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FH2 Campaign #9: Battle 2 - Brody - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Ok, seems that everybody is waiting for me to start it again! 😄


Best: -Great attendance, we had almost 30 people at the round start in our international regiment? What an achievement for such an old game! 

- Its always nice to play a new custom map!

- So many close rounds again!

-Epic MG34 kills!

Worst: - Having so high numbers, means that you have to rotate... Sometimes for 2 rounds in a row... 

Funniest: -about 30 players in 1 channel before battle, each when joined asked: "what is the server password?" :D 

- last round, for the entire evening rather calm, then suddendly @Achtungsnow blew up and started yelling at everybody... well I cannot deny that he was right in that situation and I cannot deny that I was guilty too! 😅 Anyway, that minute of silence after that was quite priceless! 😂

Most hated player: -hmm... nobody?

Most loved/liked player: -Like you all!

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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-Actually made it to the battle for 3 whole rounds! Was working late and assumed I'd be home and maybe get to play 1 round.
-Me being lucky in many ways during the rounds... I'm just suprised how I enemy planes missed me and some tanks just drove past me and when I stumbled upon an enemy rally etc. I'm sure it wasn't fun on the receiving end, but to me it was funny. I think I just used all my luck for this camp during these 3 rounds :D 
-And the numbers! God damn! Nice to see so many players! 

-Me sucking while trying to kill T34's.

-The many nearly heartattacks I got from driving too quickly and almost... just BARELY not flipping the tank over multiple times. I think once the tank's nose was directly upwards for 2-3 seconds, but in the end it did fall down on it's tracks and I think even the neighbours could hear my sigh after it :D
- @Tutvys guiding me towards an enemy tank and me getting confused how many tanks there were and where they were and eventually getting killed because I missed 2 shots entirely due to bouncy tank :D That was embarrassing really :D 

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Best: - fh2 night with FULL SERVER whole battle

Best 2: 1st victory, close rounds

Worst: - nothing

Funniest: - kept whining all night about teamkills. While i  hadn't commited any, in the same play I teamkilled @Papillon in his halftrack and got @Blander down with his aircraft. Sorry guys! 

Most hated player: - no one 

Most loved/liked player: - @Quicksilver @Papillon @kummitus  @RAnDOOm @Sir_Kowskoskey @Hawk second battle and already lots of work in both in and outside of battle! Admin work is rarely recognized 

Best Battle Photo -


Other: - if battles continue with this level i won't survive 

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