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FH2 Campaign #3: Battle 6 Ilomantsi - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Share your opinions about the battle.

Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean!


Copy and paste below:

Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: playing though i filled in LOA.

Best 2: at some point actually fragging (a little tiny bit).

Best 3: the map itself, interesting

Worst: ... still - lags ... :( ... rubberbanding ...

Funniest: random occasions, overall the people are having and taking some sort of fun. ;)

Most hated player: none (maybe, just maybe annoying haloal? naaah! he's good boy! - more the guy playing 38/5 with 180+ ping, nicht really koscher!) but none.

Most loved/liked player: everyone participating.

Other: hello.

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Best: - Having good score as infantry D:

Worst: - Getting killed by infantry as tanker -.-

Funniest1: - Going inside a house of Viitaranta to see if I could find a good kit since I forgot to change mine when I found @GrantRuss behind a door (don't ask me how the hell I killed him with my ping and my panic of finding him) (picture below)

Funniest2: - Bailing out of my tank to repair it and seeing in a glimpse an infantry with panzerfaust coming = Died as trying to get inside again laughing.

Funniest3: - Killing @HaLoAL as infantry and then another one, and another one and even when someone got me, got another one with S-Mine = 4 for the price of a lonely bad infantry man lol

Most hated player: - Panzerfaust

Most loved/liked player: - None this time

Best Battle Photo - ¡Bad Landing spotted! (picture below)

Other: -



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just sayin...



If you are under 40y old and can't gleam the meaning with all the nuance and subtlety:



Best: -  Intense fight

Worst: - numbers.  What can we do?  We really need 40 v. 40 going forward.  Do something someone!!!

Funniest: -  P-Fausting tanks at Kuukoosearnakafukeenzaaranabourgenvilla

Most hated player: - AchtungOFC.  Everytime I killed you an angel got it's wings.  So two angels now have wings.

Most loved/liked player: -  Knockwurst.  From arty to SL, saving the day all the way.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - Get these numbers up, seriously.  (I go to Iceland in two weeks.  My first European country(does that count?))

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Best one of the nicest maps ive played. In FH2 history

Worst:  I cant shake the feeling how much niser it would have been with 80~100 players. Damn summer is spoilling shit!

Funniest: Seeing a plane thrustraiting us at kuuksenvaara. Explosions deaths carnage in the second round. Seeing it coming towards us again and flying off i take aim with my suomiKp and empty my clip at the planes whilst flying away.  Suddenly the engine sound turns off and kill message comes that i killed @HaLoAL. Thr plane clides away whilst the kuuksenvaara defenders start to laugh what the flying fuck just happened. 😁

Funniest2: @AL-SAHAD gangbagged by me and a couple of the jab2 crew.

Funniest3: Sneaky russian surprising me at kuuksenvaara. Almost pissed my pants after @Malleus @Vlasov. @kutuzovrusss and fourth one whose name i didint see jumped out of a bush and i was fiddeling with my knife. 

Funniest4:  @RayderPSG yelling on cc. " Wolf watch out!! Wolf behind you!!!!!" Me thinking, hhah burning sujuk. Wouldnt want to be him now. All of a sudden my tank explodes. " thanks for the warning mate 😂

Most hated player: @crapinabox127 @SturmFlim and many others whos stopped my redneck rampage moments more than once

Most loved/liked player:  @Ombustman saved me more than once.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -we need a replay on this when people start returning from holidays!

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Best:  I agree with @Sir_Kowskoskey this map was super! I could not play all rounds but it was big fun.

Worst: Time passing

Funniest: I guess nothing funny happened to me this time.

Most hated player: Me when I team kill :(

Most loved/liked player: All of you :)

Best Battle Photo -

Being Silly at Milly (Silly at Millou when spoken in English (Silly) and Finnish (Milly) .... I think) with @Incognitoand @crapinabox127

Other: -

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Best: just playing one more battle of the campaign is the best thing for me in my life of FH2 (understand how important they are to me in my life guys)

Worst: having to leave in the last round

Funniest: enjoy the time we waited until we were attacked !! ... it really took several minutes haha

Most hated player: "theanh" I think he's going to find my principles !! but will it be that using graphics under gives you the advantage of seeing players covered by trees or bushes? I'll think about that and not about anything strange about his game ...

Most loved/liked player: Hispanics !!!

Other: @SturmFlim curious where is your rp ... rightly we could never find it


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Best: -----

Worst: Lags enemy planes >_>; 6-7 ppl in russian squad; lags during reloading and aiming with a rifle <_<; angry Godall, whom I muted for myself for one round, because I accidentally killed him, and he's mad at me... (T_T)

Funniest: -----

Most hated player: -----

Most loved/liked player: -----

Best Battle Photo 

Hunting season is open


Other: If someone is sad from this battle, then I'm depressed. It reminds me of the last camp

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2 hours ago, AL-SAHAD said:

This time i got you 5-6 times  , but managed to TB you only twice. I called my ppl for TB :bouncymulticolor:party ... but your body keeps disappearing too fast :cya: !

Hehe, at least last 3 battles I have been able to TB @Sir_Kowskoskey a couple of times, I make screenshots, I think by the end of the campaign I will make a nice compilation 😎


@fabrigrinovero35, Our rp at Milly was blown up by one of you in the end by a grenade, we placed it far West just outside in the red zone, I saw you guys walk by a couple of times indeed, maybe that was the funny moment inthe battle I missed?


@Sir_Kowskoskey, Aaah I already could not place that Milly, but hey I thought maybe in Finnish it makes sense, it's not Estonian. 🙃


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Best: FH2 night at its best. Great map, loved it. Serious candidate to end in public server inch allah

Best2: Finally good hispanic numbers again

Best 3: Hard fights against @SturmFlim and @GeoPat. I'm getting used to fight against the last one 😁. Always funny mates.

Best 4: Not facing @HaLoAL

Worst: General numbers...this is not growing, Im afraid :( .

Worst2:  fuck  @GeoPat is made of steel!! Or it s his USA ping? Well, I tried to knife him...he knows better the result :( At least he brought home a good cut, he should still be bleeding...

Worst 3: Me being too upset sometimes. Sorry guys! 

Funniest: stopping attacks and giving spots to Pichu in earlier rounds. Getting in the Teabagging club. 

Most hated player: probably no one, even if @crapinabox127 gave me too much sauce. 

Most loved/liked player: @Sir_Kowskoskey for staying when we needed him and leaving when round was over. Always in my team.  @fabrigrinovero35 and @Darkpotato my true bodyguards. If at some point I have to protect myself from a Zombie threat I ll call them. @WOLFXL for sujuk spirit. @Thesalamanderman for his sick comments. 

Other: Let's continue! 

Best Battle Photo

"Sleep @kunderico, take a rest, Rayder said...then he teabagged him" 


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Best: Everything about this battle was great. It was close, all rounds were different and a lot of fun. Also first battle with my son on the squad. Seeing how much better I've got at this game... 

Worst: Realising I don't have a clue how arty system works in this game.

Funniest: Long range sniping from log piles up the hill to the watchtower on the top right flag. Took out the same guy in the tower (who had sniper kit) 3 times in  a row and getting away with it. Can't believe I got away with it. Trolling Russians up there by going up there on my own and leaving S-mines near their ammo box.

Most hated player: Al-Sahad. I only like Al-Sahad when I'm not playing against him. He always finds me, eventually.

Most loved/liked player: Kows for being hilarious to have on squad. Moses Herodez for playing a great first proper battle.

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