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CMP Christmas Message


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From all of the Committee, Admins and Moderators we want to wish
every member of the CMP community a wonderful holiday.


This year we have seen our member count rise to over 1,000 and we hope that these new members have found the CMP community to be warm, friendly and welcoming.

We want to thank you all for participating in our campaigns and events and supporting members and the community in general.

A big thank you goes to those members that go above and beyond for the community in helping with FH2 campaigns, running various groups and the almost daily tasks that are needed to keep the community running including:

  • Papillon
  • kummitus
  • Erwin
  • Sir_Kowskoskey
  • RAnDOOm
  • Hawk
  • Harmonikater
  • Stubbfan
  • Geopat
  • Watchtower
  • Pr0z4c
  • SgtAlex
  • Blander
  • RayderPSG
  • Smashmachine
  • HaLoAL

There are undoubtedly many others in the community that aren't on this list and we thank them all for their help.

A huge thank you to those that have donated throughout 2018 and continue to donate monthly to keep the forums, Teamspeak, Discord channels and game server up and running. Without your generous donations we would not be able to continue the expansion of the CMP community and to look forward to supporting more games and events during 2019.

You can see the list of donators and information on how you can donate by going here.


CMP 2018 Recap
Over the past 12 months we have:

  • Hosted our first Continuation War FH2 campaign featuring Finnish and Russian forces, and are currently in the middle of our Pacific FH2 Campaign with American and British versus Japanese troops fighting in the dense jungles and volcanic islands for victory;
  • Hosted multiple Arma III campaigns including Vlad's Wolves and Broken Arrow;
  • Opened new groups for:
    • BF1942 and BF1918 mods
    • Dirt Rally
    • Foxhole
    • Post Scriptum
    • PUBG
    • War Thunder

Come and join them if you play these games!

  • Set up public servers for FH2 and Post Scriptum;
  • Hosted events for BF2 Pirates, GRID: Autosport and Star Citizen along with other games.


Christmas Holiday Break For The FH2 Campaign
We are nearly two thirds of the way through the current FH2 campaign, but as we reach the holidays we are intending to take a break (a truce?) to allow the admins, mappers, CO's and HQ's to take a rest and let everyone focus on being with friends and family.

Our last battle for 2018 will be Irrawaddy River on Friday 21st December, before having a break and then coming back for the battle at Guam on Friday 4th January. There will be training as usual on Thursday 3rd January.


CMP In 2019
We are looking to increase support for existing gaming groups and the number of games we support over the next year:

  • More Arma III campaigns;
  • More FH2 campaigns;
  • More Dirt Rally events;
  • As Star Citizen increases in scope and activities we will be hosting more events - come and join us at ANTCORP!;
  • To look at arranging scrims with other communities and clans playing Post Scriptum;
  • With the beta launch of Hell Let Loose for Q2 of 2019 we will be looking to begin testing the game and it's potential for creating future campaigns using it.

Are there other multiplayer and co-operative games you are interested in that you think the CMP community would enjoy too? If you do, then please post here and also vote in our poll!


Donating To CMP
Throughout our first year, the costs for running the community were shouldered by only a few members of CMP, notably Papillon and kummitus. In 2018 we started our donations drive to ask for CMP members to help with our monthly costs and we very nearly reached our target for this year.

In 2019 we will also need members to step up and donate whatever they can afford to help cover the monthly community costs - even a few Euros will help. This will allow us to continue to create and host FH2 campaigns, support new games such as Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose on the game server; as well as run the forums, Teamspeak and Discord channels.

You can use the button below to make a single or monthly donation to CMP, or use the buttons on the side bar of the Home page.



We look forward to seeing you all in 2019!

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