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CMP: What's Coming Up In 2018


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We have a number of campaigns and events planned for the new year, with more happening in the coming months. Highlights include:



Arma III Campaign: "Vlad's Wolves" - Starting 5th January

Answer the call and join the rebel group of "Vlad's Wolves" fighting a guerilla style war
against the Russian and Pro-Russian occupation of Chernarus.

You can sign up for the Arma III campaign at https://cmp-gaming.com/gc/cat/26-arma-iii/




Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign #3 - Coming In March

The next campaign will take place in the "Continuation War" between Finland and Russia.
Expect a mixture of public and custom made maps focusing on this area of Europe during 1941 - 1944

Look out for more information in the FH2 Announcements thread at https://cmp-gaming.com/forum/95-fh2-announcements/




Star Citizen: Antarus Corporation

Interested in Star Citizen or already own the game and looking to join an Organisation?
Come and join the Antarus Corporation at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ANTCORP

With the release of Alpha PU 3.0, CMP's Star Citizen group will be frequently conducting events ranging from
cargo runs to combat missions, exploration of areas of interest (such as wrecks) to simply driving around the moons of Crusader.

Check out the Star Citizen area to chat more about the game and info on events

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