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FH2 Campaign #11: Battle 5 - Lost Battalion - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Share your opinions about the battle.  Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean!

Any posts containing complaints about map balance, assets, or other complaints will be removed and the person posting will have their posting privileges removed.


Copy and paste below:

Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: Numbers were very good for a Midsummer's Day

Best: 2 Getting to play a CMP FH2 battle again. Always a good time.

Worst: Nothing at all.

Funniest: -Some funny moments of watching from far awar players teabagging other players.  🔭

Most hated player: No one

Most loved/liked player: Everyone

Best Battle Photo
"Me going behind a enemy RP to destroy it. All of the sudden everyone spawns on it and runs away from me. So i decided to wait, let them go. I will destroy it after they are gone.
And.... Objective completed. Enemy RP destroyed and enemies killed after. Perfect example of trigger discipline."


Other: -

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Best: - enjoy the game with the polish, inters, spanish.

Worst: - well worst.... guys who attack me inside the main @dumbbPunk, @Pepinio 😠😠..... With you @CptBocquier With you no baby you are a gentleman and accept your apologies ❤️

Funniest: - tk officers ❤️

Most hated player: - emmm well i have 2 ehehhee

Most loved/liked player: - all players on both teams who play to enjoy and having fun time... axis spotters: @Misterposter552, @postelnik, @AL-SAHAD, @DarthTemoc, @Sir_Kowskoskey, @Hawk, @RayderPSG, @Cpt. HunSzergej, @TOBU94, @Zabstone, @The_Green_Bunny, @Otto if i forgett someone tell me ❤️

Best Battle Photo -


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Best: I am participating in my third company CMP FH2

Worst: Nothing

Funniest: Our photo after the battle

Most hated player:  No one

Most loved/liked player: All from my squad @Kerst, @Vlasov, @ЯÖÏÖR, @ZZZkam1kadzeZZZ, @Godall, @-Bombarik-, @dumbbPunk, @Westland, @BerserK. Thank you for the battle!

Best Battle Photo 

Other: -

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