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FH2 Campaign #5: Battle 9 Kasserine Pass - Best/Worst/Funniest

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-It's been too long since last time I got to fly a lot! I like sitting in tanks, but flying has my heart :D
-The numbers! I think it was 35vs35 for most of the time.
-My expectations of the map were subverted... in a good way.


-Nothing comes to mind except... game crashed mid round one time

-I was so sure that the player on top of a hill was enemy and tried to strafe him. I failed in that, but succeeded in killing him with my wing. Turns out I was wrong and it was @Ombustman on that hill... :D 
-A similar situation where I saw 3 players around north of Center flag. I checked my minimap and was sure that "that guy on the right side is enemy" and started strafing... aaaaaand once again I killed a friendly. I think it was @PeterRdeVries this time... sorry! :D
-The deadly trees.
-Few head on crashed with @HalcoR-=|RUS|=-. Few times I really tried to avoid it, but just couldn't turn fast enough :D
-I was so excited during the battle...I was laughing at that and told @Blander that you can probably hear it from my voice that I'm excited... My heart was pounding like crazy for some reason. 

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Best: - Having so much fun on the 4th round (7-0), so intense ! Doing mp40 and bayonet charges on Center and capping it !

Worst: - Lagged on 5th round, but only went for 10 minutes. Also when i lead my scores are awfull, but i still manage to be the best officer. Is anyone using this kit or what ?

Funniest: - Driving a kubel with @WOLFXL and @Ombustman from South to village, we encounter a wild sherman and then i manage to overturn his turret with a nice maneuver, avoid his bullets and then we capped South. Epicness !

- @thunder493 is raging out from your m1 Garand skills @Achtungsnow, but everything went better when he managed to kill you with a pak38 from more than 100 meters with only one shell ahah (from North to Center)

Most hated player: - @Pepinio finding me in the rocks at Center, already waited 1 minute out of 3 to put a new rp lol.

Most loved/liked player: - 288's and tankers guys with us, it was really enjoyable yesterday, thanks for letting me do the lead @Sir_Kowskoskey

Best Battle Photo - Overly Dramatic @Sir_Kowskoskey

Other: - I hope all of you had fun as much as i had ! Btw hourra for the mighty 288 ! (5 times zebestsquad !)

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Funniest: - 5th round, our attack direction was changed, RP gone, team divided on map in 2, and we had more than twice tickets than enemy but enemy has 90 tickets and as always there was a potential that things get worse  for us in last minutes even if it seems that we have enough tickets to win. 

While waiting for rp from SL, who was away from rally deployment position. I saw @Ombustman on map with two guys, preparation for heroicly charging without rp to village flag from its back. 

And i said: hey ombust, put rally

Ombust said: 100 etc seconds need for it. And enemy has only 90 tickets left, I am charging. 

I said: hey tomatoman, rally will be available when enemy tickets reach 50.

Ombust said: How do you know? (He didnt believe in me, and laughing) 

I said: Please wait for it, you will see. 

Then they waited and we started countdown the rally time and tickets. 

Enemy tickets reach 52. And rally was available. 

We started laughing for that miracle.

And ombust said, how the fuck do you know this?

I said: Years of experience (like a boss) 

Then we cap the village with full force of 288 less than 15 seconds, from back door of village. 


It was very fun and epic moment in this battle. 

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Best: - numbers. Especially allied ones. They were better all night, that s nice after a long time

Best2: - my little squad with @war3bf2clark001 @Anguita36 @Heia Safari! @kirbyris-cafe., Especially funny moments with @Quicksilver

BEst3: my spaniards @Darkpotato  @L.L.HERRAIZ and @Sir_Kowskoskey back 

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -no one! 

Most loved/liked player: - everyone! 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - i m sure allies are fighting back until the end 

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