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A meeting place and time.
Our chance to make amends.
Weather to meet as planned,
Or reach out for, the cold, upper hand.
A meeting place and time.
Of which neither of them would show.
A meeting Place and Time.
A meeting place and time.
Pictured in our minds.
To stand up, from a table,
And prepare for the outside.
A meeting place and time.
Neither of them would show.
A meeting place and time.
Neither of them would know.
'I wouldn't miss it for the world.'
with that having been said,
Could you be careful with your words,
Because my world is in your hands.
It was a year ago today,
I put a desperate man to death.
He was the man I used to be,
He trusted every word you said.
You can wait no more...it's time to go home.
I hope it's cold, everyday, where you are...
For this place, is where neither of us will meet.
For this time when neither of us will wait.
And this is the end of this burden of yours and mine.
This is the end, of this well rehearsed story of you and I.
This meeting place and time.
The story of you and I.


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