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  1. It was fun indeed. Thanks all.
  2. Stats don't matter that much. Don't be so grasping bro'
  3. Installation of Bf2 and FH2 on Windows 10?

    I usually reinstall the game in the same folder (registry keys get inserted) Move or copy my old config files into place (Documents\Battlefield 2 and Documents\Forgottenhp 2) That's about it as far as I can remember. I do not reinstall very often.
  4. FH2 #2 Road to Glory

    I never knew who made it, I just thought I played it before (from the look of the map). On yesterday's battle, I found out I was wrong about that (was not familiar at all). I must have mixed it up with another one. Really nice map though!
  5. FH2 #2 Road to Glory

    Is this a new map? Who made it? NVM, I remember now.
  6. False positive ?

    If in doubt, I usually go for a scan here too. https://www.virustotal.com/
  7. Star Citizen needs you

    I don't have the game. I think ADI_HUN has it. I like sci-fi theme in general, but not fan of rpg, sorry
  8. CoD WWII

    We may have to wait with that until E3