 shortcut created in the desktop. Click properties and change the text BF2.exe with ForgottenHope2.exe
    3. Start the game using the BFP2 shortcut.
  3. Go to Options and change the terrain to low
  4.  Connect IP -  fh2.cmp-gaming.com:16571
  5. Have fun!  :xmas:

Come and have fun together witb all the players and join us on TeamSpeak!


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1 hour ago, Humledrik said:

OK got Teamspeak and games working - hoping to have a new player on tonight too but now for some reason it's thinking both installs are on the same CD key. I have 2 CD keys for BF2... how can I change them without installing the whole lot again?

Use this small program to change your CD key and tell us if works ;)


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