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  1. Oh thank you! Just noticed.
  2. It might have been the profile that was causing a problem on our side too. (Maybe a corrupted profile file, since the PC got frozen on an FH2 startup). Although friend reinstalled the game, because he had no clue about what could be wrong and it works fine now.
  3. I'm subscribing to this topic since someone had this error in another community last Sunday. Couldn't help
  4. I liked the idea, that you can explore the whole complex, trenches, bunkers and so on at your own pace with a given map. You can even go inside some of those turrets and make them turn and raise/lower the guns.
  5. I enjoyed exploring bunkermuseum in Austria last year. It's close to the Slovenian and Italian border. I recommend it for everyone who's near. http://www.bunkermuseum.at/
  6. I usually reinstall the game in the same folder (registry keys get inserted) Move or copy my old config files into place (Documents\Battlefield 2 and Documents\Forgottenhp 2) That's about it as far as I can remember. I do not reinstall very often.
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