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  1. wow! Did the Japanese add the creeping action?
  2. Best: -Defense easily This is why positions are built on high ground Worst: -Mountain is not suitable for tank operations Funniest: -When you are killed near the cliff,you can see your body keep rolling all the way down to the mountain... Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - I'm hit! Where is this Is that my friend?
  3. From GTA:SA ENB I edited it work for FH2 http://fhpubforum.warumdarum.de/index.php?topic=22047.0 I clicked the “report post” by mistake Please ignore it administrator
  4. Best: Beautiful map Worst: G5 have a wall bug Funniest: Our Unit have three Germans,yeah that's sense of history when they speak german Most hated player: Enemy bomber Most loved/liked player: Divisional's plane Best Battle Photo - I'm tired of fighting, resting by the tree
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