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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 12 Aniskala - Best/Worst/Funniest

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I think, i should be more active in here.

Best: - Mighty Sujuk Spirit.

Worst: - The ones not loving the Mighty Sujuk

Funniest: - Return to the precious Boobies!

Most hated player: - Protesters of mighty Sujuk Medal.

Most loved/liked player: - Mighty Sujuk supporters.

Best Battle Photo -

Come on! We just want to play with my friends, little kitty :)(Check the mini map)


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Mighty Sujuk will rise again!
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Best: Cool looking map, with a large tactical nyans

Worst: 6 flags..... 


Funniest: Beyers killing the North bridge guards by himself but instead of capping the flag he steals our halftrack and drives away. 


Funniest2: Allied tank retreating from 3 axis tanks and backing up in to a ditch 


Funniest3: " we dont know what the password is"


FUnniest4: Bagging hawky!

Most hated player:  Wlasov. Always wlasov

Most loved/liked player:  French bodyguards :D   Random AFKs. 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: 6 flags, lets never do it again 

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Best: Winning again. Fighting off surprise attack with sniper rifle.

Worst: Most boring battle of the campaign.

Funniest: Number of TKs I made with S-mines.  Getting teabagged by Kows before the battle even started. The bikes.

Most hated player: The guys who can shoot through walls.

Most loved/liked player: Ombustman for letting me play so freely and to my skills. 

Other: JS tank was a bit overpowered but we won so it was OK.

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Worst: Finnish KV-1S havent engine sound. Its stupid.

Funniest: Direct fire - the best tactics on Katyusha

Most loved/liked player: My squad

Best Battle Photo - Meanwhile...

Other: Why does a Finnish KV-1S have not engine sound? Can't hear him at all. In the end, it was a big problem.

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Best: - The round before the last one, did well, that was fun

Worst: - Putting and rp during a sneak attack with @SputnikFighter and @Sir_Kowskoskey. But it disapeared whereas we were attacking. When i saw that, PANIC xD We never finished our assault 

Funniest: - The sdkfz thief, that was riduculous xD

Most hated player: - For once nobody

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - Give me my photo medals :p 

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Best: - Victory in this map

Worst: - Tanks and arty in this map

Funniest: - Mmm nothing particularly funny happened to me

Most hated player: 

Most loved/liked player: 

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - I have troubles deciding from 3 pictures which one to use in best battle photo

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Best: - @SgtAlex back and my guys doing the job

Worst: -some absences, including mine, which i wasn t expecting. 

Worst2: My guys, who where aware I couldn t join, saying " rayder, this is the best map of the campaign" 

Funniest: -Still following the game via Ts with HQ and spaniards xD 

Most hated player: -me

Most loved/liked player: -garriiii

Best Battle Photo -

Other: everyone, join the last battle! Suomi vs Germans is going to be funny 

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On 9/8/2018 at 3:42 AM, GeoPat said:

Maybe if you reported that bug we could have fixed it.

@GeoPatThis is not very reasonable towards @HaLoAL since 'we' (yes also my regiment reported this during the first round) only found out when the battle had already started. In the hectic I did not report it to you, should have, did not :(

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