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Any Simracing Fans around


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I have both Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa, but trying to get something planned for a night of racing isn't easy.

Also, I'm not sure how many have these games versus GRID Autosport where there must be 15 or so guys who have it?

I'm sure if you want to try and organise something @Raandom then we can see who would be interested.

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PC2 is just perfect to host own tournaments etc. I would love to see some racing nights with you boys 🤺 

i loved playing Nürburgring GP 1-2h Sessions.. man youre sweating your a** off 🤣

Actually i am in the mood for racing now..hold my beer!

Here is a good offer for PC2 Deluxe Edition for the Steam price of the normal version!


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On 6/15/2019 at 2:12 PM, Raandom said:

I'd really like to, if there are enough people around with enough have spare time :)

Never played GRID, it was free somewhere, wasn't it? I don't know if I picked it up back then. I like PC2 and Assetto for the VR + Wheel experience, does GRID have that?

http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/10/grid-autosport-oculus-rift-support/ looks like they're saying it's supported, but no clue myself as I don't own a headset.

The game currently isn't on sale, but it frequently is.

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It would be cool if it has that, at least on their steam page it is not listed. I just looked through some videos, at least from viewing I don't like the way they've implemented car physics. Looks like the crew, with people drifting around all corners instead of actual driving. I would have to try it though, to get a feeling for that. But I just quit Forza Horizon for the exact same reason. The cars simply do not feel like I assume they'd do in reality.

I'd personally prefer pc2 right now, you can reduce some simulation effects for the people who prefer to play that way, but still you can have everything else. But if I'm the only one around playing that, it will be hard to get a grid together :(

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It hasn't been too bad with GRID, there is little in the way of any drifting (unless you choose specific cars and races), otherwise the physics aren't too bad.

Population numbers is the issue. GRID I know has 15+ players in CMP, PC2 has 4 people who own it in CMP (that I know of) and Assetto has less than that.

I guess if you can create an open tournament, I'm sure the CMP guys would join in.

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I get the feeling that @Raandom likes more HC simulation type racing games. It's OK but what I loved about GRID Autosport and Dirt was the fact that you really don't need to be Kimi Hamilton to have fun and that's the way I think we should go for in our tournament. You should be able to spend only a few hours to learn the track, make setups and be ready to race and have fun instead of doing mental training for the track for days and getting automotive engineer's degree for setups and then spend hundreds of credits to simulator equipment and then weeks to learn how to drive a go-kart. Maybe at later stages we could have our own racing team taking part in the online tourneys for the real hard core racers, but for the good of the community concentrate more on having fun and simple races first.


And yes, the GRID AS has peculiar physics. Erwin passed me in one race with a car with no doors and only 3 wheels.... It was still fun

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Oh I think I'm actually somewhere in between @turbomursu. What I definitely dislike are games with really poor force feedback (which are usually the more arcade ones as their controls are more optimized for controllers anyways), as you don't get a feeling of how the cars handle then (which doesn't really matter to anybody who is not using a wheel anyways). I'm not spending hours over hours on the setups right now, and I probably will not do so in the future. Everytime I try to set everything up by myself, my cars start doing crazy things. So I decided I better stop doing so :D

But on the other hand, for me a setup that includes things like tire wear (as you don't have to care about tire wear in our short races, unless you are going close to the edge everytime) or pitstops (which I only like for their ability to repair my screwed up car easily) is not too complex. You don't have to take that into account unless you want to get every .001 second out of your car. And I like some things like fixed teams as they give the game a somehow more "realistic" feeling (you know having team AchtungsQuickNowSilver in their quick silver cars all the time and you know exactly who you just crashed in).

I'm definitely not suggesting going for 2 real life hours of endurance racing in cars with disabled assistants with first person enforced and fast tire wear so have to change your tires every second round to the correct new ones or otherwise you don't stand a chance because the weather changes all the time during the race. I tried to find a setup that is somehow appealing to both groups, and Quick already suggested having the assistants enabled, so we'll have a try with that next time :)

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